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The successes of Russian diplomacy in the Middle East, by Thierry Meyssan

For five years, Russia has been multiplying its approaches in order to re-establish international Law in the Middle East. It has relied in particular on Iran and Turkey, whose manner of thinking it does not really share. The first results of this patient diplomatic exercise are redefining the lines of division existing at the heart […]

Middle Class Death Spiral: Consumers Have Never Been In More Debt, And Bankruptcies Are Surging

This wasn’t supposed to happen.  During the relative economic stability of the past few years, the middle class was supposed to experience a resurgence, but instead it has just continued to be hollowed out.  The cost of living has risen much faster than wages have, and as a result hard working families all […]

Israel launches satellite to provide internet to Middle East, Africa

Israel has successfully launched a satellite which will provide internet, TV and mobile services to the Middle East and Africa. The Amos-17 satellite was launched at 19:23 local time [23:23 GMT] yesterday from Cape Canaveral in Florida, USA. The satellite was carried into space by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and separated […]

Over-Taxed: The Middle Class Is Being Wiped Out, NJ Residents Flee In Droves

Authored by Mac Slavo via, New Jersey residents are fleeing their state in droves thanks to the over taxation and immense financial burden placed on them by their socialist state government. In addition to the already sky-high federal tax that we are all forced to pay, those in New Jersey are struggling to make […]

The Middle East Is Heading Towards “Maximum Danger”. Khamenei’s “Three Directives” for Iran

The Middle East is heading for “maximum danger” following the “maximum pressure” imposed on Iran by US President Donald Trump who, unilaterally and unlawfully, withdrew over a year ago from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), known as the nuclear agreement, and imposed harsh sanctions on Iran that Tehran considers a declaration of economic war. Trump’s […]

A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Trump’s Middle East Policy Could Push Yemen’s Houthis into Iran’s Hands

SANA’A, YEMEN — Leaders of Yemen’s Houthi (Ansar Allah) movement traded barbs with U.S. President Donald Trump this week after the president made remarks renewing his support for the Saudi-led coalition war and expressed a desire for Iran to “get out of Yemen.”  On Tuesday, the U.S. president said during a White House cabinet meeting […]

Far-left New York Times says American middle class needs to sacrifice clean, safe suburbs to make way for illegal aliens

(Natural News) If you like your neighborhood, you can’t keep it – at least not if The New York Times is successful in forcing middle class homeowners to sacrifice their quiet suburbs to accommodate more illegal aliens. In a recent editorial entitled, “A New Approach on Housing Affordability,” those who run the […]

Iran FM confers with UN chief on Middle East developments

The US imposed restrictions on the staff of the Islamic Republic of Iran’ diplomatic Mission at the United Nations, tension in the region, and a reduction in Iran’s commitments to the JCPOA were discussed in the meeting, Iran’s foreign ministry said. According to a note by the United States’ Mission to the United Nations that was […]

Cruelty Prompts Trump’s Deal of the Century in the Middle East

If there’s one thing real estate moguls understand it’s the value of land. Which begs the question why Donald Trump’s plan to broker peace in the Middle East is so spectacularly ignorant of reality. Stuart Rees weighs in. The Trump/Kushner Israeli/Palestinian Peace Plan, ‘the deal of the century’ was presented in a workshop held in […]

Iran crafts Middle East’s largest cake

Ghanbar Naderi Press TV, Tehran Iran has baked the largest cake in the Middle East. It was prepared by hundreds of chefs. The gigantic treat weighs fifteen tons.  Source Article from Related Posts The successes of Russian diplomacy in the Middle East, by Thierry Meyssan For five years, Russia has been multiplying its […]

Europe and the JCPOA: International Hypocrisy, Will the US Start a Disastrous War in the Middle East?

The special meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency, called by the hypocritical United States due to Iran’s announcement that it had ‘breached’ part of its commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), has come and gone. The U.S. hoped, naively, to gain widespread support for additional sanctions against Iran, but found itself […]

Oil’s enduring sway over U.S. policy in the Middle East, and how it explains the Iran crisis

It’s always the oil. While President Trump was hobnobbing with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at the G-20 summit in Japan, brushing off a recent U.N. report about the prince’s role in the murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was in Asia and the Middle East, pleading with foreign leaders to support “Sentinel.” The […]

Netanyahu warns Iran that F-35s can reach ‘anywhere in the Middle East’

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Tehran on Tuesday that Israel’s F-35 fighter jets can reach “anywhere in the Middle East,” following threats against Israel in recent weeks by senior Iranian officials. “Lately, Iran has been threatening Israel with destruction,” Netanyahu said, standing in front of an F-35 Adir jet during a visit to the Nevatim […]

A Simple Solution for Nuclear Non-Proliferation for Iran and Middle East

(Image adapted from Wikicommons. Author: Justinian-of-Byzantium) Hossein Askari 21st Century Wire Let’s start by stating the obvious. The world does not need more nuclear powers beyond the far too many it already has—China, France, India, Israel, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, the United States and the United Kingdom. The Middle East does not need other countries—Iran, […]

Nasrallah: US-backed Axis Defeated, We Have Enough Missiles to Redraw the Map of the Middle East

—- Transcript: […] Another element indicating (the improbability of a war against Iran) is the field data, and I mean the (triple) Summit which I have just mentioned. And we are now entering the (4th section of my speech devoted to the triple) Arab Summit (in Mecca on May 30-June 1). The Summit was convened […]

How Monetary Policy Leads To Destruction Of The Middle Class And Rise Of Populism

Submitted by Alexey Yeremenko, PhD, head of Investments and Trading Department in a Luxembourg-based bank Austrian bonds with maturity in 2017 were placed at sub 1.2% yield to maturity at the time when European swaps market started assigning a significant probability of further rate cuts by the ECB after Mario Draghi’s dovish comments at the […]

Why are there so many Zionist Jews on Trump’s Middle East team?

Thanks to massive funding by Sheldon and Miriam Adelson, et al, Zionist zealots have got non-presidential, utterly corrupt U.S. President Trump in their pocket. In the long run, however, they are digging their grave. “Trump’s envoys take a hammer to Mideast peace” The Washington Post, by Ishaan Tharoor, July 3/19 “In reckoning with the […]

Ex-Bahrain official: israel aims to ‘destroy society’ in Middle East

Ex-Bahrain official: Israel aims to ‘destroy society’ in Middle East MEMO | July 4, 2019                 Former Bahraini minister of education and political analyst Mohammed Al-Fakhro warned that Israel is working to draw out a new Sykes-Picot agreement for the entire Arab region. Speaking at the international cultural festival […]

Declassified: The Sino-Russian Masterplan To End U.S. Dominance In Middle East

Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin’s early June 2019 summit in Moscow with People’s Republic of China (PRC) Pres. Xi Jinping seems likely to have a disproportionate influence on the next phases of the crises unfolding in the greater Middle East, and therefore on the future of the region. By Yossef Bodansky via Defense & Foreign Affairs […]

Extra Time: Death of Morsi & the Arab Spring – What’s Next for Middle East & Africa

Source Article from Related Posts The Best Way to Make Spring Rolls (Rice Paper Wraps) June 21st, 2019 By Anastasia Guest Writer for Wake Up World Originally published at Spring storm dumps 7 inches of fresh snow overnight on California ski resort   Up to seven inches of snow fell on Squaw Summit in […]

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