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MIT students told to watch "Black Mirror" episodes as part of their studies to learn about the unintended consequences of technology

(Natural News) The critically acclaimed TV-show-turned-Netflix series Black Mirror has been on a roll for pretty much the entirety of its six-season-long run. Despite its typically shocking storylines and twists — which prompt viewers to stop watching after every episode to contemplate what they just saw — it is almost universally loved […]

The Essene Teachings: The Universe Is Your Mirror – With Maryam Hasnaa

Next Story Maryam Hasnaa is a spiritual teacher, energy healer and bright light of wisdom. She hosts international workshops and travels to teach people how to connect to their essence, and transform their suffering into wisdom and truth. During our interview, Maryam shared profound spiritual wisdom about the Essenes, and how the universe is a […]

Black Mirror: An Exciting Sci-Fi Netflix Thriller Or A Dire Warning For Where Humanity Is Heading?

Next Story There is no doubt about it, our society is welcoming more and more technology into our lives, at an alarming rate. It has already taken over many aspects of our lives from communication, to shopping, to banking, to virtually all aspects of our lives. In many ways it’s great, we are advancing at […]

‘Magic Mirror, On the Wall’ …Judaic Pathological Narcissism as the Sparkplug of Armageddon

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The broken mirror in the American mind

By John Kaminski Dishonest officials fail to explain bizarre fires and chaotic shooting The broken mirror in the American mind It’s almost as if our consciences have been deliberately and systematically aborted, or consigned to insignificance by the puppetmasters who insist that everyone should believe their government even when they know it is lying. This is […]

‘Black Mirror’ Meets Reality: China Moves To Rate Its Citizens Using A ‘Social Credit System’

Next Story Can you imagine a rating system being fully implemented into society that is not only meant to establish your “trustworthiness,” but is available for everyone to see? Well, China is seriously considering doing just that, as detailed in the State Council of China‘s document published in 2014 called “Planning Outline for the Construction of a […]

Eisner and Greenblatt refuse to see Israel’s face in Richard Spencer’s mirror

America is based on the idea that we are all created equal. We hold this truth to be self-evident, says our Declaration of Independence. And over the years we have tried to put our money where our mouth is. We come together in the body politic as individuals, even as we also identify with different […]

Your Next Car May Have A Hidden Camera In The Rearview Mirror That Records You While Driving

Nowadays it seems like there are cameras everywhere and in an instant, your life could be captured on film. But, imagine being filmed even while you drive? There is a rumor that the automaker of the Tesla Model 3 has installed a driver-facing camera in the rear view mirror of each vehicle, making it easy […]

3rd Eye Mirror Meditation: Do Not Try This Before Reading the Guidelines and Consequences

In the third eye mirror meditation you will see the faces from your previous lives, faces of people from other race, maybe even fairies and aliens.  You could also see demonic images but don’t be petrified because they won’t be able to harm you in any way. Before you start with the meditation you need […]

The Answer is in the Mirror

In his warning to the Senate, former US Army major Todd Pierce made an interesting aside. We are creating a world which hates us, outside of where our propaganda organs have a captive audience.” The debate on anti-Russian sanctions is largely irrelevant. However, the historian’s comment about “outside of where our propaganda organs have a […]

The Mirror and the Choice

Zen Gardener, GuestWaking Times The concept of judgement has many meanings but there are two basic types as I see it so far. One is a very necessary operational function whereby we make continual choices – what to think, speak, and decide upon for personal adaptation and decision making. The other is a more […]

The Monster in the Mirror: Washington’s Blind Ambition

     In the agitated August of 1968, the myopic Soviet Union rolled its drab tank platoons into Czechoslovakia, crushing a spontaneous outbreak of free speech and self-determination known as the Prague Spring. Far away, perhaps cloistered in some poet’s atelier, W.H. Auden scripted his impressions from a distance: The Ogre does what ogres can, Deeds […]

Finance Capital and Neo-Fascism: The French Elections Mirror the Crises of Western States

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Now we know why non-GMO foods are saturated with glyphosate weedkiller… even wheat bread and oats

(NaturalNews) The recent news that a number of non-GMO foods were found to be saturated with glyphosate weedkiller caught many people by surprise and left a lot of us wondering exactly how this could happen. As reported on April 20 by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, on Natural News, a sample of the […]

How Iceland became a target in the Panama Papers

     The most unusual aspect of this week’s ‘Panama Papers’ scandal was the appearance of the Icelandic Prime Minister Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson alongside the West’s favourite ‘bad guys’, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad. Iceland rarely makes world headlines and for most people this was probably the first time they had ever […]

‘NYT’ columnist says Hillary Clinton is not pro-Israel enough!

‘NYT’ columnist says Hillary Clinton is not pro-Israel enough! I guess these einsteins haven’t figured out what happened, or is happening, in the US. and they’re counting on what the senior GOP official said, “We choose the nominee, not the voters.” Guess they haven’t factored in a reaction. I said over five years ago here, […]

Paul Joseph Watson’s Defective Protest of Modern Art

One of the documentaries that help me see the good in the National Socialist program is Architecture of Doom. Concern with art, health, and the beautification of the work and home environment form a solid unifying community mission. A community mission to promote racial health reaches all spheres. Each area of culture reinforces all other elements […]

Dr. Duke Debunks the Myth of an All White Hollywood – He and Dr. Slattery Expose the Real Racist Supremacist Jews Who Run It!

Dr. Duke Debunks the Myth of an All White Hollywood – He and Dr. Slattery Expose the Real Racist Supremacist Jews Who Run It! Today Dr. Duke turned his focus on Hollywood and the ridiculous uproar over the lack of black actors nominated for Oscars, leading to the #Oscarssowhite hashtag. Dr. Duke quoted Jewish sources […]

This is why you’re still broke: Obamacare alone is sucking away 10% of Americans’ incomes

(NaturalNews) Between members of Congress and the general population, the latter are still getting the shaft when it comes to paying for Obamacare, while the former are still getting their premiums subsidized (by the latter). Maybe now – you financially struggling American – you have a better understanding of why you’re still having […]

Huge Explosion Rocks Chemical Plant In Southern China

A huge fire has broken out after a chemical plant exploded in the city of Lengshuijiang, in China’s South Eastern Hunan province, according to local media reports. 突发:【湖南冷水江一化工厂爆炸起火 现场震感强烈】据湖南娄底市广播电视台公众号消息,今晚8:30左右,冷水江一化工厂突然爆炸起火,附近市民均感觉到强烈的震感,爆炸原因尚未明确。 — 黄昭雲 (@huangzhaoyun) January 9, 2016 Emergency crews are on the scene of the blast, which comes only weeks after two huge industrial explosions in […]

Judge Calls For US Marshals and FBI To Arrest Congress and The President

On November 28th, 2015, Alaska State Judge Anna von Reitz (Anna Maria Riezinger) addressed an open letter to all federal agents, including the FBI and US Marshals to arrest Congress, the President and the Secretary of the Treasury. She goes into incredible detail on the fraud that has been committed. Anyone who reads this is […]

16 dead in Ukraine after passenger boat capsizes in choppy waters

“This morning the small boat ‘Ivolga’ departed for a goby fishing trip on the Dniester Estuary, with 33 passengers and three crew members on board. At about 3:30pm [local time] on the return trip, the boat overturned, about 1km from shore,” said a statement from the deputy head of the Odessa regional administration, Vladimir Zhmak. […]

Researchers learn how to keep pathogens, pests from traveling with grain

University of Florida researchers say new research can help grain handlers and grain inspectors find key locations for pathogens and pests along rail routes in the United States and Australia. The new knowledge could help make the food supply safer and address stored grain problems that cost hundreds of millions of dollars annually. In […]

Self-sweeping laser could dramatically shrink 3-D mapping systems

This self-sweeping laser couples an optical field with the mechanical motion of a high-contrast grating (HCG) mirror. The HCG mirror is supported by mechanical springs connected to layers of semiconductor material. The red layer represents the laser’s gain (for light amplification), and the blue layers form the system’s second mirror. The force of the light […]

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