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Four Black African Invaders Brutally Rape White 13-Year-Old Swedish Girl

SWEDEN: African Invader/Rapper, “Shoot Whites. Take Their Bitches. Take Them As Slaves and Treat Them Even Worse. Black Power.” (read more) Dan Lyman, 11/08/2019 Four young males from Eritrea have been charged with brutally raping a 13-year-old Swedish girl, according to reports. The men, aged between 20 and 25, allegedly took turns raping the girl […]

Russia Writes Off More than $20 Billion African Debt

Unlike its Western “partners”, which force their client states to perpetual capitulation via onerous debt, Russia released the African population from their debt obligation of more than $20 billion and further promised to double its economic cooperation with the continent in the foreseeable future. “It was not only an act of generosity, but also a […]

North African Paleolithic populations mostly replaced during migration period

   Researchers have identified a small genetic imprint of the inhabitants of the region in Palaeolithic times, thus ruling out the theory that recent migrations from other regions completely erased the genetic traces of ancient North Africans. An international team of scientists has for the first time performed an analysis of the complete genome of […]

Thousands displaced by flooding rivers in Central African Republic

   Thousands of people have been displaced and dozens of homes destroyed after rivers overflowed in the Central African Republic. Over 6,000 people have been displaced by flooding in the capital, Bangui. Local media reported that the Ubangi (Oubangui) river broke its banks last week after a period of heavy rain. The overflowing river flooded […]

Putin greets African leaders in their traditional clothes as they arrive at Sochi economic summit (PHOTOS)

Talks range from multibillion dollar trade deals to joint infrastructure projects and further investment opportunities. Here are some photos from the economic ‘bridge-building’ event. Think your friends would be interested? Share this story!   Source Article from Related Posts Medicinal mushroom used in traditional Taiwanese medicine protects the liver from inflammation, fibrosis, and cancer […]

WORLD GOVERNMENT: UN flies African ‘refugees’ into Germany

THE UNITED Nations has started flying African ‘refugees’ directly into Germany. Did they ask the German people, who are already reeling from the 2015 influx of ‘refugees’? Of course not, because ‘they’ know better. In 2018 the United Nations persuaded many nations to sign the protocol for managed migration which gives migrants the […]

Photos: Iranian, South African FMs meet in Tehran

IRNA | Nazanin Kazemi Nava: Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif met and held talks with South African Minister of International Relations Naledi Pandor in Tehran on Wednesday. The South African diplomat, who arrived in Tehran this morning, is set to co-chair the Ministerial Session of the 14th South Africa-Iran Joint Commission of Cooperation along […]

The fruit of the aidan tree from African medicine shows promise as a natural treatment for gout

(Natural News) People from the lowland forests of tropical Africa use the dried fruit of the aidan tree (Tetrapleura tetraptera) as a spice. In traditional medicine, they also utilize different parts of the tree for treating various diseases. A study published in the journal Food Science and Human Wellness suggests using the fruit as a functional […]

Why are these African children in prison for stealing vanilla?

    Source Article from Related Posts Millennials With Student Debt Are Getting Crushed The Most In These Ten Cities By Tyler Durden SmartAsset, a personal finance technology company, has published a new study that Boost your magnesium intake naturally by eating these 10 nuts and seeds (Natural News) Magnesium is […]

Panic In Emerging Markets: South African Stocks On Track For Worst 3Q Since 2011

The world is on the cusp of an economic storm, and most global investors haven’t strapped on their rain boots nor deployed their umbrellas for what is coming in 2020. As we note in this piece, the most vulnerable fall first, all eyes on emerging markets for the next domino to drop.  Bloomberg examines South African […]

South African Doctor Cures Deafness With First-Ever Middle Ear Transplant

The Facts: Studies have shown that excessive environmental noise not only decreases one’s quality of life and cognitive function, but also reduces lifespan. The good news is that spending time in silence can reverse these effects. Reflect On: Are you living in an environment that is consistently loud? Do you take much time for intended […]

Czech PM: We Don’t Want African Migrants, They Don’t Want to Work and Come Only to Get Welfare

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš discusses his immigration policy, which is to import the workers the Czech economy needs, and not the sort that the E.U.’s multiculturalism policy tries to impose. The presenter clearly thinks she has caught him out as racist when he rejects the idea of bringing in migrants from ‘black Africa’. Previously, […]

History: Implacable Foes of Southern African Apartheid and Colonialism

Nigeria’s military government headed by Murtala Muhammed (1938-1976) and Olusegun Obasanjo (b. 1937) from July 1975 to October 1979 was one that was marked by its implacable opposition to Apartheid and colonialism in southern Africa. The hardline stance it took was predicted by U.S. embassy dispatches which considered both men to be fundamentally anti-West in […]

Huawei Busted Helping African Governments Spy On The Press, Political Opponents

While the Trump administration’s war on Huawei may be largely fueled by evidence optional protectionism, that certainly doesn’t mean Huawei is an ethical company. Like any good telecom and networking giant, it can routinely be found helping governments engage in behavior that’s less than, say, moral. For example a damning report emerged this […]

Guardian: A rural town confronts its history of mass killings of African Americans

It came out when McClain, 58, asked his mother earlier this year about the largely forgotten mass killings in his Arkansas Delta home town a century ago, when white mobs murdered scores of African Americans, but only a dozen black men were ever prosecuted for any crime during the disturbances. “When I got off the phone, I […]

Fewer Banks in African American Neighborhoods Contribute to the U.S. Racial Wealth Gap

A new study published by McKinsey & Co on Tuesday found that one of the contributing factors to the U.S. racial wealth gap is the lack of banks in predominantly African American communities. Lack of access to mainstream financial services makes it difficult for African American’s to accumulate savings.  According to the Center on Budget […]

Huawei employees reportedly caught helping African governments spy on opposition

Well, the US now has yet another reported case of espionage-related misdeeds it can point to as additional proof of why the Huawei ban should remain in place. The Chinese consumer electronics giant is under scrutiny again, this time over a Wall Street Journal report that found some of its employees helped […]

Reagan calls African UN delegates ‘monkeys’ in newly unearthed audio

In a recently emerged audio recording from 1971, then-California Governor Ronald Reagan can be heard disparaging African delegates to the United Nations as “monkeys” during a phone call with US President Richard Nixon. The previously undisclosed recording followed a move by the United Nations to expel Taiwan, something the United States had opposed. “To […]

Cory Booker: Dems Losing Because ‘Russians’ Suppress African American Voters

Presidential hopeful Cory Booker claims Democrats are losing elections because “Russians” are suppressing “African American voters.” During Wednesday night’s Democratic debate, the New Jersey senator stated that the alleged suppression of votes from black Americans was a major reason why President Trump won Michigan in the 2016 election. “We lost the state of Michigan because […]

Midler: Trump Paid African-Americans to Attend His Rally

Hollywood actress Bette Midler has been accused of racism after claiming President Trump paid African-American supporters to attend his recent rally. “Look, there are African American men in this shot! How much did he pay them to be ‘blackground’?” the “Beaches” star tweeted to her 1.7 million followers on Wednesday. Her tweet ignited an immediate […]

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