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Democrat Rep Admits Joe Biden’s Policies ‘Decimated’ and ‘Betrayed’ the African American Community

Joe Biden is an expert at “pandering” to black Americans in election years, but in reality his policies have “decimated” the black community and he played a leading role in dividing America during the disastrous Obama administration, according to Georgia Democrat state Rep. Vernon Jones. In contrast, President Trump was responsible for lifting hundreds of thousands […]

France: African Refugee Admits to Setting Fire to Nantes Cathedral

Blacks are trying to burn down Western civilization. Daily Mail: A Rwandan refugee could face up to 10 years in prison after admitting setting fire to Nantes cathedral.   The 39-year-old man, who has solely been identified by his first name Emmanuel, worked as a volunteer security guard at the 15th-century Cathedral of Saint Peter and […]

Creature from the deep: Strange sea mammal washes up on African beach (PHOTOS)

The strange-looking creature was found by researchers from the Namibian Dolphin Project as they walked along Sandwich Harbour in Dorob National Park last week. READ MORE: Culprit in decades-old lunar mystery finally found through lost Apollo tapes “We noticed an unusual object lying just above the high-water mark on the beach,” the group explained on […]

White Farms and Black Farms: Will South African Land Finally Shed Apartheid’s Proportions?

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA — The first thing a casual visitor will notice about a white-owned South African farm is its size. In summer, the typical commercial farm here is greener than imagination, and stretches seemingly into another day, beginning at a fencepost, or frontage road and ending, a few thousand acres later, at the […]

Scientists find evidence of a rare mineral on a tiny South African diamond

(Natural News) Scientists have managed to discover a rare Earth mineral sitting inside a diamond that was said to be excavated from a South African mine. This mineral, called calcium silicate perovskite (CaSiO3), is a clue as to exactly what happens to the oceanic crust as the Earth goes about its way […]

Armed South African Gangsters Blow Up Cash-in-Transit Van During Heist

JOHANNESBURG – Thursday morning at 9.30 am, a motorist recorded a shootout, which occurred when several gunmen wielding rifles exchanged fire with G4S security during a cash-in-transit heist. The gangsters were travelling in an SUV and other vehicles. The gang bombed two cash vehicles that were making their way to a bank from their depot in Kempton Park, which ended […]

Lunatic Left eats its own: Transgender pink wig-wearing YouTube star accused of African cultural appropriation… HUH?

(Natural News) A biological male who thinks he’s a female of Mexican and Asian descent is the latest target of lunatic leftists who are accusing this he-she of “appropriating” black culture with its unusual fashion choices. “Nikita Dragun,” who currently has around 2.3 million Instagram followers and another 1.2 million subscribers on […]

We Build Your Homes, But Have No Homes Ourselves: Diary Of A South African Land Occupation

‘We continue to resist,’ they wrote. ‘We will not move. We will hold this land’. Talitha and Johanna work as maids. They earn R150 per day, which is the price of a gallon of milk, a pound of cheese, a loaf of bread and four oranges (1 Rand is about 5 Rupees). They could just […]

Germany: 200 African Migrants Riot to Prevent Man Being Deported, Police Flee

Germany: 200 African Migrants Riot to Prevent Man Being Deported, Police Flee Shocking breakdown of law and order Paul Joseph Watson May 2, 2018 200 African migrants rioted in the German town of Ellwangen to prevent the deportation of a Congolese man who was subsequently released as police fled the scene in fear. The […]

Germany: Violent African Invader Mob Prevents Deportation Action

There are now so many violent Africans in Germany that they are able to prevent the deportation of nonwhites with patently bogus “asylum seeker” claims from that country by simply using violence and death threats against police, an incident this week in Baden-Württemberg has shown. According to a report in the Stuttgarter Zeitung, around 200 […]

Jews in US Congress Urge Israel to Accept UN “Deal” to Deport African Invaders to White Countries

18 Jews serving in the US Congress have issued an urgent written appeal to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calling on him to accept a United Nations High Commission |(UNHCR) on Refugees “deal” which would see thousands of African invaders deported from the Jewish ethnostate to white countries in Europe and North America. The Jews […]

President Macron Vows To Flood Europe With Millions Of African Migrants

French president Emmanuel Macron plans to make France “great again” by flooding Europe with hundreds of millions of African migrants. “The migratory phenomenon we are facing will be historic,” Macron boasted in a TV appearance last Sunday. The French President claims that “great poverty”, “climate change”, and “geopolitical conflicts” will see Africans flooding into Europe “for […]

Goldman Prize Awarded To South African Women Who Stopped An International Nuclear Deal

Goldman Prize Awarded To South African Women Who Stopped An International Nuclear Deal Above Photo: Makoma Lekalakala, right, and Liz McDaid who launched a successful legal challenge to stop South Africa buying nuclear power stations from Russia. Photograph: Gerald Petersen/Goldman Environmental Prize Winners of the world’s leading environmental award faced down Vladimir Putin and the […]

PM Meets South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, 17 April 2018 A Downing Street spokesperson said: The Prime Minister had a bilateral meeting earlier today with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa. The Prime Minister said she was pleased to welcome Mr Ramaphosa to the UK on his first visit as President, noting that the relationship between the UK and South Africa is […]

African Americans are at greater risk of heart disease because they are more exposed to air pollutants

(Natural News) New research showed that African Americans are more exposed to air pollution than whites, placing them at higher risk for heart disease and death. Researchers led by University of Pittsburgh‘s Sebhat Erqou, M.D., combined data on fine particulate matter and black carbon in the air with those culled from a community-based […]

Iran FM in Uruguay on 3rd leg of his African tour

April 12, The Iran Project – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif arrived in Uruguay from Brazil, on the third leg of his tour of four African and Latin American states. While in Uruguayan capital city of Montevideo, Zarif attended in Iran-Uruguay joint economic meeting and held talks with Uruguayan President Tabaré Vázquez, his counterpart […]

The latest left-wing intolerance: Museum curators of African art no longer allowed to be white people… regardless of their knowledge

(Natural News) More anti-white racism is on gross display across social media after the Brooklyn Museum in New York recently decided to hire two qualified people with light skin to be the head curators of its African art collection. The fact that both Drew Sawyer and Kristen Windmuller-Luna are neither brown nor […]

Italy & Germany ‘unaware’ of African migrant resettlement deal announced by Israel

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VIDEO: Israel Deports 16k+ African Migrants to the West

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Israel Reaches Deal to Scrap African Migrant Deportation Plan, Will Send Them to The West

Renegade Editor’s Note: Bibi has already suspended the agreement. Israel suspends plan to send African migrants to West. A story. — Lina Arabi (@LinaArabii) April 2, 2018 By Chris Menahan This is what they call in the business a classic “foisting.” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has come up with a deal with the UN to […]

Israel Reaches Deal with UN, Scraps Plans to Deport African Migrants, Sending Them to the West Instead

Israel announced a deal with the U.N. on Monday to resettle African migrants in Western nations, but hours later put the agreement on hold. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had announced the deal on national TV, saying Israel agreed to cancel the planned expulsion of tens of thousands of African migrants. He said the deal with […]

Putin Pardons Poorest African Countries – Forgiving $20 Billion Debt

Russian President Vladimir Putin has written off debts totalling $20 billion dollars owed by some of Africa’s poorest nations.   In a historic move, Russia told the United Nations that in order for Africa to thrive, wealthy countries need to alleviate the debt burden of African countries. “Our country is taking steps to alleviate the debt […]

South African land grab from white farmers: Correcting injustice or perpetuating racism?

     Black South Africans need to take their land back from white ‘foreigners’, the leader of Black First Land First told RT. However, the president of the Transvaal Agricultural Union says this will lead to an ‘Arab Spring’. South Africa’s parliament voted on Tuesday in favor of new legislation that could see land from white […]

In Seeing African Corruption as Landlocked, George Clooney Misses the Boat

TEMA, GHANA (Analysis) — The Argentine naval vessel Libertad embarked on its maiden voyage in 1961 and remains, to this day, a maritime and mechanical marvel. At 340 feet, it is one of the longest, heaviest, and yet fastest ships afloat — holding, at one time or another, several world speed records. With its classical […]

Netanyahu says African migrants worse threat than jihadists

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44 African countries sign deal to establish free trade area but deal has to be ratified at a national level

nsnbc : Forty-four African countries have signed an agreement establishing a free trade area. The area is seen as vital for the continent’s economic […]

Is Israel’s ‘deceit & coercion’ of North African Jews to be revealed in declassified state papers?

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Australian Home Affairs Minister: “We’ll let White South African Farmers in as Refugees”

Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has announced that he has ordered his department to start investigating how to bring white South African farmers into Australia on expedited refugee or humanitarian visas following increased anti-white moves by the African state’s government. Dutton’s bombshell announcement—already rejected by the South African government and bound to have liberals […]

Kundalini Awakening from an African Perspective

March 16th, 2018 By Gogo Thule Ngane Guest writer for Wake Up World If you are apart of any spiritual community or circle these days you may have come across the concepts of “waking up” spiritually and kundalini symptoms, as well as the concept that the vibration or consciousness on the planet is rising and many shifts are […]

An African Shaman Explains What it Means to Answer the Healer’s Call

Dylan Charles, Editor Waking Times “Make no mistake about it – Enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or becoming happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It is seeing through the façade of pretense. It is the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.” […]

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