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Do Creepy Bi-Sexual Psychopaths Run the United States [of Satan]?

Trump, out on the town with Roy Cohn, and his not so rippling muscles and girlish good looks. What he would pay to get this photo back. See the pain in his face? That’s the heel spur that kept him out of Vietnam.By VT Editors -September 12, 20203127714 Introduction What’s a bisexual?  Is it dating people […]

Joe Biden’s Dementia Has Him Saying Some Insane Shit! And THIS is Our President?????? Creepy Joe Another Pedophile

By infostormer -December 6, 20203 Joe Biden just said that if he disagreed with Kamala Harris he would develop a disease and resign. Yes, he appeared to be somewhat joking but is that really a joke? His mind is misfiring and he is saying things publicly based off of private conversations he’s had. He famously said during […]

Creepy Kabbalah Signaling: Israel Announces It Will Buy 6 Million™ COVID Vaccine Doses From Moderna

Israel’s Ministry of Health has signed an agreement with pharmaceutical giant Moderna to triple the number of vaccines it will purchase from the company in 2021 from 2 million to 6 million doses, according to a joint statement by the ministry and the Prime Minister’s Office: Six million doses will be sufficient to inoculate 3 […]

Tom Hanks Posted A Creepy Photo To Twitter and People Are Freaking Out

Tom Hanks is mostly known for his role in Castaway, alongside  his co-star ‘Wilsoooooon!’ But it’s his recent photo on Twitter that has really captivated people. He snapped a picture of a massive building at 33 Thomas Street in Manhattan, New York City and it got people intrigued, curious, and most importantly, freaked out. This […]

Creepy Rothschild Castle with Satanic Symbols in Elite Rambouillet Forest France

Rothschild Castle in France Rambouillet is the core of the French elite, where kings and queens lived and the first G6 conference in history was held in the Rambouillet Castle. Take a close look at the building and the structures’ designs. It displays all kinds of dark symbolism of Illuminati, satanic, and other […]

Boston Dynamics Is Going to Start Selling its Creepy Robots in 2019

The robot apocalypse has been tentatively scheduled for late 2019. Boston Dynamics, the SoftBank-owned robotics firm (that was once Alphabet’s headache), will begin to commercialize its research next year. Marc Raibert, the company’s founder, announced onstage at a TechCrunch robotics conference May 11 that Boston Dynamics will begin selling its dog-shaped robot, […]

Creepy or cute? Russian company can print a 3D model of your unborn child based on ultrasound photos

(Natural News) The future of ultrasound has arrived: expectant mothers may soon be able to acquire 3D print models of their unborn babies. This unique service is being offered by Russian firm, Embryo 3D. Their process is simple enough. Once they’ve been given a complete ultrasound scan of an embryo, they then […]

YOU’VE GOT TO SEE THIS: CREEPY Voicemail Message Going Viral & “Shaking” The Internet

Usually when getting a call or text from someone you don’t know it is just annoying, but for Twitter user Ty, getting an unknown voicemail has led to much speculation, awe and conspiracy. It has literally gone viral …. We don’t know if the voicemail message he was sent is a hoax or […]

ADL Creepy New Ad Promotes Censorship Under Online Hate Index

Renegade Editor’s Note: I am happy to see more outlets in the alternative media covering the story of ADL censorship, and not just focusing on the SPLC like many have done, but just wish they were more unabashed in their criticism of jewish supremacists. Yahweh’s chosen tribe of nation-wreckers must be stopped. By Aaron Kesel […]


Game Developer Exposes ALL! This Creepy New World Order/Illuminati/Predictive Programming Agenda Put In Video Games And Brainwashing Children Is Really SCARY & DISTURBING!!! The purpose ….If they program us to this, we won’t recognize the real thing or we will be desensitized to the real thing. There’s more truth in these video games […]

Creepy Obama Tells Anti-Gun Teens: “We’ve Been Waiting For You”

Barack Obama posted a creepy and chilling message to Twitter on Thursday, ominously telling anti-gun teens “we’ve been waiting for you.” As the mainstream media continue to suppress dissident voices who support the Second Amendment, Obama added his voice to the ongoing leftist onslaught, tweeting: “Young people have helped lead all our great movements. How […]

Creepy Biden Boasts About Destroying Ukraine

Former Vice President Joe Biden has highlighted his role in helping to destroy Ukraine by forcing Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin to resign.   Speaking at the Council of International Relations, Biden admitted he bribed the Kiev leadership with vast sums of cash so that they would fire the Prosecutor General. reports: Biden said that during one of […]


Jew Ricken Patel Avaaz defines itself as “a global web movement to bring people-powered politics to decision-making everywhere.” Avaaz is “incorporated as a non-profit 501(c)4 organization in the state of Delaware, USA“.(4) The foundation’s office is based in Manhattan, at 857 Broadway – 3rd floor  New York, NY – the same address as Res Publica […]

Creepy: New AI can READ YOUR MIND by decoding your brain signals … kiss your personal privacy goodbye

(Natural News) We live in a society that is obsessed with oversharing. While it’s becoming increasingly difficult to tune out the trivial bits of people’s lives that we don’t care about, we can still choose not to sign up for social media accounts to preserve our own privacy. We can also take comfort from the […]

Demons banished from Vienna during creepy festival (VIDEO)

Around 4,000 people watched the performers, wearing traditional costumes of the Perchten and Krampus spirits, prance around the streets of the capital with bells and whips for the ‘Run of the Perchten’ (‘Perchtenlauf’) on Sunday. “We are living our traditions here. We are not bad people, we are banishing evil spirits, we are Perchten,” performer […]

17 Genuinely Creepy Photos From A 1972 Rothschild Dinner Party

Next Story Have you seen the film Eyes Wide Shut? If so, you may recognize some of what you are about to see. In part, the film chronicles a man named Bill Harford who discovers an elite secret society and the type of behaviours they exhibit during their “parties.” Certainly there is much more to […]

Four Creepy Lullabies (4 videos, 10 minutes in total)

VIDEO 1 : 1.12 mins(Ring Around The Rosie) VIDEO 2 : 1.29 mins(Slendy’s Lullaby) VIDEO 3 : 4.38 mins(Painted Smile) VIDEO 4 : 2.51 mins(‘Libera me, Domine.’) Like this? Share it now. Source Article from 00 Hits: 0

We Need to Talk About Creepy Uncle Joe

We Need to Talk About Creepy Uncle Joe In what world is this normal? Paul Joseph Watson November 22, 2017 Joe Biden looks set to run for president in 2020. Although current polls say he would beat Trump, leftists are begging him not to run for office. The Huffington Post, Salon and the Daily […]

NY Times Reporter Calls for Censorship of Creepy Videos of Joe Biden Inappropriately Touching Kids

By Matt Agorist Nicole Perlroth, according to her bio at the New York Times, the place at which she finds employment, is a technology reporter who covers cyberattacks, hackers and the cybersecurity industry for The Times’s business news section. This week, however, she’s shown that she also has an interest in censoring open source information showing […]

UK COLUMN: Theresa May says ‘The Russians Did It!’, Creepy Joe Biden and More

May invokes Russiagate!, Boris Johnson and the problematic Peshmerga, George H.W. Bush sex pest-ing, Creepy Joe Biden and more… UK Column anchor Mike Robinson is joined by guest host from 21WIRE, Patrick Henningsen, with this week’s top stories from the UK Column. Watch: . 00:27 – Theresa May speaks at Mansion House 06:10 – Russia […]

Creepy: Mysterious metal towers popping up in tunnels & bridges

     Mysterious metal towers are popping up at local tunnels, and soon they’ll start appearing at bridges, too. But even people on the MTA board in charge of the towers can’t say why they’re being used or what’s in them, CBS2’s Dave Carlin reports. Video link: Jose Lugo said the tall metal towers quickly appeared […]

Creepy New Netflix Show Sexualizes Children While Pedophilia Runs Rampant in Society

Buck Rogers, Staff WriterWaking Times There is a cultural revolution taking place right before your very eyes. It involves the overturn of sexual values and an agenda to normalize pedophilia. The signs are everywhere. Major sex-trafficking rings and pedophile prostitution networks are being exposed with shocking regularity. The Catholic church is involved at the […]

The Creepy, Unheard of Story Behind The Goodyear Blimp Is Too Freaky To Believe

The Goodyear Blimp is one of the most iconic aircraft in America. For decades, the tire company’s fleet of airships have been above sporting events all over the United States, dutifully giving us those epic pictures from high above the Earth. While most of us know about the Goodyear Blimp, few of us know how […]

This creepy technology can read your emotions as you walk down the street

If this Russian tech company has its way, emotion-reading recognition is the cool kid on the block right now. With serious consequences for everyone’s privacy and personal data.  NTechLab ignited a controversy last year after it released FindFace, an app that can track everyone on VKontakte, the Russian equivalent of Twitter, based […]

Greenwald: CNN has become a "creepy, bullying" propaganda network seeking vengeance against its critics

(Natural News) Fake news purveyor CNN has once again been caught violating basic journalistic standards by threatening to expose the identity of the individual who allegedly created the now-famous viral GIF image depicting President Trump giving the Atlanta-based media conglomerate a WWE-style beatdown. The victim of CNN’s latest bullying crusade is said to be a […]

Good Christian: Tow truck driver leaves woman on the roadside because she had a Bernie Sanders sticker on her car

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Libyan Unity Government Rejects Deployment Of British Troops

The head of  Libya’s new unity government has turned down the offer of Western troops to help eliminate ISIS in the North African state. The move may come as a shock to some in the British establishment who were expecting a request for UK troops now that the war-ravaged state’s UN-brokered unity government has assembled […]

Worthless Negro Busted for Killing Jew-Asian Student

By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN) Earlier today, they arrested a 17 year-old black for the murder of that cute University of Texas freshmen dance major (ballet and HIP-HOP, lol), Haruka Weiser. He killed her last Sunday night and dumped her body in a creek, where it lay for a few days. Don’t know for sure, but […]

Layers Of Jewish Power

Layers Of Jewish Power Brother Nathanael Channel, BroVids Layers Of Jewish PowerApril 12, 2016 © Watch ‘EU-Censor-Free!’ HERE! ___________________________________ For More See: Real Money And The Jewish Dialectic Click Here And: The Jews Who Own The Media Click Here And: Secrets Of Jewish Money Control Click Here And: What If Jews Ran America? Click Here […]

Worthless Negro Busted for Killing Jew-Asian Student

By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN) Earlier today, they arrested a 17 year-old black for the murder of that cute University of Texas freshmen dance major (ballet and HIP-HOP, lol), Haruka Weiser. He killed her last Sunday night and dumped her body in a creek, where it lay for a few days. Don’t know for sure, but […]

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