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US Universities are Chinese Espionage Hotbeds

Bigger Text | Default Text | Smaller Text |   June 2, 2020 Source This UCLA professor was caught selling Air Force/Navy missile secrets to the Chinese. He’s facing 219 years in prison. The head of the Chemistry Dept. at Harvard was caught secretly taking $1.5 million from the Chinese to set up a medical research lab […]

US Universities Creating Social-Credit-Style COVID-Surveillance System

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News, Three US universities are responding to the coronavirus crisis by creating (irony of all ironies) a Chinese style social credit surveillance system that will ‘score’ people based on their exposure to the virus. According to a report from Tech site dot.LA, researchers at the University of Southern California, Emory University, and […]

Universities Panic As Dorms Sit Empty: Recruiting, Tuition and Faculty Contracts In Limbo

By Tyler Durden Colleges and universities across the nation are stuck in financial limbo at a moment that key staffing, faculty contracts, student recruiting, and donor revenue-related decisions are typically made for next year, and also as controversy erupts over refusal to refund student housing and campus activity fees. The $600 billion-plus higher education industry […]

Italy first European country to close all schools and universities until mid-March amid coronavirus outbreak

The decision was apparently taken after a meeting between Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and his cabinet at the Palazzo Chigi on Wednesday afternoon.  The closure will take effect from Thursday and will last until mid-March at the earliest, depending on how the outbreak progresses over the coming days and weeks. Meanwhile, the government also outlined […]

Mongolia closes border with China, shuts down ALL universities & training centers to stop coronavirus spread

All border crossings with China will remain closed for vehicles and pedestrians from Monday until March 2, the state-run Montsame News Agency reported, citing a government meeting. No restrictions were placed on railways and air travel. All universities, vocational training centers and the popular Nairamdal international youth camp will also be closed during this time […]

Universities Rolling Out Social Credit Systems To Socially Engineer Students, This Will BACKFIRE

December 28, 2019 By Timcast Activist Post Editor’s Note: As Americans point to China’s surveillance and social credit apparatus as the worst that Communism can offer, most are still unaware of how many similar systems are rolling out across the U.S. The latest example of social credit “lite” is being brought into American universities with […]


Universities across the country are using the so-called SpotterEDU app to connect with apps on students’ smartphones for the purpose of boosting their “attendance points.” The app also sees their absences and logs that information into a campus database that tracks them. “They want those points,” Syracuse University Professor Jeff Rubin, who teaches Introduction […]

British universities invest over £450 million in companies complicit in Israeli war crimes, per new report

Research by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign in the U.K. reveals that British universities invest over £456 million in companies complicit in Israeli violations of international law. The research was published as hundreds of students across the country take action as part of ‘Apartheid Off Campus’ day of action, with banner drops and protests at campuses […]

British universities invest in Israeli apartheid

Asa Winstanley Activism and BDS Beat 27 November 2019 Students in Leeds demand divestment. (PSC/Twitter) British universities have invested more than an estimated half a billion dollars in companies that arm Israel or support Israeli settlement infrastructure. This revelation comes from new research by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Activists on Wednesday held an “Apartheid off Campus” […]

Universities and Colleges Union: Anyone should be allowed to ‘identify’ as black regardless of the colour of their skin or background

   Anyone should be allowed to ‘identify’ as black regardless of the colour of their skin or background, according to Left-wing university leaders. The Universities and Colleges Union has set out its stance in a report on the ongoing row about whether men should be able to self-identify as women and be treated as female […]

Open Guidelines: The Foreign Interference Problem in Australian Universities

Education has always been a political matter, whatever the apolitical advocates of it think it is.  In Australia, it has proven sectarian, ideological, and skewed, often on the issue of funding.  At the schooling level, private institutions receive more worldly goods from the taxpayer than state institutions.  It is an absurdity that has become commonplace […]

Universities now demanding total obedience to transgenderism lunacy for businesses before they are allowed to operate on campus… intellectual DIVERSITY is outlawed

(Natural News) After it was announced that Chick-fil-A is planning to open a restaurant location on the campus of Purdue University in Indiana, leftists on campus went absolutely irate because the nation’s most popular fast-food chain is known for its family values, including its support for traditional marriage between a man and […]

Indian state bans cellphones at all colleges and universities

The state’s Directorate of Higher Education issued a circular announcing the new rule, which applies to both students and staff on all college and university campuses.The blanket ban is aimed at creating a “better teaching environment for students across all colleges and universities in the state,” the directorate said. The crackdown was put in place […]

California Passes Bill Forcing Public Universities To Offer Abortion Pills

The California legislature passed a bill on Friday that would force every public university in the state, including 34 campuses, to offer abortion pills to students. The bill now awaits the signature of Gov. Gavin Newsom, who has previously indicated his support for a previous draft of the bill. He stated in the fall of […]

Four Israeli universities shine among top 50 producers of entrepreneurs

Four Israeli universities are ranked among the top 50 undergraduate programs globally that produce the most VC-backed entrepreneurs, according to the latest ranking by PitchBook. Tel Aviv (8), Technion-Israel Institute of Technology (14), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (34), and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (49) were the four Israeli universities that made it into […]

Universities are Masonic Brain Washing Machines

The mortarboard and black gown signify that, unwittingly, graduates have received a Masonic (satanic) indoctrination.  I re-post this reminder that humanity  has been colonized by a satanic cult. This colonization of the mind is now explicit, as seen in the limitations on free speech and inquiry. Like deaf men tuning a piano, professors try to explain the […]

Anti-China Witch-hunt Targets Australian Universities

On August 21, the Australian government convened a “crisis meeting” with representatives of the universities and the intelligence agencies, as part of a hysterical campaign alleging pervasive “Chinese influence” throughout society. Little has been revealed about what was discussed at the closed-door meeting. It was called amid demands by senior political figures and the corporate […]

Free Speech No Longer Exists in US Universities

Georgetown University law professor Jonathan Turley notes that the University of California, once a bastion of free speech, now is opposed to it. The university now punishes people for opinions expressed outside the classroom and the university. See this.  Not that long ago American universities emphasized tolerance of all views so that truth would not […]

Palestinian universities fight back against Israel forcing international academics out of the country

It’s been two years since Haneen Adi, an English literature and writing teacher at Ramallah’s Birzeit University, has left the occupied West Bank. During the past two years she has missed her sister’s wedding, another sister’s graduation, and the death of a relative. When her father attempted to visit her, he was denied entry by […]

UK business academic faces dismissal over criticism of LGBT training in universities

   A UK lecturer, who claims she’s been branded a transphobe by students after signing an open letter to the Sunday Times that criticized LGBT training, insists she will not “recant” her signature despite the risk of being fired. Sarah Honeychurch, a fellow in the Adam Smith Business School at Glasgow University, signed a letter […]

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