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Billions of Locusts Pose an “Unprecedented Threat” to Africa, UN Warns

(TMU) — Desert locusts are invading and feasting on crops across Africa, and those affected are calling for international help, a new report states. The outbreak of desert locusts is reportedly the worst that Kenya has seen in 70 years, according to the Associated Press. The insects have been flooding the country from Ethiopia and […]

Twenty questions for 2020 that point to a year of unprecedented social, political and financial chaos

(Natural News) Events are now shaping up that will make 2020 one of the most historic (and challenging) years of our lives. With so many events converging into potential for conflict or collapse — social, political, financial, geological — this is going to be a year that none of us will ever […]

‘New triangle of sea power’: Iran, China, Russia start unprecedented naval drill

Iran’s navy on Friday kicked off an unprecedented joint naval drill with Russia and China in the northern part of the Indian Ocean, Iranian state TV reported. The four-day exercise, launched from the southeastern port city of Chahbahar in the Gulf of Oman and near the border with Pakistan, is aimed at boosting security of […]

‘Unprecedented’ rise in infant mortality in England linked to poverty

   AN “UNPRECEDENTED” RISE in infant mortality in England is linked to poverty, according to new research. An additional 570 infant deaths, compared to what would have been expected based on historical trends, were recorded in the country from 2014-2017. About one-third of those deaths, which related to children under the age of one, were […]

Deja Vu: Israel to hold unprecedented third election cycle

Israelis woke up on Thursday morning to what seemed like a bad case of deja vu. Plastered on their newspapers, TV and mobile screens, was news that many had hoped would never come: they would be heading into an unprecedented third election cycle. Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, voted overnight Wednesday to hold another round of […]

Unprecedented ‘Architecture of Surveillance’ Created by Facebook and Google Poses Grave Human Rights Threat: Report

A new report from Amnesty International accuses Facebook and Google of having a “surveillance-based business model” that threatens users’ right to privacy and other human rights. The tech giants, said Kumi Naidoo, secretary general of Amnesty International, have amassed “unparalleled power over the digital world by harvesting and monetizing the personal data of billions of people. Their […]

‘A time of unprecedented darkness’: Rivlin passes coalition-building buck to MKs

President Reuven Rivlin on Thursday handed Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein formal notice that Benny Gantz’s mandate to form a government had ended, after the Blue and White party leader conceded failure in the task a day earlier. For the first time in Israel’s history, the mandate to form a governing coalition is now in the […]

Unprecedented Movement Detected on California Earthquake Fault Capable of 8.0 Temblor

Via: Los Angeles Times: A major California fault capable of producing a magnitude 8 earthquake has begun moving for the first time on record, a result of this year’s Ridgecrest earthquake sequence destabilizing nearby faults, Caltech scientists say in a new study released in the journal Science on Thursday. In the modern […]

“This Is The Third World”: Up To 3 Million Californians To Lose Power As PG&E Begins “Unprecedented” Blackouts

“This Is The Third World”: Up To 3 Million Californians To Lose Power As PG&E Begins “Unprecedented” Blackouts Source Article from Hits: 25

2,000 atoms exist in two places at once in unprecedented quantum experiment

   The new experiment demonstrated a bizarre quantum effect from the double-slit experiment at an unprecedented scale. Giant molecules can be in two places at once, thanks to quantum physics. That’s something that scientists have long known is theoretically true based on a few facts: Every particle or group of particles in the universe is […]

Unprecedented spying power: US, UK & Australia demand Facebook give backdoor access to encrypted messenger platforms

   US Attorney General William Barr and other western officials are calling on Facebook to provide authorities backdoor access to its encrypted messenger platforms, used by hundreds of millions of people around the world every day. In an open letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Barr and his British and Australian counterparts will argue that […]

59 killed by ‘unprecedented’ torrential monsoon in India (VIDEOS)

Most of the fatalities were caused by house collapses, lightning strikes and by drowning in heavy floods in the state of Uttar Pradesh. At least five people were killed by snake bites in flooded areas, said Sandhaya Kureel, a spokeswoman of the Disaster Management and Relief Department. Also on Epidemic level: Bangladesh hit by […]

An Unprecedented Level Of Panic Is Being Demonstrated By Epstein’s Elite Friends

The Facts: Noam Chomsky calls out Israel for interfering in the US elections. He also confirms the obvious, that the Russian Interference narrative is a joke. Reflect On: Why does the media only focus on certain figures to create a narrative? Who is guiding the media to create these narratives? It’s important to understand why […]

#QuestionMore #RTAmerica #InQuestionRT Snap UK election may give EU ‘unprecedented’ power – Galloway

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Hits: 26

US Officials Confirm Israel Behind Unprecedented Airstrikes On Iraq

In an unprecedented escalation which could reshape alliances in the Middle East, American officials have confirmed that Israel was behind an airstrike on an Iraqi ammunition depot operated by a pro-Iran militia last month, according to The Associated Press: Two American officials said Israel carried out an attack on an Iranian weapons depot in July that killed two […]

The “Lungs of the Earth” Are Literally Being Burned Away as Unprecedented Wildfires Absolutely Ravage Our Planet

We have never seen anything quite like this.  This week the skies above Brazil’s largest city turned black in the middle of the afternoon due to the massive wildfires that are currently raging in that country.  But the wildfires aren’t actually happening anywhere near São Paulo.  In fact, the smoke that turned the skies black […]

Moscow slams US sanction on Zarif as unprecedented pressure

MNA – Moscow condemns Washington for imposing sanction on Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif as it sees this as unprecedented pressure, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said on Monday. “We certainly condemn the US administration’s move to impose sanctions against the foreign minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This is unprecedented pressure, […]

‘Unprecedented’ wildfires blazing across the Arctic are visible from SPACE (IMAGES)

Satellite images show more than 100 long-lived wildfires with huge plumes of swirling black smoke covering most of the Arctic Circle including parts of Russia, Siberia, Greenland and Alaska.  The wildfires have now reached “unprecedented levels,” according to Mark Parrington of the EU’s Copernicus Emergency Management Service, who said the smoke vortex is covering a […]

‘Unprecedented’ Decline of Plants and Animals as Global ‘Red List’ Reveals Nearly One-Third of Assessed Species Under Threat

Julia Conley, Common Dreams Waking Times Calling on global policymakers to act immediately to preserve biodiversity and save tens of thousands of species from extinction, the group behind the world’s most definitive list of endangered animals and plants has added more than 2,600 threatened species to its annual report. The Red List, published Thursday by […]

Scientists will freeze themselves in the Arctic ice for an unprecedented year-long study (VIDEO)

The team will embark on the $158 million expedition in September, and will anchor the German icebreaker RV Polarstern to a large piece of ice in the Arctic Ocean and wait for the sea to freeze around them. After trapping themselves in the thick ice, they will brave the dropping temperatures as they hurry to […]

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