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Trebuchet Dubbed ‘Britain’s Biggest Siege Machine’ Takes Center Stage at Warwick Castle

At the famous Warwick Castle in Warwickshire, England, visitors will soon have the opportunity to see a gigantic medieval war weapon in action.  Read more Section:  Artifacts Ancient Technology News History & Archaeology Read Later  Source

Question about Charges?

If you received a credit card charge from “Unlimited Hangout” that you don’t recognize: Check your email for a receipt from: [email protected] Subject line: “Your receipt from Unlimited Hangout” If you don’t have an email receipt from us, this charge is likely coming from a scammer using the name Unlimited Hangout. Please contact your bank […]

EQORIA. Human Decontamination Experts?

Tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes…Oh my! Is this climate change or something a lot more nefarious than that? We believe so. Take a look at US Patent 4,686,605: Who is the original inventor of that patent? Historical records reveal that it is none other than Nikola Tesla himself! Way-to-go Nikola! According to the patent, magnetic fields and […]

ACH (2107) Lisa Lazuli – For My Friends Everything For My Enemies The Law

In today’s show originally broadcast on March 31 2023, Andy is joined by Lisa Lazuli for a show entitled, “For My Friends Everything For My Enemies The Law.” On today’s show Lisa presented her fascinating astrological predictions for April, and many other topics. Click Here For Lisa’s New Book “2023 PREDICTIONS – Astrology And Geopolitics: […]

Bollyn as Adam Green’s Israel conduit and the Duginist Axis for Peace Conference

Green and Morphonios in Jerusalem. By Timothy Fitzpatrick March 30, 2023 Anno Domini Two of the biggest questions I have about that manufactured disinformation operator Adam Green of Know More News is how he got in and out of Israel unscathed and why a high-profile 9/11 truther bothered to go to Green’s home and do […]

How Africa is facilitating Multipolar World

The military conflict between Russia and Ukraine (as also Ukraine’s NATO allies) has brought some very interesting changes to the international political economy. Whereas this conflict has led Europe – working under immense pressure from the US – to stop its purchase of oil and gas from Russia, it has also allowed Russia to divert […]

Donald Trump’s indictment: Our reporters dig into the repercussions for 2024

Playbook Deep Dive host and Playbook co-author Ryan Lizza gathers three of the best journalists in the POLITICO’s newsroom to break down the immediate questions of what Trump’s indictment means. Joining him is Jonathan Martin, POLITICO’s Politics Bureau Chief; Meridith McGraw, who covers Trump for POLITICO; and Erica Orden, who is new to POLITICO and […]

What is Terrain Therapy?

From Dr Sam Bailey @ If you’ve not come across NZ MD, Dr Sam Bailey yet, check out her website & video channels (link above). In short, true health is not found in a bottle of pharmaceutical pills as most of us have been trained to believe. Featured here is Dr Bailey’s book by […]

Medicinal Microbes of Our Ancestors: Tracing the History of Probiotics

In order to understand the history of probiotics, one needs to imagine a time before modern medicine, when people looked to nature to heal their ailments. Read more Section:  News History Ancient Traditions Read Later  Source

How One Town Keeps India’s 500-year-old Papermaking Industry Alive (Video)

The town of Sanganer, located in the western state of Rajasthan in India, is home to a 500-year-old papermaking industry. Read more Section:  News Video History Ancient Traditions Read Later  Source

800-year-old Jin Period Tomb in China is a Window into Funeral Customs of the Age

Detailed findings from an extraordinary Jin Dynasty tomb in Shanxi province of central China that was discovered in 2019 have recently been made public – a magnificent ornately carved brick structure. Read more Section:  Artifacts Ancient Writings News History & Archaeology Read Later  Source

Interview 1796 – The “Population Bomb” Was A Dud – #NewWorldNextWeek

This week on the New World Next Week: Rule by emergency is getting out of control; the anti-TikTok bill has nothing to do with TikTok and everything to do with controlling your online activity; and the globalists are openly gloating that their technocratic controls are reducing the population. The post Interview 1796 – The “Population […]

Onnabugeisha’s Notes on Occult Scripting Cues for March 31, 2023

3/31 (Friday) • Joe Biden, the 46th and current president of the US Born: November 20, 1942, 4193 weeks old Strong’s Hebrew 4193. moth: death. 1 Occurrence Ezra 7:26 (NIV) Whoever does not obey the law of your God and the law of the king must surely be punished by death, banishment, confiscation of property, […]

Five years on, Gaza’s Great March of Return changed people’s lives

Five years ago today, Palestinians in Gaza launched the Great March of Return. Israel brutally suppressed the demonstrations, leaving many of its participants amputated. But those who joined the March would do it all over again. Source

“No evidence”: GWU investigation clears Dr. Lara Sheehi of antisemitism allegations

The pro-Israel group StandWithUs accused GWU professor Lara Sheehi of antisemitism. A third-party investigation found the accusations were “inaccurate or taken out of context and misrepresented.” Source

Police corruption in high profile rape case

The colony’s police forces are corrupt to the core, where it’s ‘just’ a matter of catching them out but that makes no difference as the corrupt Masonic/Fabian ‘brotherhood’ in the legal system protects them. This is just part of one story that has made it out into the public news media: Brittany Higgins inquiry: AFP […]

Saudi Arabia is Building the Country of the Future

Since the activization of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s position and activities, the Saudi authorities’ resolve to make significant changes in the Kingdom’s foreign policy and image has been particularly strongly disputed. Back in 2017, he predicted that the world would eventually transit to alternate energy sources everywhere, rendering gas and oil obsolete. In these […]

The campaign to save TikTok has been years in the making

TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew was certain to face a blistering onslaught when he testified before the U.S. Congress. And so as he prepared to face the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee, Chew enlisted all the right people to help him get ready. The Singaporean executive was prepared by former committee staffers and aides […]

ACH (2106) Dr. Peter Hammond – The Real Story Of South Africa’s Greatest Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd And Why He Was Assassinated – Part 1

In today’s show originally broadcast on March 30 2023, Andy is joined by Dr. Peter Hammond for a show entitled, “The Real Story Of South Africa’s Greatest Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd And Why He Was Assassinated – Part 1.” We discussed: why Stephen Mitford Goodson had great admiration for Hendrik Verwoerd; the occultic significance behind […]

Why has Turkey Stepped Up its Diplomatic Efforts with Egypt?

The discussion of many contentious issues in Turkish society has been considerably enhanced in light of the impending elections in this nation. As the political battle rages on, several candidates and parties are attempting to play both domestic and foreign policy cards to win over voters. For instance, the leader of the Rodina party and […]

About sprayers and spraying in your garden (Wally Richards)

Gardeners and horticulturists can at times take things for granted as we are often doing certain chores and don’t stop to realise that what we do and why we do it, is not common knowledge with everyone who gardens or are attempting to garden. One of these is spraying plants for whatever reason we spray; […]

DeSantis Caves To The Jews

DeSantis Caves To The Jews March 29, 2023 Watch: ‘Censor-Free!’ HERE! ___________________________________ More Vids! The Day America Died Here! The Zelensky Show Here! +BN Classics! Unhinged Against Russia Here! Making Secession Work Here! +BN Vids Archive! HERE! ___________________________________ Support The Brother Nathanael Foundation! Br Nathanael Fnd Is Tax Exempt/EIN 27-2983459 Or Send Your Contribution To: […]

Analysts say Palestinians will pay the price for Israeli ‘democracy’

Benjamin Netanyahu temporarily halted reforms he sought to make to Israel’s judicial system, but critics say Palestinians will pay the ultimate price as the far-right continues to consolidate power. Source

Pastor’s Son and Church Leader Slain in Kaduna State, Nigeria

Location of Kaduna state, Nigeria. (Mapdata © 2023 Google) ABUJA, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – Fulani herdsmen killed a pastor on Thursday (March 23) in Kaduna state, Nigeria two weeks after terrorists killed a Baptist pastor’s son in the same state, sources said. The Rev. Musa Mairimi of the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) in Buda […]

Russia-China Partnership: What is the use of it for Africa?

President Xi Jinping undertook a landmark visit to the Russian Federation from March 20 to 23. It was full of events and symbolism, which will be analyzed by political scientists for a long time to come. It is now clear nonetheless that this visit signaled the beginning of a profound transformation of the entire international […]

Turkey’s Peace Agenda

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan addressed his country in an interview with Turkey’s NTV channel: “Turkey will never be a party to any war; it will always stand for peace and preserve peace. As it does now in the situation with Russia and Ukraine.” It goes without saying that Erdoğan’s assertion runs counter to Turkey’s […]

ACH (2105) Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson – The World Government Summit: Government In 2071 Guidebook

In today’s show originally broadcast on March 28 2023, Andy is joined by Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson for a show entitled, “The World Government Summit: Government In 2071 Guidebook.” We discussed: the significance of this guidebook in revealing the elites plan for creative destruction; the planned massive reliance on Artificial Intelligence (AI) which appears to […]

Washington’s Position in Syria Under Fire (Literally)

In late March a drone strike was carried out in Syria. Not by the United States or Israel, but by forces opposing the illegal US occupation of eastern Syria. The strike left one American contractor dead and several US service members injured. While the US responded by carrying out airstrikes of its own in Syria […]

Finding Mental Health – #SolutionsWatch

What is mental health and how can we achieve it? Is it only to be found in a trip to the psychiatrist’s office and a prescription for a Big Pharma medication, or do alternative mental care structures exist for those who need it? And what does all of this have to do with Baruch Spinoza, […]

Nanobotic Jab Technology Explained

OH NO!  Not another fake strain of “flu”??     Nanocapsules:  Coating silicon with carbon and injecting it into the victims:  easy as apple pie!     Please share!  Must see! The post Nanobotic Jab Technology Explained appeared first on EURO·FOLK·RADIO. Source

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