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Hail damages some 6000 hectares of crops in the Region of Valencia, Spain

   Last weekend’s storms, which were accompanied by hail in many cases, have hit some 6,000 hectares of crops across the Spanish Region of Valencia. The initial losses are estimated at more than 9 million Euro, as reported by LA UNIÓ de Llauradors. The greatest losses have been recorded in the counties of Valencia, with […]

Heavy rains, hailstorm damage over 250,000 ha of crops in Haryana, India

   Heavy showers, hailstorm, and lightning during the weekend have damaged major standing rabi crops, including wheat, spread over 250,000 ha in Haryana, a senior official with the state’s farm department said. “A basic report has shown that wheat, mustard, chana, and barley have been damaged. Most of these crops were ready to be harvested,” […]

As farmers destroy their crops, the queues at food banks get longer. We’re living in an insane world

You would think that in these unprecedented times of crisis, where it seems that communities, businesses, and politicians are speaking unprecedentedly with one voice, “stay at home,” “stay safe,” “look after each other,” “be good neighbours” and “Save the NHS” – we might think that there is a new-found compassion, fairness and a genuine empathy […]

Frosts will not stop in Italy – 100% damage to some fruit crops

   The wave of night frosts that are affecting much of Italy goes on. In the north, the situation has reached an unprecedented level, with 8 hours below zero on the night of April 2 and minimum peaks of -6 °C. Even the anti-frost systems are struggling, because protecting an orchard with 5 °C below […]

Fresh snowfall damages crops in North Kashmir

   The fresh snowfall on Saturday has caused damage to almonds ,apricots and other vegetables in north Kashmir parts Including Gulmarg Tangmarg and other parts on Saturday. According to KNS Correspondent in hilly areas of north Kashmir received about 5 inches of fresh snow and plains of northern Kashmir have received one to two inches […]

JFK Files: US Officials Plotted Destruction of Cuban Crops with Biological Agents

Today, November 22, 2019, we commemorate the passing of JFK. Why was he killed? He opposed the Deep State? He was opposed to waging war on Cuba. He favored dialogue rather than war with the Soviet Union. *** Several of the more intriguing files released in the President John F. Kennedy assassination files have little to […]

Monsanto Pays Out $10 Million For Spraying Toxic Chemicals on Hawaiian Crops

The embattled biotech company Monsanto will have to pay a hefty fine of $10 million for spraying a dangerous pesticide on “research crops” in Hawaii.  Over 160 lbs if the pesticide used was stockpiled and sprayed even after it was banned by the US government. Monsanto admitted that it used the […]

Biosludge spread on food crops will soon contain dead human tissue as Washington legalizes "human composting"

(Natural News) The state of Washington is the first in the union to start “composting” dead human bodies as crop “fertilizer,” bringing to real life the fictitious scenario depicted in the famous dystopian film Soylent Green. According to reports, Washington’s Senate and House of Representatives approved with strong bipartisan majorities Bill 5001, […]

South Australia to lift ban on GM crops

GM crops are coming to South Australia. Photo: JKL The South Australian government is seeking to lift the state’s long-standing ban on genetically modified (GM) crops beginning next year. According to proposed changes to an existing moratorium, mainland farmers would be given the freedom to choose to plant GM crops for the first time since […]

Daesh Terror Group Burns 5,000 Acres of Crops Across Iraq: Official

Daesh terror group has been setting fire to the livelihoods of Iraqi farmers in Kirkuk, Salahaddin, Mosul, Al-Anbar and Diyala provinces, an Iraqi government official said Tuesday. Iraqi Ministry of the Interior’s Civil Defense General Director Kadim Salman told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the terror group has burned 5,000 acres of agricultural land, usually late […]

7000 ha of crops damaged by hail, storms in Bulgaria

   About 7000 hectares of agricultural land in Bulgaria have been damaged by recent torrential rains and hailstorms, Agriculture Minister Dessislava Taneva said on May 21. To compensate farmers for the damage, the state has provided assistance of four million leva (about two million euro), which would be sufficient, Taneva said. The damage will be […]

‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ – Why the ‘Probable Carcinogen’ Glyphosate is Sprayed on Your Food Crops Right Before Harvest

Ken Roseboro, EcoWatch Waking Times Glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto‘s Roundup herbicide, is recognized as the world’s most widely used weed killer. What is not so well known is that farmers also use glyphosate on crops such as wheat, oats, edible beans and other crops right before harvest, raising concerns that the herbicide could get […]

Scientists theorize how we could grow crops on Mars

(Natural News) What are humans going to eat during their long – or permanent – stay on Mars? Researchers suggest that instead of bringing prepared rations, future Martian explorers and colonists should till the soil of the Red Planet to cultivate food crops. It takes a lot of time and money to […]

Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Updrafts and downdrafts crops can’t handle the white reindeer

     Albino reindeer born the same week a double headed goat emerges, cows killed by hail maybe in South Africa, crops wiped out in Australia from hail. Potato shortages across the planet as we are supposed to be in the warm planet time, but losses from freezes and out of season weather seasons. Its about […]

Thousands in need of food after locusts decimate crops in Turkana, Kenya

     An MP has appealed to the Turkana County government, national government and humanitarian agencies to hasten relief efforts for at least 250,000 people facing starvation after a devastating locust invasion. A locust swarm invaded Turkana County in June and decimated thousands of acres of food crops and vegetation with Kibish and Turkana North sub […]

Palestinian farmers mourn crops lost to settler attacks in this year’s grape harvest

Every year, in late August, Palestinians begin celebrating the grape harvest, a quintessential part of Palestinian life and heritage. Grape vines can be found on nearly every street in Palestine — on apartment balconies in cramped refugee camps, to sprawling fields and courtyards in cities and villages. For farmers, a years worth of intensive labor […]

GMO crops and harmful pesticides allowed in wildlife refuges across the country

     Late last week, the Trump administration rescinded an Obama-era policy banning the use of GMO crops and a controversial class of pesticides thought to harm bees and birds in federal wildlife refuges. The news generated some eye-popping headlines and raises the question: Why would land managers plant genetically engineered corn and soy plants and […]

Severe hailstorm wreaks havoc on crops in Comstock, Minnesota

     Sunday night, August 26, Mother Nature was moody. “I could just hear all of the sudden the hail was coming and then it sounded like gunshots, and all of the sudden you got, ping, ping, and I knew that was glass breaking and in just a matter of second the bedroom was full of […]

Crispr gene "edited" food crops the new wave of GMOs… are they safer or just as dangerous?

(Natural News) A growing segment of the public has made it clear that they do not want to consume GMOs, and you only need to look at the labels touting the non-GMO status of a growing number of foods in the grocery store to see evidence of just how much the masses […]

Gene-Edited ‘Super-Crops’ to be Grown in UK for First Time

Gene-Edited ‘Super-Crops’ to be Grown in UK for First Time May 29th, 2018 Via: Telegraph: Gene-edited super-crops are to be sown in Britain in a European-first after scientists exploited a legal loophole. The Government has quietly approved the farming of gene-edited (GE) Camelina oilseed […]

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