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Moscow Creates ‘Anti-Missile Dome’ Over Northern Fleet As Battle For Arctic Heats Up

And as Russia moves to defend its territory (Russia and Canada have the most territory inside the Arctic Circle), the Russian army is reportedly preparing to upgrade the equipment on the anti-aircraft regiment of its Northern Fleet with its new state-of-the-art S-400 missile defense systems. The upgrades will create what RT described as […]

The Battle For A New World: The Progressive Response To The New Right

INTRODUCTION: The far right is increasingly active globally—at the level of governments, through civil society, and in the digital sphere. Their political parties are cooperating across borders, their anti- democratic actions are undermining the rule of law, their attacks on “globalists” are eroding the efficacy of international institutions, and their racist memes are spreading throughout […]

Battle of the citrus fruits: Comparing the health benefits of lemons and limes

(Natural News) Lemons and limes are often used to make a variety of citrusy treats and drinks like pies and juices. They even share similar nutritional profiles and health benefits. But lemons and limes also have certain differences. For example, lemons are slightly more acidic than limes. The nutritional profile of lemons […]

4 Dead After Two Robbers Hijack UPS Van, Ending In Epic Gun Battle On Florida Highway 

Four people have been confirmed dead after a UPS truck was hijacked by two suspects following a robbery attempt of a jewelry store on South Florida’s Miracle Mile Thursday, reported CBS Miami. The suspects led police on a two-county rush-hour chase through Miami and ended in a hail of gunfire on Miramar Parkway and Flamingo […]

Palestinian Prisoner Detained by «Israel» Dies after Cancer Battle — Uprootedpalestinians’s Blog

Palestinian Prisoner Detained by «Israel» Dies after Cancer Battle By Staff, Agencies A Palestinian prisoner died Tuesday in “Israeli” custody after battling cancer, the “Israeli” entity’s prisons service said, ahead of demonstrations in the occupied West Bank planned before his death. The protests, dubbed a “day of rage” by organizers, are against the US announcement […] […]

Democrats have drawn the battle lines, and they are more deranged and anti-America than anyone imagined

(Natural News) If you’ve managed to watch even some of the Democratic presidential debates that were held this week and last month, you may have been taken aback by the extreme Left-wing nature of many of the candidates’ proposals. And if that’s your conclusion, you certainly aren’t the only one. In fact, […]

Hong Kong Protesters Use Catapults, Flaming Arrows and Javelins in Battle With Police

(TMU) — Hong Kong’s protesters are getting medieval on authorities, combining a mix of modern militant protest tactics such as Molotov cocktails with flaming bows and arrows, javelins, and even catapults. As protests and clashes grow increasingly violent in the autonomous Chinese territory, Beijing has continued to issue stern warning of an impending clampdown by […]

History: What Motivated Russia’s Participation in the Battle of Navarino?

On October 20, celebrations in honor of the 192nd anniversary of the Battle of Navarino (1827) (against the Ottoman Empire) with the participation of President P. Pavlopoulos were held in Greece. The President, in particular, addressed his speech on the importance of unity in protecting international law to the EU and Turkey. In addition, during the […]

In the billion-dollar battle for the skies, Boeing is struggling to restore its reputation

When flying 37,000 feet above the earth’s surface in a pressurized metal tube along with 200 fellow airline passengers, it is best not to overthink how this is actually possible, unless you have a very clear understanding of aviation engineering. We just trust that it works. We see planes on the ground, we hop on, […]

BEST OF THE WEB: Trump loses more than just battle over Nordstream 2

   For the past three years the U.S. has fought the construction of the Nordstream 2 pipeline from Russia to Germany every inch of the way. The battle came down to the last few miles, literally, as Denmark has been withholding the final environmental permit on Nordstream 2 for months. The U.S., especially under Trump, […]

California firefighters ready for battle again as Santa Ana winds whip up new wildfires

Related Posts Strong, dry winds spark fires around the country Unusually strong and dry winds have sparked fires across the country, with firefighting units on Hurricane Dorian upgraded to Category 5 storm, 160mph winds set for landfall The National Hurricane Center (NHC) upgraded Dorian to Category 5 on Sunday, placing it in Four children in […]

‘UFO crashed after battle with red object in Australian sky’, locals claim

   While many sightings of unidentified flying objects include spotting dots and circles in the sky, Rob and Phil Tindale insist that what they saw as children looked like a fight and subsequent crash. Although their encounter dates back to 1980, they refuse to believe the objects were anything else but aliens. Australians Rob and […]

Assad from Idlib: This Battle is Key to End Chaos, Terrorism in the Entire Country

By Staff Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad made a surprise visit to Idlib countryside where he met Syrian Arab Army personnel on frontlines of al-Habit town. Assad stressed that Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a thief who stole factories, wheat and oil, and he is today stealing the land, in reference to Turkey’s last week […]

Texas is hiring tech industry experts to go to battle with Google over anti-trust violations

(Natural News) Texas attorney general Ken Paxton is leading the charge against Google with an investigation into the tech giant’s potential anti-trust violations. Attorneys general from almost all U.S. states have joined the inquiry, with the exception of California and Alabama. The AGs for Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico have also signed […]

Next Phase Of The Battle For Net Neutrality & People’s Control Of The Internet

Next Phase Of The Battle For Net Neutrality & People’s Control Of The Internet Above: Protesters outside building where Ajit Pai was giving a speech in Washington, DC, December 2017. From Free Press. Last week, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals finally issued a decision on a challenge to the Trump administration’s “Open Internet” rule, which […]

“Speaking for Israel”: A Speechwriter Battle’s Anti-Israeli Opinions at the United Nations

I expected much more from a book speaking for Israel, something to truly engage the mind and require some concerted thought.  Unfortunately I was disappointed and found myself reading one person’s personal journal about endless speechwriting written and using only the standard Israeli hasbara narrative which is essentially a narrative out of context. “Speaking for […]

The Battle Over Hong Kong: New Silk Road Or New World Order?

    Matthew Ehret Strategic Culture Foundation To the chagrin of those authors of color revolutions who have invested so much time and energy in their attempts to undermine national sovereignty as seen in Hong Kong today, not only have their plans to overthrow Bashar al Assad, and President Maduro failed, but even their simpler objectives to foment […]

French #MeToo trial shows there is no winner in the battle of the sexes

Journalist Sandra Muller launched #balancetonporc (“expose your pig”) in October 2017, naming and shaming TV executive Eric Brion as a man who made crass comments about her at a party. Brion, who acknowledged the comments were “boorish” and apologized for them, later sued Muller for defamation, saying that the tweet had destroyed his reputation and […]

Brexit Battle: The Tumultuous Timeline

The Facts: Michael Laney, the 73 year old ex Vice President of the Walt Disney Corporation has been jailed for sexually abusing a 7-year old girl, while being accused of multiple other rape and sexual abuse cases. Reflect On: Why is it so hard to find any media coverage of this? Is it because Disney […]

Playing with PC fire? France seeks to ‘desegregate’ children’s toys in battle against gender stereotypes

Two senior French officials, Adrien Taquet, the secretary of state for child protection, and Agnes Pannier-Runacher, secretary of state for economy and finance, have unveiled a ‘charter of voluntarily commitments’ aimed at putting an end to gendered toys and all the pain and suffering that they bring. The charter calls on manufacturers, distributors, and advertisers […]

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