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Lord Rothschild Demands Britain Stay In Europe

Lord Rothschild Demands Britain Stay In Europe Source Article from Related Posts Greta Thunberg – Rothschild Pawn   September 29, 2019 Source Article from Proof that the Rothschild-Controlled Central Banking Cartel is Behind Communism, War and NWO by Henry Makow Ph.D. Victor Rothschild was a “Soviet” Agent Here is proof that the The […]

Stop Press: The Queen’s Screech: Britain, Spain and Other Illnesses

There are some people — whereby I do not know how many — who recall the key elements of British colonial rule. I was fortunate enough not to live under it. My grandfather had no great admiration for the country where he was born, despite the almost rabid Anglophilia to be found in the most […]

One Of Britain’s Worst Pedophiles Murdered In Prison Cell

richard huckle One of the UK’s most prolific pedophiles has been stabbed to death in prison. 33 year old Richard Huckle, who was serving 22 life sentences for abusing up to 200 children was found dead in his cell on Sunday. Sky news reports: He admitted an unprecedented number of offences against children aged between six […]

Trump’s withdrawal decision leaves Britain’s Syria policy in disarray

Related Posts A US withdrawal from Syria, or a redeployment? Trump’s Syria withdrawal is ‘disaster’ for Israel, leaving it on its own against Iran, supporters say Donald Trump’s decision to abandon former Kurdish allies in Syria last week has been a Sorting Facts From Fiction About the US Withdrawal From Syria The foreign policy elite […]

Will Britain’s Military Fall Under EU Control After Brexit, Meaning Conscription Under French/German Control?

Submitted to VT by Maud-Dib Source Article from Related Posts Menstrual health under siege from trans community outraged that physiology isn’t inclusive An event this past Saturday called National Period Day was meant to raise awareness for 30,000 Kids Under Age 10 Arrested Since 2013 Arrests of children have skyrocketed over the last decade […]

Ankle Deep in Britain’s Dirty Politics. Brutal Verbal Exchange in House of Commons

‘Bully, mobster, yob, ruffian, criminal, roughneck, gangster, hoodlum ..’ Just some of the adjectives used to describe each of the current leaders in both London and Washington. In an unprecedented and brutal verbal exchange, politicians in the House of Commons yesterday exhibited some of the worst behaviour ever seen in the chamber of one of […]

Britain Opens First ‘Slow Lane’ For People Using Mobile Phones While Walking

A mobile phone lane for pedestrians who are busy texting as they walk has been set up in Manchester. The aim of the new two-way system is to prevent Brits addicted to their gadgets from bumping into each other. MSN reports: Many of us are so glued to our mobile devices that a whopping 75 […]

Soros-funded ‘Best for Britain’ Group Threatens Queen Over Brexit

The EU loyalist Best for Britain group appeared to invoke the fate of the beheaded King Charles I after Queen Elizabeth II agreed to prorogue (temporarily suspend) Parliament for a few weeks before the Brexit deadline. Following news that the Queen rubber-stamped Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s request to suspend the parliamentary session — the longest-running […]

China Slaps Britain: You Can’t Afford Hostility

Authored by Finian Cunningham via The Strategic Culture Foundation, China gave Britain a stern warning this week that any naval maneuvers conducted with the US near its declared territories in the South China Sea will be met with a military response. Beijing rapped London further, telling it to dump its “colonial attitude” with regard to Hong Kong. […]

Britain’s Tory party is heading for extinction

The walking out of cabinet by Johnson’s own brother in protest over Brexit policy epitomizes the fundamental, bitter shift going on in British politics. Another illustration of just how intense the fracturing strains within the Tory party have reached was this: among the 21 MPs that Johnson expelled this week for defying his no-deal Brexit […]

Britain’s Snap Election – Powered by a “Tory Crime Syndicate”

Will there be a snap-election or not – that is the big question right now. The earliest date is now mid-November. Whatever happens, money needs to be raised for campaigning. Theresa May’s snap election cost over £18million and she lost – so she grabbed a few billion of taxpayers hard-earned cash to pay for a […]

The world is laughing: Britain needs a new govt capable of serious talks with EU – and quickly

Related Posts The I 30, Japan’s World War II Mission to France (video) Jonas Alexis – Ian Greenhalgh Kevin Barrett – Bob Nichols Preston James – Michael Shrimpton Carol Duff – Johnny Punish Civil Unrest Is Erupting All Over The World, But Just Wait Until The United States Joins The Party… By Michael Snyder All over the globe, the mood […]

Britain’s Crown Castle and the 5G Genocide

Related Posts Brazilian Experts Warn in Open Letter to President Bolsonaro a ‘Genocide Is Underway’ Against Uncontacted Tribes Jessica Corbett, Common Dreams Waking TimesIn an open letter to Brazilian society and right-wing President Super Vaccination Agenda: At least Canadians are calling it what it is—“GENOCIDE!” Awkward! Netanyahu roasts Erdogan for denying Armenian genocide… which Israel […]

The Queen neglects her duty to defend Britain’s ‘unity’

As the British political system creaks under the weight of severe stresses brought about by Brexit-related issues, the monarch is nowhere to be seen. As head of state, Queen Elizabeth II is expected to defend the integrity of the British state. That integrity is now under threat, as demonstrated by the intensifying political and […]

Our least finest hour: Britain is in the grip of mass hysteria

Our people then kept calm and carried on.  “Children queued in parks for their gas masks, men were digging air-raid shelters,” I heard several eyewitnesses tell the BBC this week.  One family, the Walkers, had six children in the war. On the homefront, in India, then Burma, North Africa, and then Italy. Two of them […]

Brexit implosion made in Britain… as Johnson blames everyone else

His call for the suspension of Britain’s parliament – only weeks before the EU departure deadline on October 31 – is being rebuked by opposition parties as another “anti-democratic” measure to force through a no-deal Brexit.Johnson is effectively sidelining lawmakers from having a say on the manner of Britain’s exit from the EU, in particular […]

The unfortunate odyssey of ‘Lord Haw Haw,’ the Nazis’ wartime voice in Britain

LONDON — On August 26, 1939, William Joyce and his wife, Margaret, traveled to central London’s Victoria Station. In their hands, they clutched one-way tickets to Berlin. Catching sight of their clearly marked luggage labels, a station porter remarked: “Berlin! That’s a rum place to be going right now.” But Joyce, a prominent fascist, pro-Nazi […]

No cheap way out: Brussels says Britain must pay EU bill in full in case of no-deal Brexit

All commitments taken by EU member states “should be honored,” European Commission spokeswoman Mina Andreeva said on Monday, adding that this is “especially true” in a no-deal scenario where the UK agreed to specific terms during EU membership. She said that the EU wanted to avoid a threat of “judicial action,” and believed that “settling […]

Interpal apology is only a temporary setback for Britain’s Zionist lobby

In a significant move, the London-based Jewish Chronicle has issued an apology to the British charity Interpal, for defaming and libelling it in an article. The newspaper has also agreed to pay damages to the charity’s trustees. The Jewish Chronicle, which is the oldest continuously published Jewish newspaper in the world, had claimed in […]

Trump dangles trade deal for Britain’s tougher line on Iran & China

Since Boris Johnson became British prime minister nearly three weeks ago, President Donald Trump’s administration has been pushing London to take a harder foreign policy line, in particular towards Iran and China. Ahead of Bolton’s visit to London, Washington was pointedly making it clear in media reports that a future US trade deal with Britain […]

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