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Britain’s pro-Israel finance minister forced out in cabinet reshuffle

UK Treasury chief Sajid Javid, a staunch supporter of Israel, resigned Thursday, in a shock development that came as Prime Minister Boris Johnson shook up his Conservative government. Johnson spent Thursday firing and appointing ministers to key Cabinet posts. Javid’s exit was a surprise as he had been widely expected to keep his job. His […]

Britain’s Got A Supreme Court Scandal: NEW Damning Emails Show UK Corruption In The Case Against Julian Assange

Britain’s Got A Supreme Court Scandal: NEW Damning Emails Show UK Corruption In The Case Against Julian Assange Above Photo: Acidpolly/Flickr He is facing a death sentence in the United States, anyway you measure it. He will never see Australian soil alive; he will be repatriated to Australia in a coffin if he first winds up […]

Menace on the Menu in Post-EU Britain

Environmentalist Dr Rosemary Mason has just written the report ‘Bayer Crop Science rules Britain after Brexit – the public and the press are being poisoned by pesticides’. It has been sent to editors of major media outlets in the UK. In it, she outlines her concerns for pesticide regulation, health and the environment in a […]

Channel 4 – White Helmets Collaboration: Britain’s Propaganda Package to Destroy Syria

February 7, 2020 Miri Wood This edifice is not on the Syrian Health Ministry’s list of hospitals & therefore it is not a hospital, no matter what Britain’s Channel 4 claims. It also shows no signs of being bombed. Channel 4 has outdone itself in war criminal propaganda against Syria. Giddy over its Bafta Award for fraudumentary, greedy to […]

It’s a trap: Brussels’ barmy plan for Brexit Britain’s EU trade

A speech by the European Union’s top Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier this morning accompanied the publication of a 33-page shopping list describing everything the European Union would like from the United Kingdom. The obvious place to start is sovereignty. They’re demanding that the European Court of Justice will have a long-term role in overseeing the […]

Ding Dong the EU is gone. Britain finally Brexits into an uncertain future (by George Galloway)

At least for us. Though I doubt we will be the last to leave the failing fading cluster. Leading Labour rebel Roy Jenkins, the deputy leader of the Labour Party, former chancellor, former home secretary, later president of the European Commission, was dumped on his ample backside out of Parliament in 1987 by me. It […]

Britain’s Royal Air Force to Release Secret UFO Files for the First Time

(TMU) — The age-old question of are we alone in the universe may not be answered any time soon, but the fact that Britain is planning on declassifying its UFO files for the first time puts us one step closer to the truth. The Royal Air Force (RAF) ran a UFO unit for 50 years […]

Scientists in Britain May Have Just “Accidentally” Found a Cure for Cancer

(ZH) — Every once in a while, medical researchers simply have a stroke of good luck. In this case, that stroke of good luck could have a profound effect on the medical community. Researchers at Cardiff University were in the midst of analyzing blood from a bank when they accidentally stumbled into an “entirely new […]

Scientists In Britain May Have Just "Accidentally" Found A Cure For Cancer

Every once in a while, medical researchers simply have a stroke of good luck. In this case, that “stroke of good luck” could have a profound effect on the medial community.  Researchers at Cardiff University that were in the midst of analyzing blood from a bank accidentally stumbled into an “entirely new type of T-cell”, according […]

Brexit is coming: Is Britain ‘taking back control’ by handing sovereignty from EU to US?

Like 17.4 million other Britons I voted to leave the European Union in the June 2016 referendum. I did so not because I believed the EU to be the font of all evil, (it isn’t), but because, on the balance of things, I thought the advantages of the UK exiting outweighed the disadvantages.  Among those […]

Brussels Chief Says Britain Will Rejoin The EU

Britain will eventually rejoin the EU once the younger generation realize the that country has made a terrible mistake, according to senior MEP Guy Verhofstadt. The only question was how long it would take for the UK to align with the bloc again the European Parliament’s Brexit coordinator added. MSN news reports: The comments – […]

Britain’s First Astronaut Says Aliens Definitely Exist and May Already Be Living Among Us

John Vibes, The Mind Unleashed Waking Times According to the first Briton to go into space, Dr. Helen Sharman, extraterrestrials do exist, and it could even be possible that they are among us here on Earth. Sharman recently spoke with Observer Magazine about her beliefs on the possibility of other intelligent life in the universe, and had […]

Britain’s Ambassador To Iran Arrested At Protest In Tehran

Britain’s ambassador to Iran was arrested in Tehran during protests outside a university, the UK Foreign office has said. In a statement the UK foreign secretary Dominic Raab, said the arrest of Rob Macaire was a “flagrant violation of international law’’. He was detained for more than an hour before being released according to the Iranian Tasnim news agency. He […]

Now his student visa has expired, why shouldn’t Britain send the serial gay rapist Reynhard Sinaga back to conservative Indonesia?

Sinaga has been found guilty of 159 sexual offences against 48 men, perpetrated over years, primarily in Manchester, where his rich family paid for his education. Reports indicate that the true number of victims could be much higher. According to reports, Sinaga’s student visa expired on September 28 last year, so he really has no […]

What foreign skullduggery! Britain shows superiority complex demanding Cyprus quash verdict of girl convicted for fake rape claim

Unlikely as it might seem, the case of the young British girl facing sentencing on Tuesday in a Cypriot court following her conviction for making a false accusation of rape against 12 Israeli men has echoes of the Meredith Kercher murder in Italy in 2007 and even the disappearance of Madeline McCann in Portugal that […]

Britain’s Security Services Granted License To Kill

Authored by Finian Cunningham via The Strategic Culture Foundation, In a landmark ruling last week, a panel of five senior British judges ruled that a secret government policy of granting immunity to its state security service was “legal”. Below is an interview with one of the human rights groups which challenged the murky policy demanding […]

US, Britain, France Oppose Humanitarian Aid for Syrians. Western Aid Channelled to Jihadists

Syria is Washington’s war, launched by the Obama regime in March 2011, escalated by Trump.  There’s nothing remotely “civil” about waging war on a nonbelligerent state threatening no one — using ISIS and likeminded jihadists as imperial foot soldiers, supported by US-led terror-bombing, destroying vital infrastructure, massacring civilians, aiming for regime change. That’s what endless […]

A storm as big as a hurricane has been provoked by rapper Stormzy. But IS Britain 100% racist?

Urban icon Stormzy has them huffing and puffing over the breakfast tables of Britain as the Italian paper La Republica slowly translates into the English tabloids. Some of it has been lost in translation.   Stormzy didn’t mean that 100% of British people were racists. How could they be? If they were, Stormzy would be […]

License to kill for Britain’s secret service makes UK a police state

The ruling by the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) last week represents a formalizing of secret British government policy of affording its internal security service unlimited powers and immunity from prosecution in the execution of activities. The policy was legally contested by four British human rights groups, calling on the IPT to ban such powers. However, […]

How Britain Dresses Up Crimes in Israel as ‘Charitable Acts’

When is a war crime not a war crime? When, according to British officials, that war crime has been given a makeover as a “charitable act”.  The British state is being asked to account for its financial and moral support for a UK organisation accused of complicity in the ethnic cleansing of hundreds of thousands […]

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