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Pirate Nation: Why Britain Hijacked Iranian Ship on Behalf of Washington

Tony Cartalucci 21st Century Wire Had Iran openly hijacked a vessel of any nation, for any reason, plying through waters anywhere on Earth, the US and its allies would immediately cite it as a provocation toward war. In fact, even without evidence, suspiciously timed attacks carried out last month on tankers passing through the Persian […]

Britain Deploying Third Warship To Persian Gulf Amid Tensions With Iran

The British Ministry of Defence said that the UK is sending a third warship, HMS Kent, to the Persian Gulf amid on going tensions with Iran They also claim that the decision to do so is not related to the current row with Iran. Earlier this month Britain accused Tehran of attempting to seize a […]

Britain’s Betrayal of JCPOA: Now Siding Against Iran on Behalf of Trump, Israel

The P5+1 group of nations reached a landmark agreement on Iran’s nuclear program known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) in 2015. By Stephen Lendman The US/UK special relationship is longstanding. Throughout the post-WW II era, both nations have been imperial partners, the US calling the shots, Britain saluting and obeying. During his […]

Piracy on High Seas: US order Britain to Seize Iranian oil heading to Syria

The seizure of two million barrels of Iranian crude oil by British commandos is a blatant act of piracy aimed at provoking Iran into war. Also, confiscation of the supertanker in Britain’s Mediterranean territory of Gibraltar seems aimed at sinking the last chances for the international nuclear accord being upheld. Iran has already warned it […]

Is Britain trying to undermine the EU at America’s behest?

Britain’s illegal seizure of an Iranian oil tanker off the Spanish coast has elicited wide-ranging international condemnation, notably from Spanish and Russian quarters. The Russian foreign ministry has already condemned the seizure in the strongest terms saying it was “deliberately” aimed to “aggravate” the situation around Iran and Syria. Most analysts believe the UK […]

Beijing slams Britain & US over ‘gross interference’ in Hong Kong protests

Beijing’s Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office had blasted Britain, along with the US and the EU, for their position on the Hong Kong protests on Tuesday. The agency demanded “the relevant countries to immediately stop making false statements and actions that undermine China’s national security and Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability.” Foreign Ministry spokesperson, […]

Oil tanker attacks: Britain reverts to type

To date the UK is the only major diplomatic power to support the American accusations. As the British opposition Labour party, in addition to independent British political observers, have noted, this begs the question as to why Britain is staking out such an extreme position at the risk of international isolation. On the face […]

Israel, America and Britain: Building a Pretext to Wage War on Iran, Setting the Scene for a Broader War?

At 11pm BST 13th of June 2019, the British Broadcasting Corporation, or more correctly, the British State Broadcaster, pumped this out on an ultra short bulletin, usual for this time of night.  (Sometimes it is difficult to rest the mind for sleep after frequent strokes of black propaganda from the BBC.)  The messages. That the US held […]

Brexit Trade Delusions Show Why Britain Needs to Confront Its History of Empire

On 7 December, 2016, nearly six months after the referendum, Prime Minister Theresa May gave a speech to the Gulf Cooperation Council in Bahrain. She said: “As Britain leaves the European Union so we intend to take a leap forward, to look outwards and seek to become the most committed and most passionate advocate of […]

Israel is more important ally to the U.S. than Britain, says its ambassador

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I do believe that the U.S. and Israeli military-industrial complexes have, shall we say, been in the process of merging for some time, and that drives a lot of stuff – “Max Ajl, a PhD candidate in development sociology at Cornell University, writes: “U.S. ‘military assistance,’ more accurately understood […]

Britain: A "United" Kingdom How Much Longer?

Authored by Johanna Ross via, The EU elections raise questions about the territorial integrity of the UK… They were the elections that weren’t supposed to take place, but wound up proving highly significant for British politics. By now the U.K. should have divorced itself from the EU under Prime Minister Theresa May’s promise of “Brexit […]

Britain Should Not Have Fought in the First World War

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Related Posts ‘Miss World’ Strips Trump Supporter Kathy Zhu of Her Title A Donald Trump-supporting beauty queen has been stripped of her ‘Miss Michigan’ title after being Zarif: Region, world indebted to Gen. Soleimani Talking to US reporters and editors of the country’s media outlets on Thursday, […]

Trump piles humiliation on to Brexit-battered Britain

Before he had even touched down on the tarmac, Trump had already branded London’s mayor a “stone cold loser” who has “done a terrible job.” But he had set the ball rolling days before, calling Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle “nasty” — and wading into the Brexit debate, advising politicians to “walk away” from the deal with the EU and touting the negotiating skills of […]

Britain: How Low Can the Tory Leadership Race Go – This Low?

Just at the time of Britain’s most needy moment since the last world war, the Tories have decided the best thing to do is not face up to the very serious challenges of our time but to have their own beauty contest to find out just how ugly the participants can get – other than […]

A century later, Trump’s deal for Palestine is no better than Britain’s

The British left Palestine in 1948 with their tail between their legs, having laid the groundwork for 100 years of conflict. With people like Trump and Kushner leading the way, we should expect nothing better for our own century. By Jonathan Adler Jared Kushner speaks at the official opening ceremony of the U.S. […]

European Elections – Read What You Want from These Statistics. Britain Cannot Decide on Brexit

The European elections were always going to be interesting if nothing else. We’ve put lots of stats together so you can see them in a different way. One thing is for sure – this particular vote proved only one thing – the nation cannot decide on Brexit – and that, if anything, is the takeaway […]

Brexit bludgeon batters Britain’s politics all over again – George Galloway

But first a word about Farage. As a populist politician he is perfectly evolved. Cheerful, possessed of only the ordinary vices, personable, a communicator of genius. He is neither a philosopher nor an ideologue but gripped by one iron-clad obsession – British withdrawal from the European Union. Single-mindedly pursued for a quarter of a century, […]

May to resign, Boris to become leader, Britain to join in Trump’s Iran War?

by Ian Greenhalgh Well, it’s all playing out exactly as I predicted over a year ago – BREXIT has turned into an utter farce, Theresa May has dutifully followed her assigned role of leading the nation into a complete disaster where it is barely governable and is now preparing to step aside to make way […]

Britain’s Foremost Wrexiteer Theresa May Forced to Resign as a Traitor Who Stealthily Sabotaged Brexit

  © REUTERS / Toby Melville   ‘No ill will but enormous and enduring gratitude’: May breaks down after resignation address (VIDEO) British Prime Minister Theresa May gave a heartfelt address on Downing Street lamenting her failure to deliver Brexit despite her best efforts. As she concluded her remarks, her voice wavered and she […]

Britain accused of creating secret torture policy so long as ‘benefits justify risks’

   The UK government has been accused of developing a secret policy that allows ministers to break the law by authorizing intelligence-sharing with allies where there is a serious risk of torture of detainees. Ministry of Defence (MoD) documents released under a freedom of information request, dated November 2018, have revealed a provision that allows […]

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