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After 42 Test Positive For COVID-19, Nurses In Western Pennsylvania Walk Off Job

After 42 Test Positive For COVID-19, Nurses In Western Pennsylvania Walk Off Job Above photo: From CBS News. Pittsburgh, PA – On Thursday, dozens of nurses, members of SEIU Healthcare PA, walked off at the Brighton Rehab and Wellness Center in Western Pennsylvania’s Beaver County. The walk-off came after 36 elderly residents and six healthcare workers […]

Western Wall stones sanitized after notes removed

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The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Another Reminder of Western Barbarianism

By Darko Lazar During the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999, the Western military alliance devastated the country’s civilian infrastructure. The long list of targets included 19 hospitals, 18 kindergartens, 176 cultural monuments and 44 bridges.  Several weeks into the military campaign, which was fiercely opposed by Russia and China, a total of five satellite-guided […]

COVID-19 – The Fight for a Cure: One Gigantic Western Pharma Rip-Off

By Peter Koenig Global Research, March 24, 2020 A few days ago, Dr. Tedros, the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) repeated what he said already a few weeks ago, that there are about 20 pharmaceutical laboratories throughout the world that are developing a vaccine for the novel coronavirus, named COVID-19, also called 2019-nCOV, or SARS-CoV-2. For […]

The Bio-Economic Pandemic And The Western Working Classes

The Bio-Economic Pandemic And The Western Working Classes Above Photo: From  “Sick… guess we didn’t move quick enough after all…” — Stephen King, The Stand. The Covid-19 Shock Meets an Impending Economic Recession As of March 2020, the world is back to the future. The global financial crisis of 2007-08, which escalated into a global financial […]

UNHCR Lies About Nicaragua – Standard Western Reporting

On March 10th this year, the UNHCR made the entirely false claim that 77,000 Nicaraguans are currently seeking refugee status in Costa Rica. That claim is a downright lie. Despite the mercenary opportunism of the Costa Rican government, which has received over US$600m to assist alleged political refugees from Nicaragua, Costa Rica’s own migration statistics give a […]

Worshipers told not to kiss stones at Jerusalem’s Western Wall

The authorities at the Western Wall holy site in Jerusalem have asked worshipers who arrive there not to kiss the stones of the wall amid efforts to contain the coronavirus pandemic. Kissing the stones is customary among worshipers at the Western Wall — the holiest place where Jews can pray — as well as at Christian […]

How MSM and Western leaders unleashed weapons of mass hypocrisy on India after CAA, Delhi riots

“What happened in India was a pogrom,” proclaimed a headline in US magazine, the Atlantic. It was about the recent communal clashes in Delhi, which claimed more than 50 lives. “The violence in Delhi is not a riot. It is an anti-Muslim brutality,” declared the Guardian of the UK. “How Muslims’ homes were targeted and […]

Health Minister raps western media propaganda to introduce Iran as epicenter of coronavirus

FNA – Iranian Health Minister Saeed Namaki blasted the western and Arab media outlets for releasing biased reports on the situation of coronavirus in his country, saying that several other regional states had been infected with the new virus before Iran. “Unfortunately, it is being pretended in the world that Iran has turned into the […]

Top Saudi royals ‘arrested for plotting with Americans against King,’ Western media say. What’s happening in oil-rich kingdom?

Three senior members of the Saudi Royal family were arrested on Friday, several Western media outlets have reported, citing sources. The list of detainees includes prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, the younger brother of King Salman, Mohammed bin Nayef, the king’s nephew and former crown prince, and Nawaf bin Nayef, the younger half-brother of Prince Nayef, […]

Western media excoriates China over coronavirus response, even as infected numbers drop & hospitals close

Even as the Chinese government earns plaudits from the World Health Organization and epidemiology experts for its handling of the epidemic, Western media haven’t let up on their criticism. Coronavirus has given them license to unleash every stereotype and wild speculation they’ve ever had about life in China, and they aren’t about to let go […]

Western propaganda against Turkey, by Thierry Meyssan

“Le Monde” : SYRIA : DANGEROUS ESCALATION AROUND IDLIB  “At least 33 Turkish soldiers were killed on Thursday, February 27th in Idlib, northwestern Syria, by Bashar al-Assad’s forces, backed by Russian aircraft.  Ankara in retaliation has bombed Syrian positions and is threatening the Europeans to allow an influx of refugees to the west.  Nearly 900,000 […]

Western media is wrong: India isn’t losing its pluralistic ideas

On December 13, 2019, the Washington Post published an analytical article titled “India’s new law may leave millions of Muslims without citizenship,” while the Economist in its edition of January 23 said: “Narendra Modi stokes division in the world’s biggest democracy.” In fact, the Guardian editorial had described last year’s democratic mandate as “bad for […]

Sorry, Western Media: Delhi violence is unlikely to upset Trump or Modi

Seven people, including a policeman, lost their lives on New Delhi roads, which coincided with the hours of the Trump’s visit to India on Monday-Tuesday, eliciting a blunt quip from India’s minister-of-state, home affairs, Mr G Kishan Reddy: “This violence is orchestrated with an eye on the US president’s visit.” The purported projection is for […]

New Study Shows How Eating a Western Diet Impairs Brain Function and Leads to Overeating

Elias Marat, The Mind Unleashed Waking Times Could it be that our Western-style diet laden with saturated fats, added sugars, and processed grains could actually impair our brain functions while weighing us down with a tendency to continuously over-indulge? According to researchers, this is very much the case. Gluttonous diets in the West could transform otherwise […]

Western outlets claim that Berlin park killer of Chechen exile had ‘links to Russia’s FSB’

   When a Chechen exile was shot dead in a Berlin park last summer it strained relations between Germany and Russia. A new report suggests his alleged killer may have been trained by Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB). The joint investigation from Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine, the US-government funded Bellingcat website and Russian outlet The […]

The absolute hypocrisy of Western Medicine – Anything they can make money on is legal; if not, it’s illegal

(Natural News) Most Americans are so doped up on fluoridated water, prescription medications and pesticide-laden genetically modified foods that they can’t differentiate between what’s adding to their mental and physical chaos and what could actually heal them. They watch television and read the newspaper, thinking they’re getting the news, but what they’re […]

Coronavirus is becoming a western excuse for sinophobia — The Duran

Thinking an epidemic geopolitically via Coronavirus is becoming a western excuse for sinophobia — The Duran Source Article from Hits: 13

Western media slamming China for ‘authoritarian’ response to coronavirus is just latest excuse to attack US’ biggest rival

After months of lambasting China over the ongoing protests in Hong Kong, the Western media has seized a new opportunity to excoriate Beijing for its perceived lack of “democratic” values – this time, targeting its response to the coronavirus epidemic.  The government might not have played any part in causing the disease, the narrative goes, […]

Holocaust monument in western Ukraine defaced

Just over a week before International Holocaust Remembrance Day, a monument to the victims of the Holocaust was found defaced in the western Ukrainian city of Kryvyi Rih, Israel’s ambassador to the country Joel Lion said. The envoy shared a photograph Sunday of the vandalized monument on Twitter, noting that it lies “not far from […]

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