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From Shahs To The CIA: The History Of Western Intervention In Iran – Part 1

Tehran, 2017. A crowd marks the 38th anniversary of the 1979 Iranian revolution, which overthrew the dynasty of the US-supported Shah. (Photo: Mohammad Hassanzadeh. Source: Wikicommons) To properly understand what’s going on today with Iran, it is essential to understand the historical context in which current events are taking place. To listen to the pronouncements […]

Part 2 – From Shahs To The CIA: The History Of Western Intervention In Iran

Tehran, 1953. A resident washes “Yankee Go Home” graffiti from a wall after the CIA-orchestrated coup which restored the Shah to power (Photo: Pahlavi Dynasty. Source: Wikicommons) Tyler DurdenZero Hedge In part 1 we examined the early history of the West’s domination of Persian natural resources, especially the establishment and rise of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company […]

52 dead in bus fire in western Kazakhstan (VIDEO)

The deadly incident took place on a highway in the Aktobe region of Kazakhstan, spokesman for the Interior Ministry Emergencies Committee Ruslan Imankulov said in a statement.  There were 55 passengers and two drivers on board the vehicle. The five passengers who managed to escape the burning bus are currently being treated by medics. Two […]

Western countries concerned about Chinese infiltration

nsnbc : A growing number of western countries including the United States, Australia and Germany are growing increasingly concerned about China, Chinese infiltration and […]

Western media’s propaganda war against Syrian army success

     The success of the current Syrian government operations against al-Qaeda in Idleb governorate can be measured by the volume of U.S. propaganda against it. A similar situation occurred when Aleppo was liberated from al-Qaeda’s control. Certain U.S. media, (non-)government-organizations and politicians obviously prefer Takfiri al-Qaeda rule in Syria over control by the legitimated secular […]

Third light quake shakes western Iran

IRNA – An earthquake measuring 4.3 on the Richter scale jolted Sumar in the western province of Kermanshah bordering Iraq at 12:54 hours local time (09: 24 GMT) on Saturday. According to the Seismological Center affiliated to the Institute of Geophysics of Tehran University, the epicenter of the quake was registered at 45.65 degrees longitude […]

All Signs Point To Western-Backed Destabilization In Iran – U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia Implicated

January 9, 2018 By  Brandon Turbeville The signs that the protests in Iran are indeed a Western destabilization campaign are growing with each passing day. Regardless of whatever legitimacy these protests may have had at the beginning (agitation for greater freedoms and improved methods of handling the economy, etc.), they have now devolved […]

Iran bans English in primary schools after calls to end Western ‘cultural invasion’

“Teaching English in government and non-government primary schools in the official curriculum is against laws and regulations,” Mehdi Navid-Adham, head of the state-run High Education Council, said on state TV on Saturday. “This is because the assumption is that, in primary education, the groundwork for the Iranian culture of the students is laid.” The authorities […]

Ahed Tamimi has polarized western opinion — but stirred some liberals to solidarity

The story of Ahed Tamimi’s resistance to the Israeli occupation of her village is of course the biggest story to unfold in Palestine in recent months, alongside the Trump/Jerusalem business, and we’ve been watching the reaction closely. Though people are dividing on Ahed’s soldier-slap in predictable ways — rightwing and even liberal Zionists want no […]

Two mass graves of martyrs discovered in Raqqa western countryside

SANA-Two mass graves were discovered Friday in Raqqa western countryside which include the bodies of tens of military and civilian martyrs who were executed at the hands of Deash (ISIS) terrorists when they were seizing the area. “After the army has regained al-Raqqa western countryside and expelled Daesh terrorists from the area, and following the […]

Russia coordinating peaceful Libyan resolution while Western meddling is ‘frustrating progress’

     Foreign intervention is “frustrating progress” towards a political solution in Libya, according to the eastern Beida government’s Foreign Minister, Mohamed Dayri. The official was speaking during his third public visit to Moscow yesterday, where he held talks with Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Mikhail Bogdanov, in whom he confided that Libya’s political, security and economic […]

Israeli Minister Wants To Name Western Wall Station After Trump

If Jerusalem’s soon-to-open high-speed rail line was extended to the Western Wall, what would the station be called? Why not name it after US President Donald Trump? That’s the proposal Israel’s transport minister recently pushed forward, according to an Associated Press report. Yisrael Katz told Israeli rail executives that he wanted to honour Trump “for […]

4.4-magnitude quake jolts western Iran again

IRNA – An earthquake measuring 4.4 on Richter scale hit Taza-Abad, Kermanshah Province, western Iran on Tuesday. The quake occurred at 12:41 hours local time (09:11 GMT); the epicenter of the quake was at 46.17 degrees longitude and 34.84 degrees latitude and in depth of six kilometers. Earlier on Tuesday a local official said that […]

Kevork Almassian’s Extensive Overview of Western Media Deception on Syria

What can you really know about Syria through western mainstream media coverage over the last 7 years? In this interview filmed in Belgium, independent researcher and media analyst, Kevork Almassian, founder of Syriana Analysis, speaks exclusively with the Flemish SCEPTR, analyzing the overall situation in Syria and discussing a wide range of western media coverage, […]

Newly-Declassified Documents Show Western Leaders Promised Gorbachev that NATO Would Not Move “One Inch Closer” to Russia

All the Western foreign ministers were on board with Genscher, Kohl, and Baker. Next came the British foreign minister, Douglas Hurd, on April 11, 1990. *** Hurd reinforced the Baker-Genscher-Kohl message in his meeting with Gorbachev in Moscow, April 11, 1990, saying that Britain clearly recognized the importance of doing nothing to prejudice Soviet interests […]

BANNED ON YOUTUBE: Who Screwed Western Civilization? Lauren Southern EXPOSED

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CAMBODIA: 1.5 Million Died as a Result of Western Orchestrated Aggression and Media Deception

Deep in the Cambodian countryside, minefields still exist. (Photo: Andre Vltchek) Andre VltchekNew Eastern Outlook I have already written a lot about Cambodia, but each time I return to this ancient and scarred country, I get so outraged by the cynicism that confronts me there, at every corner, that I have to start writing again, […]

Trump’s Move on Jerusalem: Racist Western Media Anticipates Violent Palestinian Reaction, Ignores Daily israeli Violence

michaellee2009, on December 7, 2017 at 6:57 am said: NORMALLY AS YOU KNOW I JUST DELETE YOUR COMMENTS SINCE THEY ARE CORRECTLY DESIGNATED AS “TRASH” According to Begin the 1967 war was a war of choice” for israel For this and other jewish myths see Menachem Begin could be honest , sometimes- The […]

Despite Western-Funded NGO’s Boycott, Vanessa Beeley Exposes White Helmets At Swiss Press Club

By Brandon Turbeville Despite the best efforts of State Department/Soros-funded Reporters Without Borders, the Swiss Press Club refused to cave to RWB’s grandstanding, threats, and bullying and the event surrounding the truth about the White Helmets continued as scheduled. Rather than attend the event to ask questions and present its side of the […]

Pro-ISIS propagandists call for lone wolf attacks on children in Western countries – monitoring site

The group called all-Qastantiyyah Foundation called for attacks on children in the West – in particular the US, Australia and Europe – SITE, a group monitoring Islamist propaganda activities, reported on Wednesday. All-Qastantiyyah Foundation is one of several established online communities supporting the IS cause. The message calling for killing of children came through one […]

How They Do (JEW) It– ‘Western Christianity in denial about Radical Islam’

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Why Western Christian culture is in the toilet, and it isn’t because Hollywood is run by ‘DEM MOOZLUMS’

Why Western Christian culture is in the toilet, and it isn’t because Hollywood is run by ‘DEM MOOZLUMS’ after reading the article, please make sure to watch the video trailer and experience for yourself a small example of the species and scope of the Judaic moral sludge that is injected into the spiritual/moral bloodstream of America […]

Genetic study: Ashkenazi Jews are substantially of Western European origin

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Why is Western Society Toxic?

  November 16, 2017 (What motivates Jews like Louis CK and Harvey Weinstein? Read on.) “Secularism” is a mask for Satanism.  by Henry Makow Ph.D. If you take your cues from society, (education, mass media) you will become dysfunctional or insane. This is how a satanic cult controls and exploits its members — by making […]

Round the clock works underway to help quake-hit people in western Iran

November 15, The Iran Project – Iranian aid institutions and relief workers have been working round the clock to render services to the injured and provide the survivors with their basic needs in Iran’s western regions that were hit by a deadly earthquake on Sunday night (Nov 12). Latest reports on the 7.3 magnitude earthquake that hit […]

In Shifting War, US Scrambles to Established Outposts in Western Iraq

Officials are loudly trumpeting the idea that, with the fall of al-Qaim in Iraq and Abu Kamal in Syria, ISIS is “defeated,” and has lost their “last” strongholds in both countries. In reality, ISIS fighters have been taking to the desert for weeks on end in both countries. U.S. officials seem to have been fully […]

Diversity is Destroying the Cohesion and Social Capital of Western Nations

The academic world is totally dedicated to the diversification of all White-created nations. The research effort, the collection of data, the preparation of surveys, the proposals for lucrative grants, the long string of mediocre articles and books regularly published, are overwhelmingly biased in favour of mass immigration. It is assumed among all academics that White […]

Erdogan rejects ‘moderate Islam’ as a Western tool to weaken Muslims

Last month, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, vowed to restore “moderate” Islam to the kingdom considered to be “home” of the religion. The Gulf monarchy currently follows a Salafist or Wahhabi version of Islam that is often described as being “ultraconservative” and administered through Islamic Sharia law. In what appears to […]

The U.S. media dwells on corrupt African leaders — but whitewashes the Western billionaires and oil giants that pay them

Mainstream U.S. press coverage of government corruption in Africa is all too often marred by unconscious racism. Reports dwell at loving length on the grotesque wealth of certain African leaders, but the same articles will often forget to even name the big oil companies, mining giants and hedge funds that pay and sometimes bribe them. […]

Egypt summoned western ambassadors for criticizing detention of human rights lawyer Metwally

Fahwad Al-Khadoumi (nsnbc) : Egypt’s Foreign Ministry has summoned the ambassadors of Canada, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom over criticism of the […]

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