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9/11: the deep state false flag that keeps on condoning Western terrorism at home and around the world

September 20, 2019 By: Jeff J. Brown for The Saker Blog 11 September 2019 Crosslinked with: Pictured above: In 2010, I saw this 23-second clip of the 52-story World Trade Center 7 collapsing and was gob smacked. As a certified science teacher with a good knowledge of physics, I could tell it was […]

Western media portrays Hong Kong hooligans as heroes. But are they?

On Sunday, huge US flags were waving in the air. A massive demonstration, consisting of mainly young people, was moving up from the old British-built downtown area of the city towards the US Consulate General, often erroneously called the “embassy.” The temperature was well over 30 degrees Celsius, but the number of ‘protesters’ kept growing. […]

The Western propaganda of homosexuality and cannibalism

September 07, 2019 by Ruslan Ostashko Translated by Scott and captioned by Leo The propaganda of perversions in the West has reached new heights. The British leading sports clubs promote the LGBT “values,” and their scientists drag cannibalism into the category of normal. No matter how much effort is made by the “normal countries” to […]

Terrorists use Western-designed drones to attack Russian base in Syria: Deputy FM

A Russian deputy foreign minister says expert estimates demonstrate that terrorists in Syria are employing Western-designed drones to launch attacks against Russian facilities in the Arab country. “We are constantly registering the mass usage of this method to stage attacks on Russian bases in Syria. Meanwhile, the drones that are being used are not […]

‘We’re living the end of Western hegemony’: Macron urges to stop pushing Russia away from Europe

“We are living the end of Western hegemony,” Macron told diplomats on Tuesday, after hosting the G7 meeting in the city of Biarritz on France’s Atlantic coast over the weekend. He named the rise of Beijing and Moscow as signs of a shift on the world scene. Pushing Russia away from Europe is a profound […]

Upside down or right side up? Comparing Chinese vs. Western civilizational hierarchies.

August 14, 2019 By: Jeff J. Brown for The Saker Blog   Crosslinked with:   Pictured above: no wonder Chinese and Westerners don’t understand each other. They look at the world and their societies with diametrically opposed points of view. It’s like two peoples staring at each other through the opposite ends […]

US Congresswoman Accuses Tribes and Environmentalists of “Destroying Our Western Way of Life” over Sacred Grizzly Protections

On a momentous day for Tribal Nations, Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-WY), the House Republican Conference Chairwoman, stated that the successful litigation by tribes and environmentalists to return the grizzly bear in Greater Yellowstone to the Endangered Species Act (ESA) “was not based on science or facts” but motivated by plaintiffs “intent on destroying our Western […]

Lest we forget? Western amnesia about Soviet role in WWII victory has some disturbing aspects…

Today, the Russian Federation celebrates these victories with the same emotion and pride as Western allies celebrate the Normandy landings and the subsequent battle for France, which occurred at the same time. Yet, certain EU countries, notably the Baltic states, have called these Russian celebrations “a provocation.” They even summoned Russian ambassadors in protest, saying […]

Satanists Use Women to Destroy Western Civilization

  August 7, 2019 Source Article from Related Posts Women’s March cuts ties with another board member following ‘Islamophobic smear campaign’ Zahra Billoo has been voted off the Women’s March national board. The move comes less Heart surgery is twice as risky for women; aortic surgery outcomes have higher risk of complications, stroke compared […]

Did the Western intel agencies just blow up another Russian ammunition depot?

    Watch Massive Shockwave From Explosion At Russian Ammo Dump; Thousands Evacuated A series of massive explosions at an ammunition depot in Siberia resulted in the evacuation of around 10% of the population in the city of Achinsk in Russia’s Krasnoyarsk region. The incident occurred after a fire broke out in the storage unit for […]

Protesters, worshippers skirmish at Western Wall during female-led service

An ultra-Orthodox protester was arrested Friday after allegedly attacking the head of Conservative Judaism in Israel, as a monthly prayer service at the Western Wall by a women’s group was marred by scuffles and loud demonstrations. Yizhar Hess said an ultra-Orthodox minor tore off his prayer shawl and snatched and threw his skullcap to the […]

The Western Alliance Is Falling Apart

Ever since Imran Khan became the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan in August 2018, the winds have changed. While his predecessors, though generally leaning eastwards, have often wavered between the US and the China orbit, Khan is in the process of clearly defining his alliances with the east, in particular China. This is for the good […]

Why are Western leaders gawd awful bad and China’s so darn competent? Part I.

July 30, 2019 By Jeff J. Brown for The Saker Blog 30 July 2019 Crosslinked with: Pictured above: it’s the Beavis and Butt-Head Show. Or is it Butt-Head and Beavis? Does it really matter? They, like all Western political leaders are suborned from the get-go, by global capitalist 1% elites. Every time […]

‘Russia doesn’t have a good side’: More xenophobic bile spewing forth from Western ‘experts’

Generous Giles has published a list of 10 “ground rules” for befuddled Westerners seeking to unravel the enigma that is Russia – but before we delve into the finer details, let’s add some important context. This Russia whisperer is a “senior consulting fellow” at Chatham House – a British think tank receiving funding from the […]

Western Media Losing Enthusiasm For Failing Coup In Venezuela

Western Media Losing Enthusiasm For Failing Coup In Venezuela Above Photo: CBC depiction (6/29/19) of Juan Guaidó. When previously unknown Venezuelan opposition politician Juan Guaidó stood up in an East Caracas plaza and declared himself “interim president” of the South American country, Western corporate media were ebullient. In those heady early days, corporate journalists could scarcely conceal […]

The Western world is falling LOS ANGELES INFAMOUS SKID ROW HOOD

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Related Posts Lights on for the Dark Knight: Bat-signals shine around the world as fans mark Batman Day (PHOTOS) Batman Day is celebrated annually in September, though the specific date changes, and gives fans Did Google just create the world’s most powerful supercomputer? AI is now on […]

How the Western Media Support State Terror – While Millions Die

When Noam Chomsky first observed that the United States had attacked South Vietnam, he was upending a particularly tedious case of media conformism from that era, namely that the West was fighting Communists in the North to defend Saigon. However, the young professor was spectacularly right. By the end of the war, two thirds of […]

‘Slaughter the Jews’ painted on section of Western Wall in Muslim Quarter

The phrase “Slaughter the Jews” was spray painted on the “Little Western Wall,” a section of the Western Wall located in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. The vandalism took place on Saturday. At least one Arab girl was arrested on Saturday night in connection with the incident. The graffiti, written Arabic, […]

Italy seizes weapons from neo-Nazis…Western media immediately fabricates a link to Russia

Italian police said on Monday that they had seized a cache of weapons and Nazi memorabilia belonging to a neo-Nazi group operating in northern Italy. The bust was part of a year-long investigation into extremists who had fought “against the separatists”  in the Donbass region of Ukraine. Those who read the news via major outlets like […]

Can Putin Zelenskiy talks on Ukraine succeed without Western permission?

Russia’s Putin discusses ending conflict in eastern Ukraine with president Zelenskiy [ Editor’s Note: These talks are of course a long shot, but Moscow has been consistent in its policy of always being open to talks no matter how bitter the issue. Zelenskiy’s motivation, a large part of it, would be to have the ex-comic […]

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