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London has fallen: May & Khan fiddle while crime destroys capital

In London, long held up as one of the world’s major capital cities – a beacon of multiculturalism, dynamism, enterprise and opportunity – death stalks the streets and alleys of its vast sprawling housing estates. Gang warfare has grown to the point where the lives of its combatants, in the main teenage boys and youths, […]

Elizabeth Warren: Crossing the Border Illegally Shouldn’t Be a Crime

Sen. Elizabeth Warren does not believe crossing the border illegally should be a criminal offense. In an interview with the California Nation Podcast, the Democratic 2020 hopeful argued that criminalizing illegal entry into the U.S. does not make people safer. During the discussion, Senator Warren was asked about Section 1324 of the immigration code – […]

Democratic candidates pass the buck on gun crime: It’s easier to blame racism than take responsibility

Democrats Control America’s Most Dangerous Cities. So Why Do They Keep Passing the Buck on Gun Crime?    Progressives and conservatives traditionally have exhibited different attitudes to the lessons of history. While conservatives have tended to take cues from the past as they build measured hopes for the future, progressives have urged that we break […]

Crime kills more people than armed conflicts, UN study finds

Email Us For general inquiries and advertising, email: Admin (at) Article submissions, tips, and feedback, email: Tips (at) Voicemail/TXT: Feel free to send us a message anytime (512) 222-3067 Source Article from Related Posts ‘We Don’t Know How Well Antidepressants Work’: Danish Study […]

Police Departments Begin Dumping Faulty Pre-Crime A.I. Programs

July 4, 2019 By Nicholas West Slowly but surely it seems the promises made by Big Tech that the answers to crime could be provided by mass surveillance and artificial intelligence have not delivered. Until now, the only thing that has been stopping the rollout of this technology is raising awareness about how many of […]

Israel pursues possible war crime in village demolition

The army issued scores of demolition orders for the Bedouins’ rickety hovels of corrugated tin, scrap wood and nylon fabric. Periodically, soldiers tore down a few shacks, toppled water tanks, carted off solar panels or staged military training exercises on the site, in what critics called a drip-drip campaign to make life so miserable that […]

Iran’s mere crime protecting Quds, Palestine: Syrian deputy FM

MNA – “Iran’s only crime is protecting Quds and Paying attention to Palestine’s issues,” Syrian Deputy-Foreign Minister and former Permanent Envoy to the United Nations Faisal Mekdad said on the sidelines of the International Quds Day in Iran’s embassy in Syria on Friday. Underlining the role of Iran’s support in resistance in Syria, the Arab […]

San Francisco is a sh*thole: The high cost of low-level crime

   San Francisco is the nation’s leader in property crime. Burglary, larceny, shoplifting, and vandalism are included under this ugly umbrella. The rate of car break-ins is particularly striking: in 2017 over 30,000 reports were filed, and the current average is 51 per day. Other low-level offenses, including drug dealing, street harassment, encampments, indecent exposure, […]

Giuliani Demolishes the Clinton Crime Family with One Truth

As Democrats continue to back away from trying to impeach President Trump for obstruction of the Mueller probe which cleared him of the underlying charge of conspiring with Russia in the 2016 election, Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani is on the war path – and is now targeting Hillary Clinton. Following Tuesday remarks by Clinton that […]

Giuliani Lashes Out At Clintons: You Are "America’s Number One Crime Family"

As Democrats continue to back away from trying to impeach President Trump for obstruction of the Mueller probe which cleared him of the underlying charge of conspiring with Russia in the 2016 election, Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani is on the war path – and is now targeting Hillary Clinton.  Following Tuesday remarks by Clinton that Donald Trump would have […]

Orwellian Hate Crime Database to Be Set Up For Thought Criminals in Michigan

April 8, 2019 Op-Ed by Joe Wright Only in a world where the novel 1984 has become the evening news can we get a state’s Attorney General working with the Department of Civil Rights to create a database for people committing “hate and bias incidents that don’t rise to the level of a crime or […]

South Australian Police Force son spared Penalty for sex crime

South Australian Police Force son spared Penalty for sex crime Related Posts Khan al-Ahmar spared from demolition until July 16 Khan al-Ahmar Israel’s High Court freezes West Bank Bedouin village demolition until July 16 i24NEWS Parkland Shooter Was Spared Jail By Obama-Era Program, School Says Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz was allowed to go on his […]

It was a HOAX! Jussie Smollett hate crime "attack" was completely staged… actual police work unmasked flimsy plot to stoke racial hatred across America

(Natural News) The Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax is now unraveling in spectacular fashion. The entire thing was apparently staged, just as we predicted would finally come out. Naturally, the entire Trump-hating left-wing media went along with the ploy without a scintilla of fact checking. Just the claim alone — that MAGA-hat […]

“Organized Crime Bosses Ruling Us By Fear…”

By Catherine J. Frompovich Two “forensic accountants” have found what some would claim are the “smoking guns” with regard to the apparent illegal activities of the Clinton Foundation.  I don’t want to dilute their testimony, so I defer to the video below, which ought to astonish readers regarding the apparent lack of interest in proceedings […]

Mueller’s investigation is missing just one thing – a crime

     A baby born when Robert Mueller started his investigation would be talking by now. But would she have anything to say? We last looked at what Mueller had publicly-and what he didn’t have-some 10 months ago, and I remained skeptical that the Trump campaign had in any way colluded with Russia. It’s worth another […]

Israeli crime boss who heads global drug smuggling network arrested in Brazil

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 6,000 other followers Source Article from Related Posts Watch: IRGC seizing fuel-smuggling foreign tanker Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has released footage of foreign tanker smuggling fuel, Three Iranians Caught Smuggling "Many Tons" Of […]

BUSTED: Yet another liberal student caught sending "hate crime" threats to herself… now faces criminal charges

Related Posts ‘To ask an Arab student to internalize this is a way of humiliating him’ Israel requires all high school students who want to travel abroad on school-sponsored Violence escalates at Honduras student protests amid molotov cocktails & police fire (VIDEOS) Protests demanding the resignation of the country’s president, Juan Orlando Hernandez, […]

Head of Bush Crime Family Dies

  December 2, 2018 According to reporter Robert Scheer, “George H.W. Bush was a highly paid consultant to the Carlyle Group, a $12-billion investment firm heavy into the defense and energy games. Carlyle’s chairman, Frank Carlucci, who was Reagan’s Defense secretary, (was) a close friend of Donald Rumsfeld…The Carlyle company roster also include(d) top vets […]

Minority Report Comes To Life: UK Police Will Use AI To Prevent Crime

Minority Report Comes To Life: UK Police Will Use AI To Prevent Crime Zero Hedge November 28, 2018 With increasing availability of information and new technologies, West Midlands Police in the metropolitan county of West Midlands in England, has taken a page from the 2002 American neo-noir science fiction film, Minority Report, and will soon […]

IDF’s Apparent War Crime of “Perfidy” Breeds Suspicion of Aid Workers in Gaza

GAZA CITY — Soldiers involved in a botched Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) raid on Hamas military leadership in Gaza earlier this month impersonated humanitarian aid workers in the Palestinian enclave, according to recent Israeli media reports. Impersonating humanitarian aid workers for the purposes of conducting a military operation is a violation of international law and […]

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