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Regev: God, not people, will decide who is next prime minister

Culture Minister Miri Regev of Likud said Friday that God will decide who becomes Israel’s next prime minister — not people, as the country heads to a second election in a year, with polls predicting further political gridlock in its aftermath and no clear path to forming a government. Speaking to 103FM Radio, Regev bristled […]

Trump’s Re-election? Did the Federal Reserve Already “Decide the 2020 US Election”?

The Facts: Donald Trump recently became the first president to set foot on North Korean soil. Regardless of the reasons and all of the nuclear talk, this type of “peace” has never been seen with North Korea. What does it mean? Reflect On: For years the western military industrial complex has been pushing propaganda about […]

#Iran #Trump #BenShapiro Why did Trump defy the warmongers, and decide not to attack Iran? The Duran Streamed live on Jun 21, 2019

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Related Posts FLASHPOINT 2019: Neocon Warmongers Pushing the USA Into Another War for Israel     The United States and Great Britain Collude with Israel to Force Iran into The Trump-Bolton Duo Is Just Like the Bush-Cheney Duo: Warmongers Using Lies to Start Illegal Wars [False flag […]

Shocking Leak: Facebook Monitors You OFFLINE to Decide if You’re a "Hate Agent"

by Tyler Durden An internal Facebook document reveals that the social media giant monitors its users’ offline behavior as part of how the company determines whether a person should be classified as a “Hate Agent,” according to Breitbart’s Allum Bokhari who has reviewed the document. Titled “Hate Agent Policy Review,” the document reveals that Facebook […]

Extra Time: Will YouTube Decide the ‘Correct’ Version of History’?

Source Article from Related Posts By censoring all voices that progressives don’t like, YouTube becomes the biggest bigoted bully of them all (Natural News) During a recent interview with Axios on HBO, Google CEO New whistleblower allegation: YouTube manipulated ‘Federal Reserve’ search results in response to MSNBC host’s complaint […]

European Elections – Read What You Want from These Statistics. Britain Cannot Decide on Brexit

The European elections were always going to be interesting if nothing else. We’ve put lots of stats together so you can see them in a different way. One thing is for sure – this particular vote proved only one thing – the nation cannot decide on Brexit – and that, if anything, is the takeaway […]

Expediency Council to decide on CFT based on national interest: Rezaei

MNA – The Secretary of Iran’s Expediency Council Mohsen Rezaei said that the council will certainly decide on the bill on Iran’s accession to the convention against the funding of terrorism (CFT) based on national and revolution’s interests. In a Saturday press conference, Rezaei said that the bill has not yet been received by the […]

Based Poles Release Film Condemning Corrupt Clergy; Decide to Worship Alien Race Instead

Roy Batty Daily Stormer September 30, 2018 This is one of those “agreeing with liberals, but for the wrong things” moments for me. Yahoo News: The Polish film “Kler” (The Clergy) has aroused passionate debate in the deeply religious country, winning awards but also triggering calls for it to be banned. “Those […]

Russia warns the USA constantly that they are going to bomb ISIS and the Americans decide to put troops in as human shields for al-Qaeda and ISIS

Russia has constantly warned the USA they are going to bomb ISIS and the Americans decide to put troops in as human shields for al-Qaeda and ISIS By Dark Politricks and video by Blackstone Intelligence If you know what is going on in Syria you will know the war is about two competing oil pipelines. One […]

YouTube Will Now Decide FOR YOU What Is And What Isn’t AUTHORITATIVE NEWS!

July 13, 2018 By Press For Truth The days of “YouTube” are over and the time of “ThemTube” is upon us. On Monday July 9th on the official YouTube Blog the company announced their plan to promote and fund “authoritative” news. The mainstream media outlets are not getting the views they […]

There is a water war brewing out West that will decide the fate of 40 million Americans while changing political, social paradigms

(Natural News) Everyone knows how important water is to sustain life, but we’re about to find out how important water is to sustain American life as we know it.  Weather patterns and conditions have been changing for years throughout the American West — no, not due to “human-caused climate change,” but just […]

OPEC in no hurry to decide if extra oil needed to offset Iran – sources

Reuters – OPEC is in no hurry to decide whether to pump more oil to make up for an expected drop in exports from Iran after the imposition of new U.S. sanctions, three sources familiar with the issue said, saying any loss in supply would take time. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries has […]

Listen: Israel scans troll websites to decide who can enter

Nora Barrows-Friedman The Electronic Intifada Podcast 3 May 2018 On this episode of The Electronic Intifada Podcast: Israel denies entry to the executive director and board chair of the Center for Constitutional Rights, using false information from Zionist blacklisting websites; author Sunaina Maira explains why the academic boycott is growing in popularity across US universities […]

Historian: Silicon Valley Will Decide Future Election Winners Unless Conservatives Do Something

Historian: Silicon Valley Will Decide Future Election Winners Unless Conservatives Do Something Niall Ferguson warns about the power of social media monopolies Paul Joseph Watson March 15, 2018 British historian Niall Ferguson warns that Silicon Valley will decide the winners of future elections unless conservatives do something to combat social media censorship and skewed […]

Trump faces deadlines this week that could decide fate of Iran deal

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 5,865 other followers Source Article from Related Posts Trump defends China trade war, says ‘I am the chosen one’ US President Donald Trump has proclaimed himself “the chosen one” as he defended his Jewish Pundit […]

Separatists & unionists face off in election that could decide Catalonia’s future

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy called the election in October after the Catalonian government in Barcelona declared its independence following an illegal referendum. Spain responded by suspending the region’s autonomy and firing its government.   The vote will be divided along the region’s separatist and unionist party lines. The pro-independence parties are the Together for […]

Self-driving cars programmed to decide who dies in a crash

Source: USA Today Consider this hypothetical: It’s a bright, sunny day and you’re alone in your spanking new self-driving vehicle, sprinting along the two-lane Tunnel of Trees on M-119 high above Lake Michigan north of Harbor Springs. You’re sitting back, enjoying the view. You’re looking out through the trees, trying to […]

Catalonia’s parliament to decide on independence: Carles Puigdemont

nsnbc : Carles Puigdemont, president of Spain’s Catalonia region, said on Thursday that independence from Spain will hang on a decision by the parliament […]

Do You Have A Right To Decide What Goes in Your Body?

August 31, 2017 Activist Post Daily Newsletter Subscription is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL Free Report: How To Survive The Job Automation Apocalypse with subscription Source Article from Related Posts "No Need Right Now": Bundesbank Pours Cold Water On German Fiscal Stimulus Hopes One of the pillars of support that has […]

Trump Can’t Decide Who To Bomb First… Iran Or North Korea

Donald Trump is in two minds about whether to bomb Iran first or North Korea. But bomb them he shall. It was decided for him by George W. Bush, who painted Iran, Iraq and North Korea as the “axis of evil” following 9/11. President Trump’s predecessors, going back to Jimmy Carter have all had it […]

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