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Ridiculous Proposal from Now Terminated Committee Asks for Amazon Prime, Food Trucks, and WiFi in National Parks

November 19, 2019 By B.N. Frank The good news is that the committee who proposed this has been terminated. The bad news is that national parks are still considering nonsense that would accommodate visitors at the expense of wildlife and nature. From KIRO7: Supporters said the change would boost revenue and encourage more people to […]

UPS Quietly Using Self-Driving Trucks For Months

Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk, UPS teamed up with TuSimple in May for autonomous delivery of cargo. Gizmodo reports UPS Has Been Delivering Cargo in Self-Driving Trucks for Months And No One Knew. UPS announced on Thursday that its venture capital arm has made a minority investment in TuSimple. The announcement also revealed that since […]

Amazon’s Treasure Trucks Sell Discounted Ring Doorbells Across The US And UK

August 13, 2019 By MassPrivateI Leave it to Amazon to create circus sideshow trucks, sorry I meant “Treasure Trucks” to promote neighborhood spying. Last year, Slick Deals announced that Amazon’s treasure trucks were selling Ring doorbells at the discounted price of $139.00 in “select U.S. cities.” And last December, Amazon’s Facebook page announced that their treasure trucks were […]

Israeli Forces Seize Palestinian Garbage Trucks, Detain Drivers

A bulldozer lifts garbage at the Greenet recycling plant in Atarot industrial zone, near Qalandiya, on June 16, 2015. (Sindel/Flash90) Israel has been dumping its waste on Palestinian land for years. Now it has confiscated Palestinian garbage trucks… BACKGROUND: Al Jazeera reported in December 2017: Israeli rights group B’Tselem has released a scathing new report […]

Burning Aid Trucks In Venezuela Bring Western Propaganda To Light

The Facts: In 1941, a supposed crash occurred of an extraterrestrial vehicle. It’s one of many that’s happened and have been researched and verified by prominent UFO researchers. Reflect On: If there have been crashed craft and bodies recovered, how much has our government, or the clandestine group in charge of these subjects discovered? Why […]

Two Palestinian children killed in home fire after Israel blocks fire trucks

Palestinian children were killed in a blaze at their home after Israeli forces prevented the fire brigade from reaching them in time in Hebron, West Bank Israeli soldiers prevented a Palestinian fire truck from reaching a home fire, resulting in the deaths of two small children. This is just one example of a trend: Israelis […]

WATCH: Video Shows Alleged Column of US Military Trucks Leaving Syria

WATCH: Video Shows Alleged Column of US Military Trucks Leaving Syria Sputnik December 20, 2018 A column of US military trucks reportedly leaving Syria is shown in a video that Turkeys Anadolu news agency posted on Thursday, showed. The agency specified that the vehicles in the video had previously been involved in delivering weapons to […]

China ‘Is the Only One in the Race’ to Make Electric Buses, Taxis and Trucks

China ‘Is the Only One in the Race’ to Make Electric Buses, Taxis and Trucks December 3rd, 2018 “Chinese makers produced 99% of electric buses deployed globally from 2014 to 2017.” Via: Wall Street Journal: A national project to replace millions of gasoline-fueled taxis, […]

Will Congress Free Our Trucks?

Will Congress Free Our Trucks? By Campaign For Liberty One of the outstanding issues yet to be settled between the House and Senate Appropriations bills is whether the final Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development (THUD) Appropriations will include a much-needed provision to allow Twin 33s. As detailed here, Twin 33 tandem trailers are slightly longer […]

Chicago’s Electronic Surveillance of Food Trucks Is Ridiculous—and Probably Unconstitutional

August 27, 2018 By Ilya Shapiro May a city both require certain business owners to forego their Fourth Amendment rights and also enforce regulations specifically designed to advantage competing businesses in a related industry? That’s the question to be answered by the Illinois Supreme Court in LMP Services v. Chicago. What’s Going […]

SOHR: US Coalition Transports Over 250 Trucks Filled with Weapons to Deir Ezzor

Al Masdar News reports… BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:30 A.M.) – The U.S. Coalition transported over 250 trucks filled with weapons to the Euphrates River Valley this morning, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported. According to the SOHR report, the 250+ vehicles were not only transporting weapons, but also, military hardware for the Syrian Democratic […]

The Pentagon’s Ray Gun Can Stall Cars, Trucks​​ With Radiation Blast

The extensive use of vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDs) in the Middle East has resulted in a significant amount of military and civilian personnel being killed or injured. A new threat is quickly emerging in the West, as ten civilians were mowed down in a horrific van attack earlier this week in Toronto . Since 2014, […]

Michigan School Says Trucks With Confederate Flags Were ‘Potentially Threatened’

From The Daily Sheeple A high school in Michigan was closed after students parked their vehicles outside the building for two days. Some of the trucks were adorned with American or “thin blue line flags,” but the Confederate flags caused school officials to shut down the school after they received “unsubstantiated threats” against the trucks. Don’t […]

Self Driving Uber Trucks Start Shuttling Goods Across Arizona

Self Driving Uber Trucks Start Shuttling Goods Across Arizona March 6th, 2018 Via: USA Today: Uber has been sending self-driving trucks on delivery runs across Arizona since November, the first step in what promises to be a freight transportation revolution that could radically reshape […]

Trucks v protesters: Police forcibly remove anti-US base sit-in in Okinawa (VIDEO)

The anti-base activists blockaded an access to a local road in an attempt to stop the transportation of building materials into the site on Friday. Officers managed to evict some 50 protesters, the Okinawa Times newspaper reported. The demonstrators were carrying banners saying “Stop illegal work” and “No Base in Henoko”, according to the video, […]

Madrid sends 20 trucks with beds, kitchens & showers to riot police deployed to Barcelona – media

Catalan leader vows to proclaim independence within days as King Felipe VI blasts ‘disloyalty’ The Spanish Defense Ministry sent aid to the Civil Guard and National Police deployed in the region on Tuesday, Spanish media reported.  “The 41st Logistics Support Group [AALOG 41] of the Spanish Army located in [the city of] Zaragoza has sent […]

Tesla Is Looking to Test Self-Driving, Electric Trucks With No Driver On Board

Tesla Is Looking to Test Self-Driving, Electric Trucks With No Driver On Board August 10th, 2017 Via: Reuters: Tesla Inc is developing a long-haul, electric semi-truck that can drive itself and move in “platoons” that automatically follow a lead vehicle, and is getting closer […]

Diabolical Trickster Elon Musk Pushes for Implementation of His Driverless Semi-Trucks

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer August 10, 2017 Elon Musk said he was going to save the planet. But so far, it looks like his only life accomplishment might be giving your job to a robot and making you life on welfare. Look. I am not against automation. I am in fact very pro-automation. […]

WFP trucks can now reach besieged Syrian town of Qamishli by road

nsnbc : The United Nations World Food program (WFP) announced that the first convoy of three trucks reached Qamishli in Syria’s northeastern Hasaka governorate. […]


by Jonathan Azaziah Jummah with Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is among the greatest gifts in the known (as well as the unknown) universe–as is any other day, really, when the Secretary-General of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance graces us with his presence and blesses us with a speech. Billowing clouds of smog from the treacherous and traitorous […]

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