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There is no climate emergency, say 500 experts in letter to the United Nations

There is no climate emergency, say 500 experts in letter to the United Nations Source Article from Related Posts The Politics of Funding: Cash Crisis at the United Nations It remains one of the more unusual arrangements in terms of funding. Like a club United Nations now targeting free speech on a global scale, […]

Brazilian Experts Warn in Open Letter to President Bolsonaro a ‘Genocide Is Underway’ Against Uncontacted Tribes

Jessica Corbett, Common Dreams Waking Times In an open letter to Brazilian society and right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro, a group of experts warned that a “genocide is underway” against uncontacted tribes because of Bolsonaro’s efforts to strip away Indigenous peoples’ rights and lands and open up more of the Amazon rainforest to agribusiness and mining. […]

Texas is hiring tech industry experts to go to battle with Google over anti-trust violations

(Natural News) Texas attorney general Ken Paxton is leading the charge against Google with an investigation into the tech giant’s potential anti-trust violations. Attorneys general from almost all U.S. states have joined the inquiry, with the exception of California and Alabama. The AGs for Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico have also signed […]

Photos: Members of the Assembly of Experts met with Ayatollah Khamenei

ISNA – At the end of the seventh congress of the fifth round of the Assembly of Experts on Leadership, members of this assembly met with the Leader of the Islamic Revolution–Ayatollah Khamenei– this morning September 26, 2019.           Source Article from Related Posts Photos: Zarif meets with Swedish deputy […]

A risky treatment for depression: Experts warn against the dangers of DIY brain stimulation

(Natural News) Depression can be a debilitating disease, and it’s not surprising that sufferers are desperate to get rid of it. However, if you’re jumping on the DIY brain stimulation trend, scientists have a very serious warning for you. Although some studies have shown that brain stimulation holds promise for people with […]

Ignorant Iran ‘experts’ just the beginning of Washington’s foreign policy troubles

Imagine a field of study in which less than a third of the experts had related doctorates, half of them could not read, speak or write the language required, and just as many have never set foot inside the relevant country. Preposterous, you might say – yet scientific observation has shown that this is precisely […]

Experts: UK cannot offset damage of Brexit with US deals

Related Posts Saudi oil output failed to offset Iran, Venezuela losses in June: Report A new report has shown that Saudi Arabia’s increased supply to the international oil EU Earmarks $20Mln for Iran in Effort to Offset US Sanctions The European Union allocated 18 million euros ($20.6 million) in aid for Iran on Thursday, including for the country’s […]

US Military Experts Say “America Needs” A.I. to Control Nuclear Missiles

By Elias Marat According to two U.S. military researchers, the United States needs a “Dead Hand” that would ensure an automated, rapid response to any nuclear threat. Their solution? To fit the U.S. nuclear arsenal with artificial intelligence (AI) controls. In a column for military blog War on the Rocks, U.S. nuclear warfare experts Adam […]

Trump hard-line support for Israel aimed at evangelical base: Experts

US President Donald Trump’s recent push to earn the backing of Jewish voters is proving to be a difficult struggle, but his hard-line support for Israel may be aimed at appealing to evangelical Christians and boost his chances of re-election in 2020, experts and politicians say. Experts say that Trump’s goal of aligning himself […]

Trump’s sanctions have come at a cost for America: US experts

Experts say the United States has been at a loss in the foreign relations and economic areas under President Donald Trump as a result of his excessive reliance on the policy of sanctions against other countries. Although past US administrations have relied on sanctions, Trump has used them in excess at a cost to […]

11 Reasons Why So Many Experts Believe That A U.S. Economic Crisis Is Imminent

By Michael Snyder The numbers are telling us that we have never been closer to the next recession than we are right now.  The storm clouds that were gathering on the horizon are now directly above us, and suddenly the mainstream media is filled with stories about when the next recession will begin and the […]

When it comes to chocolate, darker is healthier: Experts find it can reduce heart disease risk factors in just a month

(Natural News) Let your sweet tooth rejoice: Eating dark chocolate is good for your cardiovascular health, says a recent study in the journal Nutrition. The research, a collaboration between the Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra (IPC) in Portugal and the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, revealed that just a few squares of dark chocolate – in particular, those with 90 percent cocoa […]

Netanyahu will fall in September, experts predict — unless Trump releases peace plan!

Benjamin Netanyahu’s long reign as Israel’s prime minister will likely end after the September election, say two expert analysts. And Netanyahu’s best hope to stay as prime minister and avoid indictment will be if the Trump administration interferes, by releasing its peace plan, thereby putting pressure on Netanyahu’s rivals to make a government with him. […]

‘Russia doesn’t have a good side’: More xenophobic bile spewing forth from Western ‘experts’

Generous Giles has published a list of 10 “ground rules” for befuddled Westerners seeking to unravel the enigma that is Russia – but before we delve into the finer details, let’s add some important context. This Russia whisperer is a “senior consulting fellow” at Chatham House – a British think tank receiving funding from the […]

Will plastic pollution end the world? Experts say it’s possible

(Natural News) A team of 250 experts from around the world has named plastic pollution as one of the greatest threats to global health. Estimates suggest that eight million tons of plastic waste is dumped into the oceans every year. There is little doubt that the plastic revolution has changed the world […]

Sunk Russian sub is leaking 100,000 times more radiation than previously thought, experts discover

(Natural News) The nuclear fallout from a Russian submarine that was sunk off the coast of Norway roughly three decades ago has spiked dramatically over the past several years, and experts are scratching their heads trying to figure out why. According to reports, the Soviet-era vessel, which currently sits at the bottom […]

Vietnam calls in Russian experts to help preserve Ho Chi Minh’s body

Ho’s body was first embalmed after his death, almost 50 years ago, and resides in a glass coffin in a Hanoi mausoleum where it attracts thousands of visitors each year. Also on ‘Doctors helped me survive; God helped me live on’: Napalm girl on life since iconic photo A special council of Vietnamese and […]

Worried about your blood sugar? Experts recommend checking your magnesium levels

(Natural News) If you’re concerned about diabetes, the first thing your doctor might suggest is getting a blood sugar test. This can certainly identify problems if it comes back outside of the normal range, but there’s another test you might also want to consider no matter how you perform on a fasting […]

New discoveries about one of the greatest artists in history: Experts have determined that Leonardo da Vinci was ambidextrous

(Natural News) For the longest time, experts believed that the great Leonardo da Vinci was a southpaw. But recent research by Italian scholars indicated that while the Renaissance master was born left-handed, he eventually became ambidextrous – proficient in the use of either hand with equal skill. The announcement came from the Uffizi Gallery, located […]

Privacy Experts, Senators Demand Investigation of Amazon’s Child Data Collection Practices

Last year, a coalition of privacy advocates and child psychologists warned against putting an Amazon Alexa speaker anywhere near your child on the fairly reasonable grounds that developing minds shouldn’t befriend always-on surveillance devices, no matter how cute the packaging. Now, a group of privacy researchers, attorneys, and U.S. senators are calling on […]

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