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Why is the US Creating a Nexus of Regional Instability around Afghanistan?

After more than 19 years of its failed war against the Taliban, the Americans’ rushed withdrawal from Afghanistan is looking a lot like the situation in Saigon in 1975, following the US defeat in the Vietnam war. In addition to the departure of US troops, Washington is also saying there’s a possibility that it will […]

EU’s Michel visits Libya as nation battles instability and coronavirus

European Council President Charles Michel was in Libya on Sunday to lend support to the UN-backed peace process. Oil-rich Libya has been torn by civil war since the toppling and killing of dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 in a NATO-backed revolt. Michel met with the chief of the Libyan Presidential Council, Mohamed Al Manfi, before […]

Sisi warns of regional instability over Renaissance Dam crisis

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi has warned that it will not allow any other country to undermine its water supply and if it does, there will be severe regional consequences. “I’m not threatening anyone here, our dialogue is always reasonable and rational,” Al-Sisi said on Tuesday at a press conference in Ismailia to mark the […]

Israeli political instability hampering tighter cooperation with US

Ahead of last week’s elections in Israel, a senior US official was asked if Washington would prefer an extension of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s rule or for a new lawmaker to finally replace the longtime leader. The official, who spoke to The Times of Israel on condition of anonymity, went with the diplomatic answer, insisting […]

New Venezuelan Parliament: Those Responsible For Political Instability And Looting Should Be Behind Bars

NOTE: Like Bolivia is doing now that they ended the US-backed coup, Venezuela’s new parliament is taking immediate steps to hold people accountable for working with the United States to conduct a regime change operation and to steal billions of dollars in Venezuelan assets.  – MF Caracas, Venezuela – Today, the first Vice President of […]

S&P: ‘Real risk’ for Israel ratings downgrade if instability delays austerity

A political stalemate in Israel that could hinder its ability to bring spending under control in 2021 could trigger a “real risk” of a downgrade of its sovereign rating, a senior director of S&P Global Ratings said this week. “If the political situation led to a lack of consensus or lack of decision making regarding […]

Palestinian refugee agency warns of instability amid financial crisis

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Trump and Netanyahu Collude to Damage NATO, Risk Middle East Instability and Nuclear War

Trump and Netanyahu Collude to Damage NATO, Risk Middle East Instability and Nuclear War By Hans Stehling, Donald Trump’s White House default on the politically vital Iran deal, that was so painstakingly negotiated in conjunction with Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China in order to preserve world peace, has been done on the instructions of, […]

‘Regime instability’ in Iran is aim of young Israel advocate’s memo to White House

After meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu today in New York, Donald Trump told the press, “You’ll see very soon” what he will do with the Iran deal. Meantime, neoconservatives are lobbying the president to decertify Iran’s compliance with the deal, and launch a new era of sanctions against Iran. A leader of this effort is a […]

«Israeli» Energy Projects & The Fuel For Regional Instability

Theories related to Qatar’s role in the Syrian war and Doha’s desire to construct a natural gas pipeline that runs through Syria and supplies Europe have preoccupied analysts throughout the last five years. But “Israel’s” energy ambitions have received far less media attention. Within the space of ten years, the “Israelis” went from hardly even […]

Financial Instability, Retreat of the Bond Market, Is a Global “Bond Rout” Brewing?


Iran’s Khamenei blames U.S. for regional instability, creation of Islamic State

ANKARA Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Monday blamed the United States for instability in the Middle East and said Washington’s fight against the Islamic State militant group was “a lie”. “You (the United States) and your agents are the source of instability in the Middle East…who created Islamic State? America […]

Study: Women whose partners are pesticide applicators have increased risk of breast, thyroid and ovarian cancer

(NaturalNews) As reported by the Agricultural Health Study (AHS), there is a direct correlation between women who live with pesticide applicators and cancer. Dr. Cathy Lerro and AHS colleagues used information reported by wives of pesticide applicators to take the first detailed look at the use of organophosphate (OP) insecticides and the risk […]

U.S. extends ZTE reprieve for alleged Iran sanctions violations

The U.S. government has extended through August 30 a reprieve to ZTE Corp on tough export restrictions imposed on the Chinese smartphone maker in March for allegedly breaking sanctions against Iran, the Commerce Department said on Monday. The renewed Commerce Department license allows ZTE to continue exporting equipment containing U.S. technology. The agency said in […]

France hands first ‘ex-Russian’ Mistral ship to Egypt

The warship has been named ENS Gamal Abdel Nasser after Egypt’s second president (1954-1970). From the moment it flew Egyptian colors it officially entered the Egypt’s Navy, even though the ceremony was still taking place in Saint-Nazaire, western France. “We now have advanced capabilities in confronting terrorism within our borders and on our shores,” Minister […]

Revilo P. Oliver: Conspiracy or Degeneracy?

The famous and very brilliant speech of Dr Oliver’s from July 2nd, 1966. It reaches through the decades and shakes us ragged into a stunned awareness, even here in the warped dystopia of the 21st century; here, after the hull has been rammed and punctured in multiple places and all decks are flooded with the […]

Locked Up Refugees from North Africa on Samos Island: “We’d Rather Die Eaten by Fish than Eaten by Worms.”

“When the message reaches Morocco that Moroccans are not being allowed to cross into Europe but are being held and repatriated, the flows will drop.” Yiannis Mouzalas [the minister responsible for refugees] said that around half of the people arriving in Greece over the last two months have been undocumented migrants.(Ekathimerini, 8th Jan 2016) On […]

Muslims Suffer Wave of Attacks From Jewish Orchestrated Hoaxes

Muslims Suffer Wave of Attacks From Jewish Orchestrated Hoaxes Once again, Zionist Jews are waging vast war against the people of Islaam through deceit and chicanery. Brutal attacks have been leveled against these peaceful – and peace-keeping people – as a result of Zionist-conceived propaganda. While it is all lies people jump at the chance […]

Selected Articles: “The Geopolitical Chessboard” in the Middle East

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High-End Property Slowdown in Maryland and Texas: Where Next?

Anecdotes do not constitute “data” but all three stories (counting Chicago) show significant weakness at the high-end in widely varying areas with distinct economic backdrop differences. Paul from Maryland Mish, I live in the Howard County, Maryland. It’s the 4th wealthiest county in the US. We recently had a presentation […]

Is Financial Instability The New Normal?

The Economic Collapse Sept 23, 2011 The financial world is officially going crazy.  Can you believe what is going on out there right now?  Financial markets have been jumping up and down like crazy for months and this is creating a lot of fear.  Other than during the financial crisis of 2008, in the post-World […]

Austerity and Runaway Inequality Lead to Violence And Instability

Washington’s BlogAug 14, 2011 A study this month by economists Hans-Joachim Voth and Jacopo Ponticelli showsthat – from 1919 to the present – austerity has increased the risk of violence and instability: Does fiscal consolidation lead to social unrest? From the end of the Weimar Republic in Germany in the 1930s to anti-government demonstrations in Greece […]

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