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VIP Elite Brace Themselves as Court Orders Release of Epstein Files

Powerful politicians, Hollywood celebrities and members of the British royal family are likely very nervous right now as 2,000 pages detailing Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes are set to be made public. In Room 270, the records management unit, on the second floor of a courthouse in lower Manhattan, are currently holding 167 documents totaling more than […]


This is a critical update from one of the best financial commentators I know, a good friend of ours, Mr. Lior Gantz, who runs and we’re excited to share this one with you! Preview: Silver $30.12 – A No-Brainer Officially, I’m more bullish on silver than any other asset class right now. I want to be […]

French Police Brace For Fifth Wave Of Yellow Vest Protests 

France is set to deploy tens of thousands of police and gendarmes across the country on Saturday, including 8,000 in Paris, to deal with a fifth weekend of Yellow Vest protests – just days after three people were killed and 13 injured after a mass shooting in the eastern city of Strasbourg. […]

All Eyes on Idlib: ‘Rebel’ Terrorists Brace for Impending Offensive

With all eyes on Idlib, time is running out for the ‘rebel’ terrorists and their enablers. The latest on the impending battle… IMAGE: A Turkish military blockade stationed near Idlib. Turkey has backed ‘rebel’ factions in Syria. Don’t forget about Turkey. reports… The Syrian military offensive against rebel-held Idlib Province is seen as a […]

‘If UNRWA leaves, we won’t survive’ — Refugees brace for hard times as US ends aid

On Saturday morning, millions of Palestinian refugees woke up to the news that UNRWA, the UN agency that, for generations now, has provided them with essential services from education and jobs to food assistance, was one step closer to the brink of collapse. As some 5 million Palestinian refugees — the descendants of those who […]

Mexican Business Elite, US Government, Brace for Likely Win by Leftist Obrador as Mexico’s President

His opponents depict him as a wild-eyed radical, but while Obrador, widely referred to as Amlo, has called for agricultural self-sufficiency, infrastructure development, higher minimum wages, improved public education. But he’s also promised no new taxes, and as mayor of Mexico, entered into a public-private partnership with billionaire Carlos Slim to redevelop the downtown […]

UK Spy Agencies Warn Power Companies To Brace For Crippling Russian Cyberattack

Millions of Americans believe that Russian agents tried to infiltrate the voting systems of individual states – even though the Department of Homeland Security clarified that it was unable to verify who or what organized the attacks. Despite this, UK intelligence agencies are warning the National Grid (a major utility company), the National Health Service, […]

Prepping: Billionaires Brace For The Apocalypse And New World Order

This article was written by Mac Slavo and originally published at In the event that the entire economy collapses and food and become scarce, billionaires are looking for high-end places to hold out and await the new world order.  Many billionaires are now preparing for the apocalypse, and their survival plans don’t […]

Puerto Ricans Brace For Another Disaster: Foreclosures

Puerto Ricans Brace For Another Disaster: Foreclosures Above Photo: Alex Wroblewski/Bloomberg News/Getty Images.  A vehicle drives through streets filled with floodwater and past destroyed homes caused by Hurricane Maria in this aerial photograph taken above Barrio Obrero in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Sept. 25, 2017. Foreclosure horrors have now been added to Puerto Rico’s Dickensian experience […]

Germany’s Domestic Intelligence Agency Warns Germans to Brace for More Islamic Terrorism

Lee RogersDaily Stormer July 5, 2017 The strong and independent woman Angela Merkel cannot be held accountable for this because it was a situation that nobody could have ever predicted!  Here is a situation that could not have been predicted. Germany’s leader Angela Merkel offered to give free stuff to Moslems and […]

The Honorable History Of Whistleblowing

Print Friendly Above photo: Drake, Kiriakou and Rowley learned whistleblowing comes at a price. | AP Photos Your editor has just returned from a meeting of the Fund for Constitutional Government which helps to support the Government Accountability Project, a big friend of government whistleblowers, including Edward Snowden.  I asked GAP’s sainted Louis Clark how many […]

Israel Welcomes NileSat Action against Al-Manar

Local Editor The Zionist media outlets welcomed NIleSat action that blocked Al-Manar TV channel’s broadcast via its satellite, considering that it comes in the context of the struggle between the axis of resistance and the so-called “moderate” Arab states. The Israeli analysts focused on Russia’s step of enabling Al-Manar to broadcast via its satellite, noting […]

Trump on Hannity Following Rally Cancellation

Comments are now located on a separate page. You can follow the link at the bottom of each article, or you can view all comments threads on the bbs. We also have forums where you can post your own topics. News Forum General Discussion Forum Join us! Source Article from Related Posts Giant 5G […]

US reaffirms support for Saudi’s brutal aggression on Yemen

Alwaght- The United States has reaffirmed its all-out support for Saudi Arabia’s brutal aggression  on Yemen, which has so far left nearly 8,300 mostly civilians  dead.US Secretary of State John Kerry made the remarks on Saturday in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, after holding talks with his Saudi counterpart Adel al-Jubeir. Kerry claimed that that Saudi […]

Delhi: The Sleep Mafia

Delhi: The Sleep Mafia January 18th, 2016 Via: New York Times: When midnight approaches in Old Delhi and a thick, freezing fog settles over the city, the quilt-wallah Farukh Khan sits on his corner, watching the market for his services come to life. They […]

The insatiable greed of Big Pharma: Valeant Pharmaceuticals CEO – ‘We’re in business of shareholder profit’

     Martin Shkreli might be the present poster boy for Big Pharma’s psychopathic greed; however, he is only the most public face of a problem that is drawing increasing scrutiny from lawmakers whose constituents are sick and tired of an industry that is literally murdering people in the name of profits. Recently, the Progressive media […]

IMF and Boehner both brace for recession

The latest report from the International Monetary Fund warns America that a double-dip recession could be very much a reality. In their just released six-month World Economic Outlook, the IMF cautions America that the global economy is currently “in a dangerous place” and could pose serious problems for the United States. As crippling conditions sweep […]

9/11/11: 7 Reasons To Brace For Impact

  Zen GardnerBefore It’s News August 22, 2011 Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s not looking good for this 10th anniversary of 9/11. All the indicators are there to tell us they need a massive distraction and excuse to take this idiotic war on terror to horrific new levels and even […]

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