AZ House & Senate Call For Forensic Investigation of Dominion Voting Machines

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Remember the CNN, NPR, New York Times and Presstitute Lie Factories Claim No Election Fraud

The Arizona legislature has seen the overwhelming evidence of fraud and has called for the immediate forensic examination of the  Dominion voting machines.

Comment: Fake Jew News: CNN, NPR, New York Times and Presstitute Lie Factories Claim No Election Fraud

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Free Inquiry R.I.P.

Paul Craig Roberts

Throughout the West, controlled explanations have replaced evidence.  

You can tell that the US presidential election was stolen the same way that you can tell that Covid is being hyped to serve an agenda.  The way you know is that no explanation is permitted other than the official explanation.  

Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and the presstitute print, TV, and NPR media censor all information that indicates a stolen election. Not even neutral election experts heavily armed with facts, and witnesses who have signed sworn affidavits under penalty of perjury, are interviewed by the presstitute media or permitted to post documentation of electoral fraud on social media.  It is simply out of the question to give any hearing to evidence.  Some Democrats and presstitutes have even called for the arrest of anyone who says Biden did not win or might not have won if the evidence could be weighed. They want to make challenging the official explanation a crime subject to imprisonment, just as in some Western countries any stated opinion or evidence contrary to the official Holocaust story results in a prison sentence. 

The same for Covid.  As far as I can tell there are more virologists, immunologists, and epidemiologists who question the seriousness of Covid than there are who see Covid as a threat that justifies lockdowns, mask mandates, and punishment for noncompliance. Yet, the dissenting experts are not permitted to present their evidence to the public. Keep in mind that Fauci and Redfield are not great scientists; they are merely administrators of public health organizations.  They are not on the same level as their critics.

Think about it for a minute.  In neither of the two most important issues currently affecting the United States—indeed, one could say the Western world—the validity of the US presidential election and the reality of the Covid threat—is there any public debate. 

Doesn’t it strike you as odd that only one opinion—the official opinion—is permitted. The two most important issues of our time only have official explanations. The public is not permitted the expert dissenting opinion.  This doesn’t bother you?

You would think that there would be a variety of views about such important subjects and that evidence would be presented and carefully evaluated.  Instead, all debate is foreclosed.  Only the official explanation is permitted.

This suggests that the evidence for Biden’s win and for a Covid threat that justifies an economic holocaust is suspect and cannot stand the light of day. Therefore, no debate is permitted in order to protect the lie.

An uninformed reader might say that the courts have examined the evidence and have rejected the evidence of electoral fraud as insubstantial.  And, indeed, the reader would have to be uninformed or misled by the lies of the presstitute media. 

The fact is this: No court has examined the evidence. No state court and not the US Supreme Court.  The reason that the courts have not accepted the cases is that they do not want to have to examine the evidence, because the evidence clearly establishes that the election was stolen and that the theft was carefully planned in advance.  The state courts in the swing states where the election was stolen are protecting the Democrats. The US Supreme Court refused to accept the case on the grounds that Texas did not have standing to bring a case.  Clearly, there has been no judicial ruling on the evidence that the election was legitimate. The US Supreme Court will protect the Establishment and the Establishment’s reputation before it will protect  electoral integrity. 

The evidence has been refused examintion by the state and federal judiciary.

So much for “American democracy.”  So much for the “American Rule of Law.”  No such rule exists.  Law exists only for the purposes of the ruling Establishment. Power, not law, rules in America. 

The US Supreme Court is an Establishment institution. It makes controversial rulings only when it has the media on its side. 

Note that Hunter Biden’s laptop, which we know for a fact indicates both his and his father’s corruption in the sale of protection, is in the hands of the FBI and nothing is done about the Bidens’ criminal activity.  The presstitutes claim that no such criminal activity exists.  Apparently, the FBI agrees. 

The protection of Hunter Biden is necessary to protect the “president elect.”  Hunter will get away with his ill-gained millions of dollars, and his father will get way with his share.

Justice in America no longer exists.  “Justice” is the retribution reserved for truth-tellers like Manning and Julian Assange, and “justice” means persecution and frame-up of those inconvenient for the Establishment even if the framed-up person is the President of the United States.  Coverup for the Establishment and you will be rich.  Criticize their growing power over American citizens and you will be made an example of what happens to those who are non-compliant.

This is America today.

But it is also the Western World today.

It is the same in Germany, for example. Germany has closed down the German economy based on allegations of a Covid threat — .  There is little scientific basis for this drastic policy, and a great deal of evidence against it.  The German people themselves have strongly protested against it to no avail.  

Our world is one of controlled explanations.  Consider the large number. For examples there are President Kennedy’s assassination, Martin Luther King’s assassination, Robert Kennedy’s assassination, the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, 9/11, Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, Assad’s use of Chemical weapons, Russian invasion of Ukraine, Iranian nukes, Russiagate and the other orchestrated charges against President Trump.

The Western World emerged from the fall of the Roman World and the uncertainties of the Middle Age to become eventually a civilization based in science and evidence. But today evidence no longer counts.  What counts in the Western World today is emotion.  If you have the correct emotions, you are “woke” and know that Western Civilization is racist and misogynist and imperialist and that its white inhabitants are “systemic racists” who oppress black people for racist reasons. You know that the evil of the white race necessitates their overthrowing. If you are a white person, you are put in a position where “social justice” requires you to be put into a lower legal class with less rights. It is not considered hate speech to declare that whiteness must be erased.

The problem for the Western World is that many white people agree with their indictment. Deracinated white people lack the confidence to defend themselves, their history, monuments, and achievements.  

In a diverse, multicultural society, deracinated races have little prospect.  The defense of whiteness is defined as racist and this is used to prevent the rise of leaders who would restore white confidence.  Jean Raspail’s novel, The Camp of the Saints, foretold the future of white peoples.

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