Gov Funded Clothing that Tracks, Monitors and Records You, Because You Can Never Be Too Safe…

From Agent131711 @ substack

“Smart Garments”: Yet another fantastic use of our tax dollars…

Our friends at the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (“IARPA”, another dreaded 5-letter) are designing “Smart Garments”; apparel that has the ability to track, monitor and record its wearer, because if there’s one thing the American public needs, it’s their pants spying on them.

These Smart Garments coincide with the World Economic Forums goals, so that’s good, two tyrants, one stone:

What makes the WEF even more delighted is that this project is being funded using our tax dollars, through the US Navy and Department of Defense. You can check out the government contract posting here.


I shit you not, they named them “Smart ePants”, because they want you to punch a hole in the wall every time you hear the name. According to their site, your new pants will be able to track your location through a GPS sensor system in addition to recording audio and video.

This will be us:

Their document goes on to outline the Smart ePants sensors capabilities, which include recording a full 60-minute audio conversation, cameras that can record two-minute videos in addition to taking photos at a 55 degree angle:

The GPS sensors will be able to log your location both indoors and outdoors.

And the location sensors will ping your whereabouts every 10 minutes. They want to make sure your location can be logged even without access to global GPS satellite systems.

According to their document, these sensors will be powered by the wearer

Which is quite interesting, because UMass, Harvard and other Universities have been working on this exact project:

I encourage you to read my post “1995: Dr. “MIND CONTROL Vaccines are Coming. They’re MAGNETIC. THEY WILL BE MANDATED!”, because we dive into Graphene Oxide being used as a conductor and a bunch of other horrifying shit.

What’s completely WTF is that, after I had finished writing this article, the strangest thing happened. I was at the mall, starting Christmas shopping for my son, and came across clothing… that tracks youyes seriously…

So there I was, in the men’s clothing section of Macy’s, looking at this coat like it was the first time I had ever seen a coat in my life. There was a young couple staring at me, as my eyes were wide with shock, mouth open, holding this spy-coat like that that scene from Lion King:

I realized everyone was watching me, but I knew I had to add this to my Substack post, so I put the coat back on the rack and began discreetly photographing it, like a pervert taking pics of kids at a public pool.

These $350 coats feature reflectors that emit signalswithout ever needing to charge them…

According to the manufacturers website, the reflectors signal is always on.

But don’t worry folks, this is just for skiing safely! There’s also DARPA’s “SIGMA+ Program”, in which Garmin, (the watch and GPS company) and DARPA are currently developing wearable technology that will “detect covid and otherdiseases”… using sensors that constantly scan you. Those sensors are linked to an app … an app that GPS tracks you and sends continuous information about you, your location and, allegedly, your health… No need to stick a swab up your nose and into your brain to learn that you’re sick even though you feel healthy. Now your watch can do it for you.

But don’t worry folks, that’s just for your safety too. It’s all for your safety. Safe, Safer, Safest. Even if you were locked in a padded room, with nothing other than a rubber eraser to play with, you should still wear your Smart ePants and your health watch because you can never be too safe.

This will be us in 2050:

Want to buy me a $350 coat that GPS tracks me using a reflector? Want to help me afford Smart ePants? Want to gift me a scarf that records everything I say then uploads it to Jeff Bezos’ Cloud? Feel free to put a dollar in my pocket and a smile on my face:

Feeling generous like a Sugar Daddy? I’ll gladly accept a coffee, whiskey or a $10 gift card to The Dollar Tree so I can splurge on myself for a day:

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Agent131711 and Sean M. Brooks, Ph.D.

Back in 1995, Doctor Pierre Gilbert tried warning the world of mandated vaccines that will be magnetic, send and receive frequencies and ultimately have the ability to control peoples minds: English Translation: “In the biological destruction there are the organized tempests on the

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22 Sept

They call themselves “Pharmers” … just typing that made me want to kick someone in the teeth. I am willing to bet that just reading that makes you feel the same. Trust me, it’s only going to get worse as we proceed, so don’t read this if you’re having a really good day, but if your day has been subpar, then by all means, come along for the ride to tox…

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IARPA Leads First-of-its-kind Effort to Fashion Smart Clothing


Image: Agent131711 @ substack


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