Mika To Google On Chavez-Over-Easter Choice: Admit You ‘Screwed Up’

That Mika Brzezinski is a dyed-in-the-wool liberal is well-known.  Less publicized: the Morning Joe host is also a person of faith with traditional views on a number of subjects.

So it actually shouldn’t come as a great surprise that Brzezinski sided with those criticizing Google for its choice of devoting its homepage doodle yesterday to celebrating the birthday of Cesar Chavez, rather than honoring Easter. Said Mika on today’s Morning Joe: “how about a statement one day that just says: ‘we screwed up’?” View the video after the jump.

Joe Scarborough also chided Google, mockingly making the choice between Chavez and Easter to have been a tough one for the company. 


MIKA BRZEZINSKI: San Jose Mercury News: controversy surrounding the [sic] Google’s home page yesterday, when the company decided to pay tribute to Cesar Chavez instead of the Easter holiday. Sunday was the late California labor leader’s birthday. In a statement Google explained its decision, quote, we enjoy celebrating holidays at Google but as you may imagine it’s difficult for us to —

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Tough! It’s tough! Easter. Easter. Right? Right? It’s tough!

BRZEZINSKI: I don’t get this.

SCARBOROUGH: Easter? Chavez’s birthday.


SCARBOROUGH: It’s tough. I mean, you know, 2,000 years. This has been a tossup. Am I not right?

MARK HALPERIN: Not quite that long.

SCARBOROUGH: Okay. At least since the ’60s.

SCARBOROUGH: I think this is sort of one of those–I think this just might be a culture blind spot for our friends at Google.

BRZEZINSKI: I think they just screwed up. How about a statement one day that just says “we screwed up”? Who would have a problem with that?

Source Article from http://newsbusters.org/blogs/mark-finkelstein/2013/04/01/mika-google-chavez-over-easter-choice-admit-you-screwed

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