One NZ man helping the homeless – ‘the riches of the poor’

Amidst all the misery going on, and unprecedented homelessness in a once full nation, gone thanks in large part to treasonous SIR Roger Douglas with his crippling monetary policies and complicity with the banking fraternity … who has retired in luxury with a title … this dear man is a shining light in the darkness. I would rather have his ‘riches’ than those of the money grubbers who profit from misery. Take a bet who sleeps better at night. EWR

“After securing a lease on 11 hectares of farm land, Te Kai Po Ahururi is sharing it with people not used to having a home.

A once empty and bare stretch of land is becoming a refuge for the homeless and heartbroken.

Te Kai Po Ahuriri, 49, is trying to be the person he needed when he was lost in life, providing people with a home, support and purpose.

The former meth addict and gang member secured a 100-year lease for an 11-hectare block on Old West Rd in Linton, near Palmerston North, from a family trust last year for free.

Dotted throughout the property are one-room shacks he has built with friends and offered at no charge to people with nowhere else to turn.




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