What is Love?


March 31, 2013

yahrzeit.jpg(left, yahrzeit candle)

The candle symbolizes life. The flame burns for a set time and afterward, only a lifeless shell remains. What is that flame? Surely, it is love.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.
(This substantially revises an previous article)

 Recently I lit a yahrzeit candle to commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of my mother’s death. This is the only Jewish observance I keep. The candle burned for about 36 hours and then the little jar sat dark and empty.

It seemed to symbolize her life, indeed life itself. The flame burns for a set time and after, only a lifeless shell remains.

I think of what my mother’s spirit meant to me. Her selfless devotion to her family makes me tear up.

I am swamped with negativity daily; it’s hard to express love for my fellow man, let alone my immediate family.

I feel helpless in the face of the satanic conspiracy that I forget I still have power over my personal life. I use the world as distraction and excuse.

The battle with the forces of evil isn’t taking place “out there.” It’s taking place in the home. Satan isn’t content with owning and controlling the planet; he wants our souls too.


The word love is subject to many interpretations. Often we “love” the things we want, or the people who have them.

Love is self sacrifice. I love my mother because she sacrificed herself for me. She set the example. That’s what women can do as wives and mothers. Get the ball rolling.

At a primitive level, we are cavemen around a fire roasting a wild boar. We love the person who carves off a choice portion and gives it to us.

We love people who meet us half-way. People who will sign on, just for a bit. People who accept some of our truth, who have faith and interest in us, who give us the benefit of the doubt. Who cut us some slack, forgive our shortcomings and even our sins.

These acts of self sacrifice inspire us to reciprocate in kind. 

That’s why I prefer to use the words “trust” and “understanding” instead of love. I know you. I trust you. I am there for you. You are there for me.

Someone said the real measure of love is how much we sacrifice for a loved one.

Of course, this is not the whole story. My dog Raffi, who died March 26, taught me about love. We loved him and he loved us. He would wait patiently for his walk, even when I was delayed. He didn’t insist or hold a grudge. He was cooperative and willing.

We also loved him for his animal dignity. When we were finished petting, he would get up and leave. He didn’t beg for more. We loved his handsome visage and thick black coat. His happiness made us happy.


Love is the currency of the real world.  We are rich in proportion to the people and animals we love, and who love us.

Our obsession with Gold and currency as wealth is misplaced. What if every day we set out to increase our store of love instead?

Remember what Jesus said to the rich man? Give all your money away and follow me.

Jesus was so filled with God’s Love that nothing else mattered. God is Love. God is Reality. He is our Father, what we all crave. Inversely, most of us are so far away from this reality, we seek love in money, sex, status and various other addictions.

A reader from Australia, Malcolm, tells a parable of a good wolf and an evil wolf fighting in our souls.

Which will win? The answer: the one we feed.

We seem to have a good voice and and evil voice in our heads competing for our soul.

Is this the best way to handle the evil voice? Starve him to death? Go cold turkey?

Sometimes I feed the evil wolf so he doesn’t bother me so much. Sometimes it works. I eventually see that these temptations are boring, after all.

 A friend said, “My addictions have become my friends.” But they are not friends. Often cold turkey is the fastest way to freedom.

I have been starving the good wolf. I need to kick start my inner life instead of depending on external support. Focus on God. Enjoying mySelf.

The key is to avoid negative thoughts. The mind is an altar. Every thought an offering to God.  I used to listen to a Jazz radio station. The DJ always signed off with the words, “Think nice thoughts.”

The world has been under satanic domination from the get-go. This hasn’t prevented special people from shining the light.

Power for patriots

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

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