Amish people Who are ANTI-EVERYTHING Modern Achieve COVID-19 Herd Immunity



An Amish community in Pennsylvania has become ‘the first in the US to achieve herd immunity to COVID-19’ after 90 per cent of their households became infected with the virus when they resumed church services late last spring.

The administrator of a medical center in the heart of the Amish community in New Holland Borough estimates as many as 90 per cent of Plain families have since had at least one family member infected, and that this religious enclave achieved what no other community in the country has: herd immunity.

‘So, you would think if COVID was as contagious as they say, it would go through like a tsunami; and it did,’ said Allen Hoover, an Old Order Mennonite and administrator of the Parochial Medical Center, a clinic that primarily serves the Plain community.

Public health officials and epidemiologists did not dispute the widespread outbreak Hoover described. But they voiced concern that a misplaced perception of herd immunity in a population that makes up 8 per cent of Lancaster County may compromise the effort to turn the tide on the pandemic.

As Hoover observed, faith in herd immunity has prompted members of the Plain community to relax on key mitigation efforts such as masking and social distancing, and they may see little reason to be vaccinated.

Additionally, it is unknown whether achieving herd immunity last year would be beneficial now.

Six infectious disease experts with whom LancasterOnline spoke expressed unease with a reliance on the notion the Plain community had achieved herd immunity. And they pointed out that if not the case, past infections and existing antibodies may provide limited protection.

‘Herd immunity is only true at a given point in time,’ said Eric Lofgren, an infectious disease epidemiologist at Washington State University. ‘It’s not a switch that once it gets thrown, you’re good. It’ll wear off.’


Virus-related deaths, Pam Cooper speculated, were likely listed as pneumonia.

The article is so full of fallacies its destroying brain cells just to argue each and every single point. Why is it in such condition? Because its written by the globalist Associated Press…

So we’re not gonna post it in full because its full of misery and retardation. If you want to read this entire garbage, go to Daily Mail.

We’re just gonna argue 2 points, that’s it.

Point 1: ‘Herd immunity is only true at a given point in time,’ said Eric Lofgren, an infectious disease epidemiologist at Washington State University. ‘It’s not a switch that once it gets thrown, you’re good. It’ll wear off.’

Response: As you can see this guy is trying to discredit natural immunity to viruses as if an immune system doesn’t exist and the only immunity you can get is from vaccines.

Indeed it will wear off but in YEARS not months or days. Even if it wears off in just 1 year or less and then you catch the boogeyman virus again, our question is SO WHAT? Its the same with the flu, you get it, you cough a few times and that’s it. These people are acting in such a way that their message is “DON’T GET IT OR……????” Or WHAT??????????????

They don’t care the death rate is so small that is almost in-existent: “OHHHH WEAR MASKS, VACCINATE, BE ALERT AND PARANOID, DON’T CATCH THE VIRUS!!!” Why??? WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY???????? This is not freaking HIV or syphilis! You’re not going to live with it and be crippled your entire life, its just a freaking flu, you get it, you cough a few times, maybe some fever and that’s it.

Additionally, about this “It’ll wear off” statement, well so does the vaccine wears off. Again, SO WHAT??? What do you want? To pump dozens of vaccines in you every single year for a freaking flu? Ignoring vaccine deaths and paralysis and other side effects, ignoring them completely as if they don’t exist, can anyone in good faith say that pumping vaccines in you non-stop as if its some sort beneficial vitamins or minerals, would not harm you in any way shape or form?

We KNOW autism is on the rise more than ever before, we know cancer is also on the rise more than ever before, we know homosexual and hormone imbalance is on the rise, we know infertility is also on the rise more than ever before yet NOBODY and NOTHING is to blame. If you listen to these quack scientists and doctors, well vaccines are 100% safe, radio waves such as wifi, phones, Bluetooth, etc are also 100% safe, chemicals in your food are also 100% safe.

They do not admit anything as being the cause of these health issues skyrocketing in the past few years. They agree and they know the health issues are on the rise, they themselves post stats about it but then, its also the same they who do not admit anything as being a cause. They are pretending this is a natural occurrence.

We know all these illnesses are on the rise yet nothing is causing it, nothing is blameable, all is safe and fine, relax peasants you’re being delusional tinfoil conspiracy nutters.

These people are either disingenuous liars or simply stupid stupid people who do not deserve the diplomas they have.

Point 2: Virus-related deaths, Pam Cooper speculated, were likely listed as pneumonia.

Response: That’s a BIG FAT LIE, the truth is the reverse. Normal deaths were listed as COVID-19 including motorcycle accidents and 4-yo children breaking their neck while playing ball in their front yard. Flu deaths and normal pneumonia from other causes such as non-virus related, were listed as COVID. The COVID numbers are inflated. Pam Cooper is saying that more died of COVID but they weren’t labeled correctly as COVID deaths. That’s just baloney! Everybody knows that the truth is the reverse to what she is saying, the numbers are falsely inflated.

Look, its a miracle, the flu vanished since COVID showed up:

These people are shameless liars, that’s what they are. The flu didn’t vanish, COVID IS the flu…

Like we said, the article is a giant attack against the idea that herd immunity is possible or effective. It kills brain cells by reading it. It is not the fault of DailyMail, it is the fault of AP. Their only fault is not writing their own story and just copy-pasting the AP story instead.

As we know the Amish are anti-technology and anti-everything which is modern, they refuse any medical treatments, testings, vaccines, whatever. They live in their own primitive world but a healthy world, 1000 times fold. Now if this virus was so horrible, why aren’t they all dead? Sure maybe some Amish grandma and grandpa died in their communities but so what?

That’s not your concern, other people dying is not your concern, you the paranoid out there who demand mass vaccinations, masks, passports, lockdowns and all of that. Death is natural part of life. Also at that age, wtf more do you want to live 150 or what?? At 70-80 everyone should be ok with dying. Don’t crave for eternal life on Earth as maggots crave for flesh for whoever does that will have no life in Heaven.

This is the fakest thing you have ever seen in your life. On one hand they are saying half a million Americans died because of COVID pandemic:

And on the other hand according to US government Census Bureau, population has steadily increased, since 2018 before the pandemic until today with about .14 – .15 INCREASE per month as if there is no deadly pandemic:

Ohh would you look at that… this is not what happens during deadly pandemics. Wake up people, this is all a giant hoax. May God have mercy on us and forgive us for playing pandemics. May He not show us what a real pandemic is like the Spanish Flu or Black Death for example but for sure this is probably angering Him.

I know if I were God, I would be angred by these stupid childish humans playing pandemics. I would probably send them a real pandemic, be like what!?!? you wanna play a deadly virus game? Ok here you go a deadly virus…. but I would of course protect my believers as they had no fault in this by making them immune but then again I’m just a stupid human too and God by not doing this, shows that He does not lower Himself to our miserable levels but surely He is being angered by this, by all the lies and deceit going on.

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