German Chemist Dr. Andreas Noack Found DEAD After Exposing Presence of Graphene Hydroxide In Covid “Vaccines”

On Nov. 23, a world-renowned German chemist by the name of Dr. Andreas Noack put out a video (you can watch it at the Daily Exposé) exposing the presence of graphene hydroxide in Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.” Three days later, Noack mysteriously died.

While the specific circumstances surrounding Noack’s death remain unknown, it is being reported that he was “attacked,” which resulted in his passing. This is according to Noack’s pregnant wife, who published her own video after his death to sound the alarm.

“On the day of his graphene hydroxide video, he developed breathing difficulty and died in the early morning on Nov. 26, 2021,” Noack’s wife revealed in the video.

Noack’s wife further made the suggestion that perhaps Noack was targeted with a directed energy weapon, or DEW, since he was not attacked in an obvious sense with a blunt object. Instead, Noack developed some kind of strange respiratory ailment on the very same day that he exposed one of the contents of Fauci Flu shots.

“It was on the day when the graphene hydroxide video was released and the interview with herald Thiers took place,” Noack’s wife explained in German. “Then we went upstairs onto the gallery; we relaxed, talked, laughed, told each other how much we love each other.”

“Then, he wanted to go downstairs into the kitchen to get something to nibble on, and normally he does not spend more than one minute there, so I went downstairs and said jokingly, ‘you eat everything away from me again.’ In that moment, he started to sway and I thought he was making fun of me – it looked like he was playing.”

Was Noack murdered by the powers that be?

It was at this point that Noack’s wife still thought he was pretending and tried to kiss him, telling him to stop. But Noack did not stop, and what happened next is even more shocking.

“In that moment, the electricity went off and the whole thing happened 20-30 minutes after the interview, and then Andreas collapsed in his arms,” she went on to explain. “He began to moan, had severe pain.”

“His body completely tensed, and all of a sudden he could not talk anymore. At first, I thought he might have been poisoned because he made some choking sounds. So, I instilled him with Sole (like salt water), then he vomited what he had eaten during the day, which wasn’t much. I just couldn’t do anything.”

Noack’s wife stayed with him while he remained “paralyzed” in a way that she could not describe, and helped keep his body upright so he would not strike his head. Noack was eventually able to go upstairs on his own but continued to have trouble breathing before eventually succumbing to a second round of paralysis.

“He couldn’t breathe anymore and I started to scream,” she recalls. “I yelled at him that he should get out of this condition and come back to me. I cried and he tried to comfort me. I was busy then to make sure Andreas can breathe well.”

Emergency responders tried to help Noack’s wife resuscitate him over the phone for what she says felt like hours. Eventually, six of them showed up in person and connected him to machines, as well as to a ventilator.

Noack’s wife was told that her husband would be saved during this process, but that never panned out. He was taken to the hospital where he would never leave, with doctors saying that “his large heart valve ha[d] failed completely” due to a heart attack.

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