"Is this Africa?" – Japanese Girl goes on Paris vacation for her VLOG, can’t believe her Eyes

From: youtube.com

Youtube Description: A Japanese girl goes on vacation to France to document her experiences. Her intention: Showing the atmosphere and exploring some of the romantic Stereotypes of the iconic city. Instead she got what appeared to her like an African ghetto mixed with Arabic and Asian ambience. Coming from a nation with very little immigration, she was very surprised when she barely saw any French people – in Paris!

Like in many European nations like England or Sweden, French people are now the minority in their own capital. In some districts of large cities, children of migrants now make up up to 80% of newborns.

Taken from a French Facebook page, I wasn’t able to find a more high quality source. I speak neither Japanese nor French, so subs or the source would be much appreciated. Put them in the comments if you speak either language.

Translation from French subtitles:

“In the last few weeks during sunmer was an experience that was pretty enriching, I have the tendency to get lost quite often…

Last week I was privileged enough to go to Montmartre and it didn’t go exactly as I’d wanted…

What a shock! All I knew about Paris was just wonderful clich!

We learn pretty quickly that Paris is a multicultural mishmash with its different parts of town and their respective communities.

Starting with the African part of town, through the roads of Chteau Rouge you are transported to faraway lands…

And in a part of town called La Chapelle we go straight down the Indian route. We call this place “Little India” where we can discover a whole different culture.

As well as an elegant Jewish part of town with multiple delights. A little village in the centre of Paris mixing the traditional with the modern, down the road les Rosier.

And to finish, the Japanese part of town, next door to the Opera house, but there were so many others. All these communities have lived together for many years.

And so the Paris of today is one of the most mixed/diverse cities in the world. It’s really not what I expected, and I thought I’d be alone out here, that’s ruined!”

Source: youtube.com

Source Article from http://redicecreations.com/article.php?id=35559

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