Israeli Media: Escape of 6 Prisoners Reflects Series of Dangerous Failures

September 6, 2021

Source: Israeli Media

By Al Mayadeen

Israeli PM Naftali Bennett is in contact with his Minister of Public Security, who is receiving fresh reports on the search for the prisoners, while Israeli media reports that airplanes of an unspecified type were called in to help track them down.

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Israeli media: Airplanes of an unspecified type were called in to find the prisoners

Israeli media reported today, on Monday, that the occupation transferred close to 400 prisoners from Gilboa prison to other facilities, fearing additional tunnels, noting that hundreds of special police units were called in to the prison to investigate the escape. 

The area surrounding the prison, according to the media, was combed to look for the prisoners. The occupation also closed down several checkpoints and tightened its measures on other West Bank military checkpoints.

It was also reported by a senior security official that the escape of prisoners from Gilboa reflects a “series of dangerous failures,” noting that estimates reveal that the digging of the tunnel took years, not months.

On his part, Israeli PM Naftali Bennett spoke with the occupation’s Public Security Minister, Omer Bar-Lev, who is receiving fresh reports on search operations. The former said “the incident is a serious one,” and that it requires methodical general effort by all security forces.

The head of Gilboa’s Regional Council also said that the time between the escape and its discovery gave the prisoners enough time to gain a lot of distance. 

Israeli Channel 12 also reported that the distance between Gilboa Prison and Jenin is only 13 km, considering what happened a failure for all ministries and security apparatuses, from the public security ministry to military intelligence, to the security-military establishment, because the digging went on for more than “8 months” without anyone discovering anything.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Military’s Spokesperson reported that several unspecified airplanes were called in to find the “security prisoners” who escaped from Gilboa prison.

Palestinian factions commented on the escape, saying that this step is a major victory that proves that the will of resistance fighters indomitable and invincible.

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