Sept 8 – Thank God It’s Friday!

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There is a premonition on the Internet that bad things are about to happen but nothing catastrophic does unless you live in Maui or in the path of a hurricaine. 

Catherine Austin-Fitts joins Maria Zeee to expose the globalist tactics to seize your land and assets through invisible weapons systems as we recently saw through Maui, detailing the tactics they will use as they move towards their ultimate goal of the New World Order.

U.S. officials are refusing to provide COVID-19 vaccine safety data to a U.S. senator Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.)

ENRIQUE TARRIO TELLS ALL AFTER SENTENCING- “The FEDS Asked Me To LIE About President Trump In Order To Indict Him!!” 

Red China is a Communist Jewish Creation
PJW – Shit hole UK is criminalizing climate change skepticism 

RFK Jr. – If the DNC rigs the nomination I will have to explore alternatives

“Everyone’s faking it” IS HER CREDO

Who Is Alissa Heinerscheid Really? | Analyzing the Alarming Statements of Bud Light Executive

Annoying and quite ugly. 

Shareholders sue Disney, accusing the media giant’s leadership of FRAUD

According to a recent lawsuit, Disney shareholders have accused the media giant’s leadership of misleading investors with “a fraudulent scheme designed to hide the extent of Disney+ losses.” The lawsuit was lodged the day before Disney shares closed at a nine-year low of $82.47 per share.

Psychedelics Decriminalization Bill Approved by California Assembly
Possession and use of drugs including psilocybin would be allowed if the measure is signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom

80% of Ukrainian refugees in Germany jobless – Die Welt
Arrivals are in no rush to find work due to generous financial aid, the newspaper claims
Over 200,000 Ukrainian men at risk of conscription have fled to Germany since the start of war
The pro-peace Alternative for Germany claims the figures show that ordinary Ukrainians want a ceasefire as soon as possible

–PJW- Energy companies, backed by police, will have “reasonable force” power of entry to invade people’s homes to install smart meters.

Those who refuse to comply with ‘net zero’ restrictions could be locked up for a year.

Biden Delays “Gender Identity” Title IX School Sports Change After Intense Opposition, Including By Equal Protection Project
Department of Education delays Proposed Rule likely mandating male participation in women’s sports; this is a win for women’s sports, and those who opposed it, including the Equal Protection Project

Peter Navarro, LEFT, was convicted of contempt of Congress FOR REFUSAL TO PARTICIPATE IN J-6 KANGAROO COURT

Trudeau’s Canada Has African Refugees Fighting In Our Streets
“Calgary police have established a task force Tuesday after what they’re calling the largest violent event to happen in the city in recent memory.”

“Calgary police have established a task force Tuesday after what they’re calling the largest violent event to happen in the city in recent memory.”

“The city’s police chief said people responsible for the conflict between two Eritrean groups on the long weekend will be held accountable.” 

Canadians with basic common sense should be calling for the addition of another culprit– namely, the prime minister of Canada. A situation reminiscent of the results of immigration policy in Sweden, Germany and France has arrived on our shores.

Carting off “Old Stock” Canucks to secondary citizen status, the Liberal government today prioritizes violent refugees over and above natural-born citizenship. In truth, they’re a privileged lot. Take as an example accused murderer Ibrahim Ali, refugee from Syria, now on trial for the murder of 13-year-old Marrisa Shen of Burnaby, B.C.

Organized Jewry has been waging a covert war on God and man for hundreds of years. Our
feckless ancestors gave these miscreants our national credit cards.

SHEMITAH JUBILEE 2023: If the Khazarian banksters trigger the controlled demolition of the Global Economic and financial System, it will commence from September 15th through October 4th of 2023 ~
 BEWARE: This FEMA test is NOT just an “Alert Test”, it will be like all the other drills that are run alongside a real catastrophe…only this one will be the biggest false flag–EVER!

Mark Trozzi MD–Chris Hipkins is the current PM of New Zealand. It replaced Jacinda Ardern. Hipkins just dressed up like a respectable human being and officially declared that “there was no compulsory vaccination” and “people made their own choices” in New Zealand.


Is this silver-spoon-fed creature just lying, or does it not understand that for us humans, providing food and shelter for our children is compulsory?


I enter this short video as one piece of evidence for Hipkins’ well-deserved trial for crimes against humanity.

From reader FB- 
Plans for a Poetic Rebellion

Woke is no joke, but for all we eschew,
We need more words to see what is true.
Words that rhyme should act like a joint,
To help with the order and making a point.

The more we put between our little rhymes,
The more we can think in these terrible times.
Their rainbow has nothing to do with the races,
It is a mask to make laws from aberrant cases.

All colors refracted together in nature make light,
But in the prism of woke, all is unnatural and night,
Another illusion to be imposed in all places,
Just like the masks they plaster on our faces.

Their deceptions and our silences are their reliance
To kill our souls with their controls for compliance.
Conformity to automated authority is their plan,
With abominations to replace the prodigy of man.

We must prepare to be spontaneous and act,
In ways in which they are unable to react.
But it must be peaceful and under the wire,
For nothing can be gained by violence or fire.

If they lock us down with more of their lies
We must go into the streets, right in their eyes,
Shutting everything down while standing our ground,
Until we get honest elections to turn everything around.


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