The Traitors in Hitler’s Germany

Without traitorous German activity in key positions of power, the Third Reich, according to the information presented, would very likely have won that war imposed upon them. Despite enormous successes and efforts, every German military strategy was compromised, intelligence wise or logistically to one degree or another throughout the entire war. Part one exposes political treachery against the Reich starting before world war jew in the mid 1930’s, then the military subversion leading up to Stalingrad. Part two goes from there until the end of the jewish instigated war, focused mostly on the D-Day invasion of Europe.

Note: I stumbled across this on gab. I didn’t find who made it, or where the script is sourced from, but it appears legitimate, very well researched, with great video footage and imagery. Also, the word “jew” is never mentioned.

Part 1. (56:50)

Part 2. (1:00:03)

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