Apple Boss: Next Generation of Children ‘Will Not Know What Money Is’

Apple Boss: Next Generation of Children ‘Will Not Know What Money Is’

November 11th, 2015

Well, most adults don’t know what money is, so…

I’ve maintained for years that the whole thing isn’t cashless already because of the drug trade being run by intelligence agencies. I don’t know how officially sanctioned “illegal” drug trafficking will work in a cashless system.

Maybe they will implement some sort of blockchain thing that pretends to offer anonymity?

Via: Telegraph:

The next generation of children born in Britain “will not know what money is”, the boss of Apple has predicted.

Tim Cook, the chief executive of technology giant, forecast the death of cash by the time current university students have a family.

Cash is still used for more than half of payments by consumers, according to Payments UK, the industry body, but its popularity is falling as people switch to cards and smartphone apps such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet.




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