Government Gazette Sheriff of Victoria

At law, the sheriff of any Australian state is an officer of it’s Supreme Court, and therefore must be gazetted as such.

Some people may even claim the now there is no such need, where a reference to the lawfully enacted legisation would be appreciated in the comments section of this post.

The position must also be ‘advertised’ as such.

In the case of Victoria, the Supreme Court obtains its power from the Supreme Court Act 1958 or is it 1986, which at the end of the day is subject to Chapter III of the Commonwealth Constitution Act.

Most people should know by now that the governments within Australia are corrupt to the core, not transparent, deceitful and plain and simple not ’honourable’ including people within the judiciary, that being the staff within the courts, including judges, magistrates, judicial registrars and also police and last but not least the so called sheriff (and his deputies).

The so called sheriff of Victoria has not been gazetted for quite some time, but for the purpose of this post, the period being looked into is from 2013 onwards.

For those reading this who are not from Australia, the sheriff is responsible for acting on alleged debts to the state or even corporations such as banks, which entails seizing of property, basically a glorified debt collector.

There is only one alleged sheriff per state where the rest are so called deputies.

Please note that , if there is no lawful appointment of a sheriff, there can be no lawfully appointed deputies.

In 2013, a person by the name of Mr. Brendan Facey assumed the position of the Sheriff of Victoria.

There was no lawful appointment nor gazetting of Mr. Facey (shown above) as the sheriff.

After Facey, the alleged sheriff was a Mr. Warwick Knight, where no public image is available, let alone any lawful appointment as an officer of the Supreme Court of Victoria nor any gazetting.

In correspondence, the government has stated that in 2022, the so called Sheriff of Victoria is a Ms. Julie Brown, as seen in excerpt below.

While a simple online search nets no results, neither does any reference to a Ms. Julie Brown within any government gazettes.

MANY people may be aware that the mainstream media’s focus on the actions of the sheriff pertain to action arising from unpaid traffic Infringement Notices, where warrants must be produced to for the sheriff to act upon.

The so called sheriff also acts on other seizures, namely that of real estate for banks and ‘financial institutions’

It has been established that there are no warrants arising from ‘Infringement Notices’ for the so called sheriff to act on, they do not exist, period.

See hidden video within Fines Victoria at 277 William St, Melbourne Victoria 3000:

Since there is no lawfully appointed sheriff in the above mentioned period and there are no lawfully issued warrants, there cannot be any lawful seizure of property by persons who identify themselves as a sheriff or deputy.

Please note Section 182 of the Supreme Court of Victoria 1958:

This is an expose of a multi billion dollar fraud against Victorians, which the authorities are keeping a secret and deceiving any and all who try to stand up against a fraudulent government.

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Has the Supreme Court of Victoria been validly established?

Supreme Court Act 1958:

Supreme Court Act 1986:

Three ‘baseline’ Acts that define Australia’s legal framework are:

The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK)

(The original Australian Constitution Act, passed by the British Parliament in 1900, presented to Australia ninety years later)


The Acts Interpretation Act 1901


The Judiciary Act 1903


Australian states are realistically warrant-less states.


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