How Domestic Terrorism is ESCLATING and WHY

This episode of the Tore Says Show is an education in domestic terrorism, which is on the rise in the US, under the guise of political activism. The presentation begins about 9 minutes in.

Tore says that the activist violence we’re seeing on college campuses, in Washington DC and especially in New York City is going to get way worse over the summer. Think George Floyd crossed with Arab Spring. Color Revolution’s Greatest Hits.

She says treasonous members of the US bureaucracy and the intelligence community are funding and training young, impressionable activists and. These traitors are, in turn, being infiltrated by Tore and her operatives.

Tore says, “Remember, the Green New Deal? The Green New Deal was written by the very same people we had on the Zoom calls, calling for a coup with Federal Employees.”

Tore says activist groups, like Momentum, Shut Down DC and the Sunrise Movement all use the same trainers. “Their riots and their protests are being used for various agendas that the 4th Unelected Branch of Government wishes to execute.”

Tore refers to this 2021 Medium article, which lists the following people and their groups. She says, “These are the people who are orchestrating all of these things, together. This is how domestic terrorism is escalating.

Ronald Newman, American Civil Liberties Union

Randi Weingarten, American Federation of Teachers

Kimi Lee, Bay Rising

Nick Guthman, Blue Future

Campaign Workers Guild

Valerie Morales, Carolina Federation

Andrea Miller, Center for Common Ground

Jennifer Epps-Addison, Center for Popular Democracy

Rev. Dr. Starsky Wilson, Children’s Defense Fund

Rosemary Rivera, Citizen Action of New York

Robert Kraig, Citizen Action of Wisconsin

Mary Metzmeier, Communities United for Action

Kate Kahan, Community Change Action

Bob Fertik, LLC

A’shanti Gholar, Emerge America

Fran Hutchins, Equality Federation

Rev. Alvin Herring, Faith in Action

Katy Kiefer, Food & Water Watch

Amy Everitt, Golden State Opportunity

Tamara Levenson, Grassroots Democrats HQ

Adrienne Lowry, Greenpeace

Glynda Carr, Higher Heights for America

Justin Vest, Hometown Action

Adolfo Solorio, Living United for Change in Arizona

Jesse Graham, Maine People’s Alliance

Andrea Pringle, March On

Ken Whittaker, Michigan People’s Campaign

Caitlyn Adams, Missouri Jobs with Justice

Billy Wimsatt, Movement Voter Project

Erica Mauter, MoveOn

Ilyse Hogue, NARAL Pro-Choice America

Rev. Al Sharpton, National Action Network

Brian Silva, National Equality Action Team (NEAT)

Derrick Johnson, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

David Johns, National Black Justice Coalition

Don Calloway, National Voter Protection Action Fund

Griffin Sinclair-Wingate, New Hampshire Youth Movement

Melody Lopez, New York Civic Engagement Table

Lillie Catlin, NextGen America

Kayla Calkin, NRDC Action Fund

Liz Suk, Oakland Rising

Melissa Rubio, OneAmerica

Jennifer Ritter, ONE Northside

Hannah Burton Laurison, PA Stands Up

Carlos Vera, Pay Our Interns Action

James Bradach, People’s Action

Will Tanzman, The People’s Lobby

Alexis McGill Johnson, Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Sally Roberts Wilson, Rise Up WV

Emily Lee, San Francisco Rising

Kelly Holleran, Sierra Club

Lala Wu, Sister District

Christina Harvey, Stand Up America

Jasy Lata, Sunrise Movement

Adrienne Evans, United Action for Idaho

Terrysa Guerra, United for Respect

Debra Cleaver, VoteAmerica

Maurice Mitchell, Working Families Party

Derecka Mehrens, Working Partnerships USA

Jesse Barba, Young Invincibles

Tore continues, “As a seasoned Psychological Operations person, I’ve seen how activism, both genuine and contrived can be weaponized to serve hidden agendas. We often use activists; those who passionately fight for causes to our advantage – sometimes, without their knowledge. This can serve as cover for other activities or to achieve broader goals, such as removing leaders or causing disruptions or amplifying situations to create division.

“Now, imagine the power of harnessing the energy of well-intentioned individuals. These activists are driven by their causes and can unwittingly cause distractions or disruptions that allow for strategic maneuvers behind the scenes. Leaders can be toppled – not through direct confrontation but by the chaos that arises from these disruptions.

“See, President Trump entering into the arena of elections was literally that. He was Wreck-It Ralph, OK? He took a wrench into the well-oiled machine…well-oiled, 4th Unelected Branch of Government machinery. He brought the chaos to their door. That’s exactly what was needed to be done…

“So, in the midst of the turmoil, the true architects of change operate. in the shadows, executing their plans with precision. This isn’t about picking sides. This is about fairness, justice and freedom.

“The most dangerous individuals in this information war are those with self-interest. Those who restrict, censor and amplify unnecessary information to maintain control. They weaponize well-meaning people and amplify those with malicious intent, creating a cacophony of voices that drown out the truth.”


Tore then plays a training video that was made for these activists by one of the trainers, listed above, Griffin Sinclair-Wingate of the New Hampshire Youth Movement, entitled “Summer of Heat”. Griffin has been a professional activist for over a decade. He previously worked to get Hillary Clinton elected.

Griffin begins by saying, “For those of you who have not heard of “Summer of Heat” before, we are a sustained campaign of people who are going to be taking non-violent direct action, targeting Wall Street this summer.

“This campaign is being launched by a few groups, including Stop the Money Pipeline, Climate Defenders, Planet Over Profit and New York Communities of Change.”

The basic philosophy of “Summer of Heat” is that we are living on Indigenous Land stolen by European settlers, who brought Capitalism, which values extraction and profit over all else and that fossil fuels are causing Climate Change, which is killing us.

Their activism this summer intends to force “Wall Street”, i.e., ALL the major financial corporations to cut ties with ALL the fossil fuel producers, in order to put ALL of the fossil fuel companies out of business.

Griffin says:

“The scale of civil disobedience that we are planning, targeting the fossil fuel industry is something that has not been done in this country before…During ‘Summer of Heat’, we are going to repeatedly shut down the entrances of corporate headquarters, of banks, of insurers, private equity funds, asset managers, we’re gonna push the institutional clients to cut ties with these financial institutions that fund fossil fuels, we’re going to call out cultural institutions, like MOMA, because Wall Street firms donate tons and tons of money to those groups, to those institutions, like MOMA to distract from their complicity in the climate crisis.”

“We’re going to be visiting the penthouses and the vacation homes of these CEOs who wake up every morning and decide that their wealth, their profit margins are more important than literally, the whole world…and we’re going to demand that they stop funding fossil fuels.

“We need to make it crystal clear to all of those people that the urgency to end fossil fuels is an existential threat; that the moral stakes of the moment are incredibly intense and that the shameful, shameful complicity of Wall Street in the horrors of Climate Chaos and Environmental Racism is unacceptable.”

“Summer of Heat” officially launched on Monday June 10th and some kids got arrested.

“Summer of Heat” continued on Tuesday, with the NYPD arresting dozens of activists dressed like orcas. These activists refer to orcas as “allies” in their struggle against fossil fuel, due to the recent spate of orca attacks on yachts around the Straits of Gibraltar!

“Summer of Heat” will continue daily, with different activist groups leading the protests outside the headquarters of Citigroup. Then, on Friday, they intend to take the plaza outside Citi’s Tribeca headquarters and to occupy it indefinitely and set up a CHAZ-type fortress/”Autonomous Zone”, like Antifa did in Seattle in 2020 – because, that’s the Color Revolution playbook, which could easily escalate into a Euromaidan-type of false flag event, similar to what we saw in 2013 in Ukraine, in which foreign snipers were brought in to shoot members of both sides of the protest, thus kicking off the 2014 Ukrainian Revolution.

Might something like that cancel the November 5th election?

“Summer of Heat” will likely have the support of New York Governor Hochul, who really has a thing for building concentration camps and who claims that one of her proudest achievements was her anti-Apartheid activism, during college.

“Summer of Heat” may be a more intense replay of Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan’s “Summer of Love”.

It’s no accident that the musical interlude in Griffin’s instructional video is Neil Young’s “Ohio”, because the goal of “Summer of Heat” is, at minimum to re-create something like The Kent State Massacre.

All of the same treasonous US Government bureaucrats who organized the BLM/Antifa riots in 2020 are back and they want regime change and they mean business, because if they fail, they’re all going to jail and some may even be executed, because they have committed Treason.


In ‘PSYOP the Steal’, we saw how many members of the Soros-backed radical environmentalist group, the Sunrise Movement are employed within the US Government bureaucracy.

In a Zoom meeting recorded by an operative who infiltrated them, we saw several Federal employees from places like the Department of Labor and the Department of Energy plotting an Election Day coup and “100 Days of Unrest”, with the help of the Democrat Party and intelligence contractors.

Democrat members of Congress, like AOC and Chuck Schumer also attended these Sunrise Zoom meetings. That’s why AOC was freaking out the other day.

‘PSYOP the Steal’ presented overwhelming evidence that the mass riots across the country were pre-planned and relied heavily on the Leftist radicalization of minors through the Sunrise Climate Change movement.

Sunrise had formed a powerful grassroots that helped propel many Social Democrats into office, along with their Globalist Agenda 21 platform, the Green New Deal. These minors were also involved in helping to coordinate the riots. (Lately, Tore has said that Sunrise is no longer a factor).

Their stated plan in 2020 was to shut down and take over Washington DC, starting November 4th to force Trump out of the White House. It’s been said that Trump, indeed left the White House in order to avoid a domestic terror campaign that has now had 4 more years of planning, to say nothing of the importation of millions of military-aged men, several hundred thousands of whom are on the FBI’s Terror Watch List.

Many will remember the militant Antifa organizer, John Sullivan (aka “Jayden X”), who impersonated a Trump supporter while storming the Capitol building on January 6th and who was paid $70,000 by CNN and NBC, for his video of the murder of Ashli Babbitt. John’s brother, James Sullivan claimed to be a “Patriot” Conservative activist. Their father is retired US Air Force Major General Kevin J. Sullivan who was reprimanded and forced into early retirement. Millie Weaver confirmed with three sources who were able to separately identify Gen Kevin Sullivan and claims of his involvement in Psychological Operations.

Private security contractor, Jason Funes claims that Gen Kevin Sullivan had been in charge of getting Antifa members trained by Syrian rebels and Kurds to commit militant-style attacks on domestic soil.

Gen Kevin Sullivan is exactly the kind of person who Catherine Austin Fitts saw as being contracted to organize the BLM/Antifa riots. These riots were so incredibly illegal, the fact that they weren’t shut down suggested to her that those weren’t street revolts, they were an operation.

Fitts recalled that when Trump wanted to send in troops to Minnesota, the DoD went ballistic. “They behaved like people who had negotiated contracts with private firms for all of this and…had priced it on a very tight Scope of Work [which] did not include doing this in the face of soldiers with guns trying to stop them! That would have blown the price a hundred times and called for a different army…If you look at how Esper reacted, he looked to me like a man who was in on the deal.”

In short, these protests are like kayfabe in professional wrestling. Could it be that Citigroup, a Federal Reserve Member Bank needs an excuse to go bust? Could this be the set-up for the long-forecasted Black Swan?

Recall how the Liberal establishment was clearly in support of the George Floyd Riots, with then-Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris promoting the The Minnesota Freedom Fund that paid bail for rioters. That may be just a glimpse of what we could expect in 2024.

Many top Democrats are sympathetic to Antifa, including Minnesota Attorney General Ellison, who tweeted a selfie holding the ‘Antifa Manual’, saying that this should “strike fear in the heart” of Donald Trump. His son, Jeremiah tweeted his support for Antifa on the Monday following the first weekend of rioting. Washington State Governor Jay Inslee appeared delighted about the George Floyd Riots, as did then-New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio and his wife. Their daughter, Chiara was arrested rioting with Antifa.

Facial-recognition technology confirmed that Ilhan Omar and her then-married boyfriend, Tim Mynett attended the riots following the Trump rally in Minneapolis. Omar’s daughter was soliciting logistics support on Twitter for Antifa during the George Floyd riots while Minnesota Governor Tim Walz’ daughter was tweeting out police locations to Antifa.

Linwood Kaine, the son of Virginia Senator, former DNC Chair and Hillary Clinton Vice Presidential running mate Tim Kaine is a member of Antifa who was arrested at an anti-Trump rally in 2017.

The Democrats, the Mainstream Media, Big Tech and big corporations (i.e. The Deep State/Black Nobility) appear intent on stoking racial division and mayhem across the nation, in lockstep with the Globalist agenda to perpetrate the idea that tensions have become so unmanageable in the US, especially in the wake of the economic devastation caused by COVID-19 – plus four years of Bidenomics – plus whichever Black Swan they decide to launch – that UN intervention is now necessary. How convenient for them, that their UN troops are already here!

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