Putin To Unite Korea: Checkmate

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Kyle Bass is one of the most politically astute investors I have ever seen. He said China will take Taiwan within 2 years. I think Putin is the smartest politician of the modern era. I believe he will counter that move by uniting the two Koreas.

But first we need some background to put Korean reunification into the context that it deserves.

Zoltan Pozsar, the Hungarian wunderkind of high finance, wrote an article about Industrial Warfare. He mentioned that in a year the US  makes as many 155 mm artillery shells as the Ukraine needs every 2 weeks. I would go further than that. We sent 80,000 manufacturing plants overseas when the Clintons passed the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1993. We lowered prices and kept prices down by sending our manufacturing to Asia to keep goods prices low and allowed unlimited legal and illegal immigration to keep wages down. And Washington printed trillions of I Owe You Nothing Federal Reserve Notes to buy essentially free stuff from foreigners to maintain the illusion that America was a wealthy nation. But inflation and extreme over population are now taking America apart and revealing that the Elite plans never really worked.

Pozsar noted that Germany, which  is the powerhouse of the EU, depended on cheap Russian natural gas and raw materials to make Europe run. The US has destroyed the EU by suckering them into supporting suicidal for them sanctions against Russia in support of the most corrupt regime in Europe. The Ukraine has been an American client state since 2014. The Ukraine had no sovereignty to lose to Russia. They lost sovereignty, which is the power to make decisions, long before February 24, 2022.

Pozsar see chips as the looming problem. One manufacturer is buying washing machines just to get the chips.

There are two great chip makers in Asia outside China. One is Taiwan. The other is Korea. Kyle Bass, as I said, thinks China will take Taiwan within 2 years. They will have the weapons but then they might not need them.

If it came to it, the Chinese would need 120 Russian Kinzhal Mach 12 air launched missiles or their equivalent. The Kinzhal has an impact equivalent to 16.9 gigajoules of kinetic energy or 4,000 kgs (8,818 pounds) of TNT to penetrate defenses in hardened structures. The Chinese are building their version of the Russian Tornado which is a Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) that fires 12 individually targeted rockets with 240 kg (529 pound) warheads in 12 seconds. Of course the Chinese version of the Tornado has a slightly greater range so they can hit Taiwan from the mainland. They would need 10 launchers to fire 120 rockets in 12 seconds to take out their primary targets and then proceed to the next set of 120 targets. Russia and India are making Mach 3 cruise missiles for export. Russia is deploying a Mach 10 cruise missile which would take out what was left of the the Taiwanese defense forces in preparation for an air and naval war with the S-400 and hypersonic cruise missiles providing cover.

I doubt any of that will be needed to be used but the threat must be there.

Korea is the other great chip maker with resources in both Korea and China. The US appropriated a lot of money (meaning they printed it) to make chips in the US but that will take two years to show results. Putin can make his moves on Taiwan and Korea as early as 2023.

Putin knows the Soviet Union went bankrupt trying to spend enough money to prepare for wars against both America and China. He wisely decided to never repeat that mistake. When Russia was sacked and looted by the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and other bankers after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Chinese could have taken advantage of them. But they did not. They wisely decided to play the long game because they would need them in the future. And now the Russians have sold them the S-400 and are taking NATO apart in the Ukraine.

Russia and China are neighbors. Conflicts can arise as they have in the past. It is in Putin’s best interest to unite Korea, modernize their military and make them forever a bulwark against both America and China.

There are sizable political parties in Taiwan that want to eventually unite with China. And there are sizable parties in Korea that want to unite North and South Korea.

An event is coming as soon as March of 2023 which could force South Koreans to accept an eventual unity with the North. And that same event could force Taiwan to accept an eventual reunification with China.

I have spoken before of the March 2023 BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) annual conference to be held in Beijing. China has specifically asked Indonesia to join. In preparation to inviting the Global South, China has discharged the debts owed them by 17 African nations. Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Mexico, Argentina and others have expressed an interest in joining. BRICS is offering them an ability to trade in commodity backed currencies as opposed to the Ponzi scheme currencies of the West.

Sergey Glazyev, Minister of Integration and Macroeconomics for the Eurasian Union, has proposed that the Global South join BRICS and refuse to repay any loans denominated in dollars, pounds, euros and yen. It will destroy all bank paychecks, deposits and savings in those currencies. It will trigger a quadrillion dollars in derivatives. America, Britain, Europe and Japan will be done.

The South Koreans, the North Koreans and both major political parties in Taiwan should be admitted as observers. When the South Koreans see the plans for Global South Debt Cancellations, they will understand that markets in the US will be worthless and that their future lies with China, Russia and the Global South. Ditto for the Taiwanese.

Putin could make the very strong case to both Korean nations that with the collapse of the Americans they will have to unite into one very strong unified Korea armed with advanced Russia missiles, the S-400 and other Electronic Warfare measures to be safe living next door to China.

After the US collapses, Putin could offer a deal to Japan to rescue them from the abyss and from a world dominated by China. The Russians could also help the industrial nations of Europe recover after NATO is gone. Russia, Korea, Japan and a recovered non-NATO Europe could together protect the post-NATO world from Chinese dominance.

I personally believe China will collapse. David Dubyne tells us no Chinese government has ever survived a Grand Solar Minimum (GSM). The world is in for 40 years of bad weather and significant crop losses. China in the past has had difficulty feeding their people. And that was when they had a billion fewer people than today. The Chinese government and the wealthy people of that country have stashed at least $10 trillion overseas to prepare a place for them when, not if, their government collapses. More than a decade ago New Asia Times of Hong Kong said the Big Banks laundered $500 billion a year in bribes and that 40% or $200 billion a year was from Chinese officials.

There is a term Tofu Construction the locals use to refer to Chinese officials demanding so many bribes that new building have collapsed when hit by strong winds. The Chinese government has allowed financial institutions to rob depositors. It is a very corrupt society that soon will not be able to feed the poor. It will implode.

Putin sees ahead. He will establish a World Order that is Multipolar and will allow people from many nations to prosper unlike the previous regime run solely for the benefit of Wall Street and the City of London.



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