Sports Panel Drops Truth Bombs On Live TV About ‘Real Vaccine Impact’

While Big Pharma, mainstream media and fact checkers continue to deny any link between the explosion of heart problems in professional athletes and the Covid-19 vaccine, it appears the narrative is starting to collapse.

A viral clip from an Australian live TV show demonstrates that professional athletes are discussing the issue and they are not convinced by the official narrative from Big Pharma.

Discussing the issue on Channel Nine’s Sunday Footy Show, comments by the hosts went viral on social media when they dared to speak openly about the explosion of heart conditions and Bell’s Palsy among footballers and other professional athletes around the world.

One of the panelists on the Sunday Footy Show, who is currently suffering from Bell’s Palsy – spoke openly about his concerns.

Bell’s Palsy and heart conditions such as Myocarditis, both of which are acknowledged mRNA vaccine side effects, have risen in recent years around the world. The Australian Department of Health has confirmed that there is a small but increased risk of developing these conditions following an mRNA Covid vaccine such as Pfizer or Moderna.

The issue was raised on the panel after news broke regarding Australian football star Ollie Wines’ recent heart scare. The Brownlow medallist was taken to hospital suffering symptoms including heart palpitations, nausea and dizziness.

Wines spent the night in hospital and was released last Friday, remaining under observation for the weekend. He will undergo further testing this week. Full vaccination is mandatory for all Australian Football League players.

“Is there a lot of this going on in world sport at the moment, Damo?” asked Nathan Brown from Triple M. “A lot of athletes have got these issues?”

“Are you referring to the booster shots and the contracting of Covid?” replied Damian Barrett.

“I was referring to the booster shots, that’s obviously the word going around.”

“Look, it’s being discussed,” added Barrett. “I haven’t been able to get an official line on it from anyone on Ollie Wines at this stage.”

“It’s not just the heart issues, you know, without delving into your private affairs you’ve got Bell’s Palsy at the moment which hopefully you’re on the back end of that. But, there’s a bit of that going around as well,” said Brown.

“Exactly. Heart issues and Bell’s Palsy have gone through the roof since the boosters and Covid issues so – and Michelangelo Rucci on Friday night and he said there’s a ward filled with people with similar symptoms in Adelaide to Ollie Wines. Nausea. Heart issues. So, there has to be something more to it,” said Lloyd.

“We’re not ‘anti-vaxxers’, we’ve all done our due diligence with our booster shots and all that sort of stuff, but there is going to have to be something done on this. Not just in the sport hemisphere, but the community.”

“We don’t want to get into the space where we’re not experts at all,” said Barrett, “but when in comes to the medical side we try to stay clear.”

The global discussion about whether the rise in heart conditions across several high-intensity sports is related to Covid, Covid vaccines, or something else continues – with some doctors in Europe telling athletes to take it easy for a week after their second dose, while others insist there is no reason to be concerned.

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