The Truth Movement and America missed their chance.

After the shock of the September 11 attacks on America a significant amount of the American people began to become skeptical and wondered if there was something more to it. Many New Yorkers thought it was an “inside job” People like Alex Jones and David Icke became underground stars. For those who studied the mater more deeply they would come to notice and share stories about the so called “dancing Israelis” google that now “Dancing Israelis”. This story is being erased from history. Recall that Trump used the phrase “Dancing Arabs” He was trying to get people to notice the real story. Trump is gone and that story is also gone.

If Americans Knew on Twitter: "FBI Docs Shed Light on Apparent Mossad Foreknowledge of 9/11 Attacks| Information released by the FBI on 5.9.2019 brought fresh scrutiny to the possibility that the “Dancing

The NYPD and FBI made arrest of Israeli nationals on 911 but nothing became of it. The were many aressest but the so called 5 ‘Dancing Israelis” were at the center of the story.

Law enforcement and in particular NYPD know who did 911. That was now long ago nothing was able to come of it. Worse that that in 2003 the Americas re-invaded Iraq. There were no WMD’s. yet the USA invaded and occupied Iraq. Also the US miltary continued to occupy Afghanistan. These actions have cost the USA trillions and have eroded American power.

No Empire has done well by invading Afghanistan it is literally were empires go to die. US troops are still in Afghanistan. Trump wanted to pull them out they stopped him. Biden says he is going to pull US troops out of Afghanistan lets see if that happens.

You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to know that the US public was told the 19 men who allegedly did 911 where mostly Saudis. Then in response to this the US continued to defend Saudi Araba and turned around and attacked Iraq that had nothing to do with 911.

Chart: America's Longest Foreign Wars | Statista

Why did the US invade Iraq twice? It was desired by God’s chosen people. Just like WWII was. If you opposed US fighting in WWII you were tried for sedition. The US in the modern era has an all volunteer military so the profession media propaganda experts sell war to the public.

Judea Declares War on Germany (PIC) : history

So the US already a war state after WWII again transformed into a super war state after 911.

The US declared war on all of the enemies of Judea. America has turned into “Top Secret America.”

Blood and treasure: The costs of the Iraq war | Middle East Eye

It is astounding but America now has a huge intelligence apparatus and a good size voluntary military. America kicks the shit out of the enemies of Judea but keeps the personal patriotism and strength of the individual American person very weak.

America is a mix of Old testament loving violent people and hedonistic liberal braindead liberal. There are some people smart enough to know what is going on most of them stay silent.

The media defines threats to the US based on what benefits the State of Israel.

The US lived in fear of ISIS and Trump defunded ISIS. Putin bombed the shit out of ISIS. Yet the major figures in the US truth movement who had the guts at times to speak out against Israeli oppression in the ME.

There is a huge amount of Alex Jones Pizza gate believers. They got stung on January 6th. They spoiled Trumps counterattack. They fell for the January 6th trap. yes I know they were set up, but they fell for it.

Fake “Alex Jones” Was Mistaken for Real Alex Jones - YouTube
Capitol riots: Who broke into the building? - BBC News
What Happened to ISIS? | NowThis World - YouTube

All of the American fear and anger against ISIS in the media got transferred to Donald J. Trump.

Jack Holland on Twitter: "Lots of new Trump research here for a special issue. Ben Fermor and I are in it with: "Security and polarization in Trump's America: securitization and the

What kind of “Christion” would not back Trump anyway. He was 100% against abortion. Answer a sell out or someone who is a Christion and still utterly devoted to the Old Testament.

The RNC is not much better then the DNC and on the issue of selling out to the State of Israel they are both the same.

Trump being pro Business and anti war was the only answer the “truth movement” should have backed Trump all the way.

With Trump out of the way the Neocons Neoliberals and Israel and China are going to go after every single thing they want.

Israel's missile defences blunt Palestinian attacks from Gaza | The Economist

Trump could not speak 100% openly about the dealing with the Biblically inspired goals of total domination of the ME. Something that is already leading to wider war. I hope it will not lead to nuclear war.



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