Antisemitism Watchdog Derided And Mocked For Demanding Firing Of Spanish TV Host

The so-called Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM) is calling for disciplinary action against a reporter from a television station in Spain who made anti-Israel remarks during a broadcast about Israeli athletes:

TV3’s commentator Clara Basiana made the offensive remarks while reporting live on air on June 10 about Israeli artistic duet swimmers Eden Blecher and Shelly Bobritzky after they performed and awaited their results from judges at an Olympic qualifier in Barcelona.

According to a translation by CAM, Basiana told viewers in Spanish, “Beyond the technical aspects, I would like to point out that Israel’s international presence in the field of sport and culture is another strategy for the laundering of genocide and the violation of human rights that they are committing against the Palestinian people.”

She also said on air, “[“We have seen it here, at the Pre-Olympic Games in Barcelona, we have seen it repeatedly at Eurovision…] it seems that during these events the war crimes of the Israeli state disappear. We have to be aware as spectators and make this situation visible so as not to normalize its place in sports commentary, or general societal discourse.”

In a letter sent to Jaume Peral, CEO of the Catalyunya Comunicacio conglomerate, which includes TV3, CAM called for Basiana’s reprimanding, accused TV3 of not reporting on events factually and objectively, and insisted that the station take preventative measures to make sure a similar incident does not happen again.

The letter was sent on behalf of the alliance’s 330 partner organizations and 340,000 individual members, which include former-US Sen. Joe Lieberman and human rights icon Natan Sharansky. CAM additionally launched a public petition last week that demands disciplinary action against Basiana.

This so-called Combat Antisemitism Movement isn’t a “movement” at all — looking at its website, it looks like it could be a one-man operation that mostly monitors instances of anti-Israelism, not “antisemitism”.

If you go to their YouTube channel, and read the comments about this report, you will see overwhelming support for the TV host — and virtually universal agreement with her sharp criticisms of Israel and the ongoing genocide in Palestine.

Here are just a few of the many comments left on this YouTube story of “antisemitism”:

-The cat is out of the bag…histories foremost criminals.
-She’s stating facts
-The truth is anti-semitic. At this point, what ISN’T anti-semitic?
-Where was the antisemitism in this video?
-GOD Bless Catalan TV
-I expected far worse to be said.its a shame we cant say more
-Not worshiping them is antisemitic. Not being a noahide is antisemitic.
-What antisemitism, Israel is trying to normalize ethnic cleansing.
-Excellent. Non – chosen commentators.
-Stating the truth is antisemitism to those who hate the truth and commit war crimes with no conscience
-Truth is the new Hate Speech
-Hate towards Israel is natural
-Antisemitism is a survival instinct

Pro-Zionist Jews have been working feverishly to get people to accept their new definition of “antisemitism” to include any criticism of Israel and its war crimes — and people are just not buying it.

Israel claims that its critics “single” it out and holds it to a higher standard than other countries — but its easy to focus on what Israel is doing because it’s the only self-described “democracy” in the world that is committing genocide and apartheid on a daily basis — it’s Israel’s hypocrisy that galls people.

Even their old definition of “antisemitism” was meaningless — so vague that it included so-called “dog whistles” and coded language that only special computers can detect.

Jews have tried to portray “antisemites” as knuckle-dragging, toothless “neo-Nazi” thugs, but their own studies show that the more educated a person is, the more likely they are to hold antisemitic views of Jews.

Their own “experts” admit that the harder they try to combat “antisemitism,” the more antisemitism they create — proving Newton’s Third Law of motion — for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

But physics was never really the strong point of Jews — despite their attempts to prove otherwise.

In a rare moment of insight, Jewish historian Max Nordau observed, “Logic is a Greek art, and Jews can’t tolerate it.”

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