Christian Nationalist Pastor Joel Webbon Says Women Should Not Be Allowed To Vote

Joel Webbon is a far-right Christian nationalist pastor who believes that the American people have become such “degenerates” that the Constitution is no longer adequate and therefore the nation must be governed by a Christian dictator who “just rules with an iron fist.”

The American people are too stupid and cowardly to rule themselves, Webbon believes, and thus must fall under the control of a Christian leader who “comes in with a sword” and forces everyone to, at the very least, “pretend to be Christian.” Under this Christian leader, Webbon says, the Constitution will be amended to include the Apostles’ Creed and abortion, pornography, no-fault divorce, in vitro fertilization, and birth control will be outlawed.

Webbon is the founder of Right Response Ministries through which he organizes events like “Blueprints for Christendom 2.0: Seven Doctrines for Ruling the World,” which took place earlier this year and featured militant Christian nationalists like Doug Wilson and Oklahoma state Sen. Dusty Deevers as speakers discussing the issue of biblical patriarchy.

Webbon, of course, is an ardent proponent of biblical patriarchy and believes that women would not be permitted to vote in a properly Christian nation, as he explained during a recent interview on the program “Eschatology Matters.”

“If we had a Christian nation and women could vote, then within 50 years we will no longer have a Christian nation,” Webbon said. “God has not designed women for warfare, and that’s part of what politics is. It’s really all that politics is; it’s war without the blood.”

“That’s what politics is,” he continued. “It is war, and I believe that the sword has been given to men. The sword is—without being crude, I think this is a fact—it is a phallus. It is assigned by God to men.”

“War is something that is belonging to men and it’s not something that we employ in our ranks—whether it be political war or whether it be literal war—women and children.” Webbon declared. “You won’t let women vote? Well, our society doesn’t let five-year-olds vote. … Are you saying that a woman is like a child? Yes. But not intellectually. I’m not saying that. The question is how? In what way is a woman like a child? She is like a child in the way that God has appointed men to protect them. Women are not supposed to be leading the way, they’re to be protected.”

While Webbon’s views sound—and are—extreme, he is not the only far-right figure who has said the country would be better off if women were denied the right to vote. As People For the American Way President Svante Myrick noted in a recent op ed, misogyny is central to the conservative agenda, evidenced in legal and political attacks on access to contraception and abortion, and in efforts by Donald Trump’s Project 2025 supporters to use the power of the federal government to enforce their version of  a “biblical worldview” and “traditional” views of family, sexuality, and gender on the entire country.

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