Illuminati Celebrity Questions VAXX and Gets Attacked By Empire Puppets For Telling People to Think For Themselves

By infostormer -September 16, 20211

Nicki Minaj is asking more questions about the vaxx agenda. She even posted a clip of Tucker Carlson on her Twitter feed.

She also said that she was temporarily suspended from Twitter as a result of her asking questions about the vaxx. She did a livestream on Instagram last night about the whole situation.

Her speaking out against the vaxx agenda is significant. She has 22 million Twitter followers and 157 million Instagram followers. She has been a major figure propped up by the Jewish entertainment industry. This is absolutely going to cause a number of normies to start thinking differently about the vaxx.

Take for instance these blacks who decided to protest the vaxx agenda outside the CDC. They said they were there because of Nicki Minaj.

I’m certainly no fan of Minaj’s music or her work, but I support anybody speaking out against the vaxx agenda. She said that other people in the entertainment industry feel the same way she does but that they are afraid to speak out.

She also said that she was invited by the White House to talk with Anthony Fauci. Comment: Damage control by the Empire Representative.

I guess we’ll see what happens with all this but it would be great to see other celebrities do the same thing she has done.

Also, it is worth noting that it looks as if there are reports of the vaxx causing impotence and swollen testicles in the VAERS database. Somebody on combed through the database and found a number of entries pertaining to swollen testicles and impotence. Fauci falsely claimed that there was no evidence of this.

Minaj’s original vaxx post was about her cousin’s friend becoming impotent after taking the vaxx.


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