NBC’s Mehdi Hasan: ‘Sociopathic’ Trump ‘Should Be Prosecuted’ for American Coronavirus Deaths

NBC News’ streaming service Peacock host Mehdi Hasan said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “All In” that President Donald Trump “should be prosecuted” for his “sociopathic” behavior that lead to hundreds of thousands of “preventable deaths” from coronavirus.

Hasan said, “The two worst presidents of the last hundred years are the last two Republican presidents the current one Donald Trump and George W. Bush which speaks volumes about the modern Republican Party and also when you compare Trump and Bush, Bush killed hundreds of thousands of people abroad, you know, brown and black people in faraway countries we don’t care about. Donald Trump killed hundreds of thousands of people or presided over the preventable deaths here at home in the United States of America. And that for me, you talk about morally abominable. It is sociopathic.”

Referencing a report on an HHS appointee email pushing herd immunity for coronavirus, Hasan said, “You mentioned earlier in the show the four words that will be the epithet is we want more infections, we want more infected. What about who cares in those e-mails? That jumped out at me. This guy Paul Alexander writes if we have more cases, more people infected, more positive tests, who cares? You take who cares, you add it to Donald Trump’s ‘it is what it is,’ you add it to Jared Kushner’s ‘that’s their problem’ when people in New York are dying. This is sociopathic. This is not just morally abominable. I think people should be held to account. I think they should be prosecuted. The people behind these preventible deaths should be prosecuted when they leave office on January 20.”

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