(SADS) Sudden Adult Death Syndrome: Programming the Population

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome: Programming the Population Published on March 14, 2022 Written by downthechupacabrahole.com Seemingly overnight, the world is inundated by constant news coverage of Ukraine, imminent nuclear attacks, and World War III. Every passing hour delivers a broadcasting deluge focused on nefarious Russian forces. Naturally, the perfectly orchestrated diversion tactic is certainly no coincidence. With the population deliberately preoccupied, Pfizer quietly …Source

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  1. Joe Cortina says:

    I am a researcher/ author f MUCH experience but today EVERYTHING that exposes jews deceit is verboten.

    I CLEARLY remember seem a book listing dozens of these phony bullshit illnesses. They were called syndromes or disorders’ Many of them were just batshit insanely ridiculous. I’m an ex Green Beret commander and what I have leared over the years is that the nightmare of most vets is NOT gunfire or bombs ( hell I crashed a plane at night and never even though much about it since nobody was killed)

    i began to hear the REAL reason why they couldn’t sleep well or the nightmares – always the worst were about orphans they caused or other innocent deaths they were responsible for. Saw a an interesting film on Audi Murphy and what were his REAL demons. He woulds see the faces he created of the orphans he had CREATED for believe the lies of the jews about the Germans He ended up on some sort of drugs he took to make him forgrt etc. “PTSD ‘MY ASS! it is called a CONSCIENCE. A decent man HAS a conscience and it can eat him up.

    If you have any info pls contact me -thanks – Joe Cortina

    BTW have published 4 books on he topics mostly from boots on the ground experience in IsraHELL Gaza and many other hot spots. I tell it like IT IS and the jews can’t hhadle that -so -cowards that they are they censor my work.

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