Student Gets 6 Month Suspension For Saying Black Women Are "Not Hot"


Another individual who said white people have “small dicks” not punished

A student was suspended from college for six months for saying that black women are “not hot,” while another individual who commented that white people have “small dicks” and are always f**king their cousins” was not punished.

Colorado College took the action against Thaddeus Pryor after he was publicly shamed and outed for making the remarks on the social-media app Yik Yak.

Pryor responded to someone else who posted the hashtag “#blackwomenmatter” by saying, “They matter, they’re just not hot.” Despite swiftly apologizing and deleting the message, Pryor became an immediate target for social justice warriors.

“Some people screenshotted the most racial things said [from Yik Yak that night], and they blew them up onto banners and hung them up in the student center in front of the dean’s office,” Pryor told the College Fix.

Pryor was subsequently framed for making all of the offensive posts which occurred during the conversation before Senior Associate Dean of Students Rochelle Mason, Dean of Students Mike Edmonds and Assistant Dean of Students Cesar Cervantes slapped him with a 21 month ban to cover the entirety of Pryor’s degree.

Pryor said that the conversation began with people making slurs against white people, calling them “dirty hippies with small dicks” who are “always fucking their cousins,” while Muslims and even Smurfs were also mocked.

Pryor’s suspension was subsequently reduced to six months as a result of him acknowledging that he made the comment about black women, although he was “forbidden from taking courses for credit at other universities because of his crass remark.”

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) defended Pryor, telling the college that it must honor its “moral and contractual obligation” to its students’ freedom of expression. Colorado College has failed to respond to FIRE’s letter.

Pryor is now attempting to transfer to another university that values free speech.

Expressing the sexual preference that you are not attracted to black people has previously been characterized as racist by liberals, as I document in the video below.


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