Australia wants to absorb entire country because of Global Warming



The Australian government, in a landmark move, has extended an offer of asylum to the entire population of Tuvalu, a vulnerable Pacific nation threatened by the alleged rising sea levels. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced this significant initiative during the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders’ Meeting in the Cook Islands.

Both nations signed a pact, wherein Australia committed to providing assistance to Tuvalu in cases of major natural disasters, health pandemics, and military aggression. Additionally, they agreed to establish a “dedicated intake” program that grants permanent residency to Tuvaluans in Australia. Initially, this program will have a cap of 280 people per year.

Albanese described this decision as “groundbreaking” and touted it as “the most significant agreement between Australia and a Pacific island nation ever.”

Tuvalu, a nation comprising nine low-lying islands in the southwest Pacific Ocean between Australia and Hawaii, has an area of just 26 square kilometers and a population of 11,426. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has projected that by 2050, half of the capital, Funafuti, is likely to be submerged by tidal waters due to the impacts of climate change.

A few years ago, a viral video featured Tuvalu’s former foreign minister, Simon Kofe, standing knee-deep in the ocean to draw attention to the climate crisis. In response, Tuvalu expressed plans to create a digital representation of itself to preserve its history and culture.

Acknowledging the dire threat that climate change poses to the Pacific, Albanese’s office pledged that Australia would make further investments to enhance the resilience of its Pacific partners. Canberra has committed at least $350 million to climate infrastructure in the region, including a $75 million program to promote renewable energy development in remote and rural areas.

During a press conference following the meeting, Albanese also emphasized Australia’s openness to collaboration with other countries to strengthen partnerships with Pacific nations.

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