Class Action Lawsuits As a Defence Against the Evil Of Zionist Corporate “governments”

Know what you call a thousand lawyers on the bottom of the ocean?
A good start!

Know what happens when you rub a lawyer’s head?
They get taller!

Know what the difference is between an armadillo run over on a road and a lawyer run over on the road?
There are skid marks before the armadillo where someone tried to stop!

But lawyers do have their uses.

The evil child gang raping political whores of Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac, and their teat hanging little piggy political whores in the sub corporations of the US/DC Corporation in the many “state” houses or Capitol’s, are making war and have been making war against the American people for generations.

Voodoo “vaccines” forced on American’s children.

A Hazardous Industrial Waste by product which does not stop cavities,

Industrial Fluoride dumped into the public water supplies which there is ample evidence causes brittle bones, cancers,

causes children to have overall lower IQ than children not forced to drink the demonic chemical cocktail.

This waste by product eats up the galvanized pipes in older homes causing millions of dollars damage to individuals homes.

The spreading of the hazardous waste byproduct is seeping into everyone’s ground water.

Class action law suits against the corporations who produced the Hazardous Waste Byproduct as so labeled by the EPA/FDA themselves,

which did not properly dispose of it, but sold it to dump in water supplies.

Class action law suits against the middle men who sold it to the cities.
Class action law suits against the transpiration companies which hauled it to be purchased by the cities.

Class action law suits against individual mayors, city council persons, health departments who took part in poisoning Americans, our land amnd groundwater.

Class action lawsuits against the city governments.

Class action law suits against the state governments who had a duty to protect the people from being purposely poisoned.

Class action law suits against the EPA/FDA and the individual employs of the EPA/FDA who hid the facts of the evil and the poison it was for generations.

Class action law suits against individual members of congress who has oversight of the EPA/FDA but chose to betray Americans for the 30 shekels.


When governments, utility providers force “smart meters on you, they know they bare harming you, your children, your pets, the birds and the bees, and every other living creature.

They know these meters have caused house fires which killed people.
They don’t care.
They know when one of these meters causes a house fire often the insurance company will not pay off as they say the fault was with the utility company, but the utility company refuses to pay off as they say that’s what house insurance is for.

They know it rips cells apart and batters the body with cancer causing radiation.
Radiation which causes many illnesses, symptoms and deaths.

It would seem trying to kill off or make ill much of humanity is one reason they are forcing these on humans.

The other is because they are control freaks who what to know what you are doing with the utility YOU PAID for, so it is now yours, at all times.

To be able to remotely turn off your utilities at any given time and for any made up reason.

Class action law suits against those who manufacture these evil Anti-human meters.

Class action law suits against the utility companies trying to force these health harming/death causing evil meters on humans.

Class action law suits against the political whores helping them force them on you.


We know they are spraying modified fly ash on us.
We know it makes forrest fires burn hotter and harder to put out.
We know there are damaging heavy metal particles being introduced to our drinking water, on our food plants, lodging in our lungs.

Class action law suits against every company and government agency involved with this crime against humanity.

Killer Jabs, Useless dust masking, Communist Lockdowns.

The whores of DC mad a rule Americans killed or damaged by vaccines can not sue the manufactures of said death darts.


Class action law Suits against individual political whores who violated their oath to the Constitution by forcing Killer Jabs on American.

Class action. law suits against schools and individual administrators who called for mandatory killer jabbing.

Class action law suits against Hospitals and administrators who forced killer jabs on Americans.

Class action law suits against religious organizations who said “God” wanted you to get Killer Jabbed.

Class action law suits against individual doctors, nurses, pharmacies who pushed the killer jabs.

Class action law suits against Twitter Litter

and Face Butt

which hid the truth of the harm of the death darts, and pimped and told lies to get people to take the death darts.

Class action law suits against individual “journalist, newspapers, News net works, individual stations which hid the truth and told the lies to scare people into taking the killer jab death darts for an imaginary “virus”.

Illegal Invasion of 3ed world criminals who steal, rape, rob, murder, cause auto accidents.

Class action law suits against every city government, county government, state government, national government, every government agency involved, every private “charitable” organization involved.

Class action law suits against individuals bleating in favor of allowing America to be overrun with 3ed world criminals who hate us, rape our children, daughters and wives, murder our kids, daughters and wives, steal the fruits of our labor, and just generally turn America into a 3ed world shit hole.

The whores dressed all in purple seated in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac stealing from American workers to send to other counties when the US Corporation is already trillions of fiat dollars in usury debt, are making war against Americans.

Americans must fight back.
Self Defense is a God Given Right.

The child raping whores from Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac, their sub corporation whores in the “state” houses, County sub corporations, city sub corporations are trying to disarm Americans.

Americans must fight back.
Self defense is a God Given Right.

But armed rebellion against an intrenched evil is suicide.

I have heard ignorant Americans say the US Military would never fire on Americans.

Ever hear of the Sand Creek Massacre?

Ever hear about Wounded Knee?

Ever hear about the illegal war criminal invasion of the Confederacy by US/DC?

When US Military Troops lined up to gang rape little children, pregnant women, minister’s daughters, black and white, often till death?

When the US military burned every church house, court house, farm house, out house, seminaries, colleges, hospitals, whole cities, often burning the inhabitants alive to death in their own homes.

When two farmers seen talking across their fence were said to be “conspiring” against the “government” and were shot down like dogs!

When the dead were dug ups so they could be robbed.

Ever hear of Waco, Occupied Republic of Texas???

Ever hear of 9-11???

Today’s US military is filled not with the sons of America, but sons of recent immigrants who care not for the history, the customs, the values of America or the Land itself.

They are mercenary troops baring arms for currency.

To get their next paycheck they will slaughter the hell out of Americans at the least excuse.

So don’t give them the excuse.

Use their own corrupt courts against them.
Be law abiding.
Use the law to fight for your freedom, in self defence against an evil which hates you, your wife your husband, your parents, your children and your land.

There is an endless list of wrongs done against the American people which can be addressed by Class Action Law Suits in their own corrupt courts.

Bring a class action law suit and the recent immigrants who do not even understand freedom and hate America will join in from greed if they think they can get some cash out of the deal.

There are a lot of greedy hungry lawyers out there.
Let us give them something to do.

The Ole Dog!


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