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March 11, 2021 by J-Wire Newsdesk

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The leading cybersecurity college in Israel, HackerU, has formally lodged an official petition to the Australian Government to accredit Australia’s first-ever Offensive “Red Team” Cybersecurity Qualification – and with it, potentially comes a new framework for international trade.

The proposed course brings to the Australian public the same Israeli expertise in cybersecurity that has made the tiny desert nation #1 in cyber innovation and #2 in global market share. HackerU has been a leading education provider in Israel for decades and has directly contributed to the country’s success in the sector.


HackerU operates in the U.S., Europe, and Asia through partnerships with selected universities. However, after assessing the Australian education system, the laws and regulations, current offerings, and the National Cybersecurity Agenda as set by MPs and National Policy Makers, HackerU has chosen to work with the government and regulators, within the Australian system.

Israel / Australi Trade Relations

In August 2020, HackerU published the “Teach a Man To F.I.S.H.” Initiative ( Future. In digital. Security. Human resources.). It advocated for trade through knowledge transfer and offered solutions to what policymakers have publicly cited as challenges to further developing a domestic cybersecurity sector. The solutions offered in the initiative were at no expense to the Australian Taxpayer.

Jesse Miller, The Head of International Government Relations for HackerU commented “The course enables Australia to develop a cybersecurity sector fitting for its position in the world as a business leader. The fact our Embassy so strongly supported our initiative, may have signalled they felt it was a diplomatic overture extending an olive branch of friendship by exporting the means of production of one of its most valuable resources, rather than just the fruits of it.”

Leaving No-one Behind The Digital Age

The proposed course is unique and essential. Not just in that it teaches a skill set currently not available in Australia, but that it provides access to people who would never normally enter the field. The course has no prerequisites and admits students based on an aptitude assessment. The assessment is free of charge to the candidate. The course timeframe is manageable, allowing those who do not have, and may have never had, the opportunity for an education that enables them to enter a very high-paying career within 1 year.

Mr. Miller added “I come from a blue-collar family and University was never a possibility. Because of this, I faced adversity and difficulties to reach my full potential. Had I had known something like this existed back then, I could have skipped a lot of hardships. To me, raising awareness and providing access isn’t just business. It’s personal”

ASQA, The regulating body responsible for Vocational Education & Training is set to respond within 20 business days.

To view the petition overview please click HERE


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