Amman Bundy Is the Next Davy Crockett

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Simply change the road sign from San Antonio to Burns, Oregon, and you already have figured out how this is going to end.

Simply change the road sign from San Antonio to Burns, Oregon, and you already have figured out how this is going to end.

At the conclusion of this article, it will be clear to see that the defenders of the federal building in Burns, Oregon, have no way out. Their fate can be likened to Davy Crockett and the Tennessee Volunteers.

The Proverbial Line In the Sand Has Been Drawn

Amman Bundy released a statement to Joe Biggs of Infowars that “they are ready to lay their lives down”.

I have profound respect for the bravery and integrity of the entire Bundy family. Their handling of the crisis on the Bundy Ranch, involving BLM tyranny,  was more than admirable. However, the Patriots who have taken over the Federal building in Burns, Oregon, have painted themselves into a corner. There is no way out. This crisis is going to end in one of two ways. These men, whose courage is beyond reproach, will all be arrested and forced to serve long prison sentences of 20 years or longer. Or, they are going to be carried out in body bags. What do I base my negative prognosis on?

haskellYesterday, I interviewed a hero, Kurt Haskell. Kurt prevented the taking down of an airliner by a terrorist who tried to ignite a bomb on an airliner in flight. This became known as the “Underwear Bomber” incident. Kurt is also an attorney, a former United States Attorney. During the interview, I asked Kurt the question, “Could Amman Bundy and his colleagues simply lay down their arms and leave the area? Would the feds allow that to happen”? Drawing upon his experience as a former U.S. attorney, Kurt said, “Absolutely not”. He also stated that the crisis in Oregon is going to end one of two ways. He believes that the most likely scenario includes the massacre of these men by federal authorities. As have many of us in the Independent Media have already stated, Kurt Haskell believes that this is the most likely outcome. He also went on to say that the Patriots will not be allowed to walk away. At minimum, as I stated, they will go to prison for a very long time.

My interview with former U.S. Attorney, Kurt Haskell, can be heard by clicking here. The relevant part can be heard in the final 12 minutes of the recording.

Moving Closer to a Date with Destiny

Here is a short clip in which Joe Biggs has found the FBI staging area. Please take the 90 seconds necessary and watch this video.

Now, does anyone believe that the federal government does not mean business?  Further, we already know that the Patriots have been infiltrated with agent provocateurs. It is both my believe and that of Kurt Haskell, that a mini-false flag incident will be initiated against the FBI on the scene in order to vilify the Patriots in eyes of the public, as CNN will spew the propaganda on why gun confiscation is necessary in order to protect the country from people like this.

The Goals of the Federal Government

oathkeepers 3On Wednesday, January 6, 2015, I interviewed Oath Keepers President and Founder, Stewart Rhodes, about the standoff in Oregon and he clearly stated that his intelligence information told him that it is reporting that they have been informed by sources within the U.S. Special Forces, that they are on the scene in Burns, Oregon, with very specific and special operations equipment. The Stewart Rhodes interview, on The Common Sense Show, can be heard by clicking here.

All the bravado, testosterone and courage is not going to change the fact that this crisis is going to end swiftly and in a very brutal manner. It breaks my heart to say that these Patriots stand as much chance of prevailing as I would have had if I tried to guard basketball legend, Michael Jordan, in his prime. U.S. Special Operations Forces go through the defenses at the Burns federal building like hot knife through butter. This event will end in the same manner as it did for the defenders of the Alamo.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch must be very careful to not make the same mistakes as her “Waco predecessor”, Janet Reno, as her reckless actions led to the brutal execution of several women and children at Waco.  At the time of Waco, in 1993, America was a different nation. Congress did not have a 9% approval rating. Clinton was not nearly as unpopular as Obama. Americans were much more happy and prosperous than they are today. Lynch needs to be careful not to turn these Patriots into martyrs. The 150+ Patriots cannot be made to appear to be of the same ilk as the 180+ Alamo defenders. CNN and FOX will certainly do their best to preserve the narrative in favor of the federal government. However, the perceptual outcome cannot be guaranteed. And what has this administration, who has had the most mass killings, several times over, than any other administration, done when backed into a corner? They have committed false flag after false flag. I do not need to know that the “plants” are going to do something horrific to the FBI on the scene. How do I know, I have read Obama’s playbook too many times not to see this coming.

When the last body is carried out of Burns, Oregon, CNN and Fox will go dark on the subject of the Patriots mass murder, as they will turn their attention, once again, to the topic of gun confiscation.


If this event ends badly, as I fear it will, I will mourn the loss of Patriots and in particular, Amman Bundy. This is a storyline that I pray that I am wrong about and I would like nothing better to say that Amman Bundy and his colleagues will prevail, I was wrong, and the Hammonds will be immediately released from prison on these bogus charges of arson under the domestic terrorist statutes. Unfortunately, this is not how this is going to end.

As Mark Twain once said, "history may not repeat, but it sure does rhyme".

As Mark Twain once said, “history may not repeat, but it sure does rhyme”.

As Santa Anna showed no quarter for the captured Davy Crockett as he he and his Tennessee Volunteers were burned alive, according to the De la Pena account, Amman Bundy and his Patriots will suffer a very similar fate as Loretta Lynch will show no quarter.

Don't wait for the collapse of the dollar because it will be too late. Tell Steve that Dave Hodges sent you.

Don’t wait for the collapse of the dollar because it will be too late. Tell Steve that Dave Hodges sent you.

Dave Hodges

Dave Hodges

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