Brendon O’Connell’s Letter from NZ Jail


(Brendon O’Connell in happier times)

Brendon O’Connell, a thorn in the side of the Zionist World Order,

arrived in New Zealand Oct 6. from Malaysia, seeking political asylum.

He has been incarcerated in an NZ shit hole ever since. His jailers are portraying him as mentally ill and in true Communist fashion are medicating him. He has begun a hunger strike.  

He spent three years in jail in Perth for offending a Jew. This is a letter to a supporter.

See Makow Comment below- Does B O’C have a deathwish? 

Mt Eden, Maximum Security Remand Center

Nov 9, 2017

Please contact N.Z. government officials to let them know what is going on. If they saw this jail in action, they would have a heart attack. I even experienced corruption in the airport border control where staff stole 400 grams of 90% pure cocaine out of a 3 kg shipment hidden in luggage of a Portuguese national (Brazil.)

I was in a cell with him & he as laughing that 3 kg had become 2.6 Kg. So that was my “Welcome to N.Z.” moment. Truly, you can make this shit up. This was October 13th, a Friday.

The former Minister in charge of New Zealand intelligence – Chris Findlayson – always got back to me. Please contact him & send him this scanned letter & perhaps a short summary?

Phil Twyford is now a serving minister in the new government & I would always get a reply from his office. There were at least 4 more N.Z. pollies but I can’t remember their names. I would definitely include the N.Z. attorney general. I would also contact N.Z. media.

I would contact the Shadow Australian Foreign Minister & the N.Z. f.m, Winston Peters.

It is imperative I not be isolated. It’s clear N.Z. immigration & RSB are going to fuck me in more ways than one. After rejecting my claim they will continue to delay & hold me as they know I will embarrass the crap out of them & what I have seen already. They will seek to do a deal with Australia & send me back to Sidney to be arrested & isolated in prison so I cannot have input into the High Court appeal.

Convincing idiot bureaucrats that locking me up to avoid embarrassment does not work – just ask Western Australia. And in W.A I was being nice. I am over being nice.

I suffer a lot of anxiety. Every day I learn something new about how backward it is here.

I was “lured” here by a man called Chris Paul. He wrote he was a former N.Z. economist with many contacts. He gave me the private number of second in charge of the Crown Solicitors Office, Virginia Hardy. He said he had told her about plans to claim asylum & she had laughed “interesting”.

N.Z. is not what people think. It is like going back in time. The word “progressive” should not be used in the same sentence as New Zealand. God knows what I am going to find out next.

I might add, the stolen coke by N.Z. Border Control will be on TV as they had the “Border Control” TV shows camera there filming the drug mule. I can’t wait to re-edit that one.

So, if you can assist with letting people know what’s happening that would be good. Email this scanned letter out to the people mentioned but don’t make it public till N.Z authorities start playing games.

I will be asking Carole at our meeting tomorrow to vigorously oppose my detention. I can go live in an Aukland backpackers & have access to all the materials necessary to make my refugee claim. But, as Carole has said, they don’t bother reading anything.

The strategy is to pay Carole to aggressively pursue the case as the facts surrounding things show I should be at least granted a temporary protection visa. I think the politicians will agree if the dodgy bureaucrats can be bypassed.

It would be good if the links to my High court synopsis and sentencing submissions could be provided in any emails as well.

It would help Carole if she can be directed to the blog post about the High Court case & video I was arrested for. Of course, this would be done in a second if I was free. I’ve been locked up a month & Carole has ZERO clue just how bad my case is. She can’t vigorously pursue my interests if no one wants to make an effort to read my paperwork & instead rely on the dribbling bullshit put out by Jewish groups which always seem to make it to the top of the google search result.

With a vigorous & well-presented case, I can be found to be a refugee escaping persecution, lies & deceit at a high government level. That requires a well informed legal advocate.

I don’t know how much is being paid to Carole but there is $13,000 in the 1.38-bitcoin account due to the massive rise. Of course, no one can get at it while I am incarcerated. I am also worried about border control at Aukland airport as they have full access to that bitcoin account. They found my 12 random work backup for my bitcoin wallet. The border control woman appeared quite excited when she found it & she exclaimed, “What’s this! Whats this!” Maybe she thought it was nuclear launch codes? I replied, “That’s the random 12-word backup that gives me access to my bitcoin wallet, if you have it, you can get my bitcoin & there is no way to trace who took it”.

She appeared disinterested. After what I learned about N.Z. border control, police & prison officer & prisoner comments, I’m a little worried it won’t be there.

I’ll instruct Carole to scan this letter & my 40+ page statement & email it to you. If it’s too large, it can be uploaded to a file server. I personally don’t care what it costs to do. Please pay Carole as I need leverage over smart arse indifferent bureaucrats. I’ve met too many already.

Once my claim is rejected it should take no more than three days to deliver me to the airport for my latte in the departure lounge. If they try to play games then post all this material to the internet. This is where Dr. Kevin Barrett & Professor Tony Hall come in handy & will spread the material via their large social network. Because no one can be bothered reading my material they will, like Western Australia, treat me like an irrational mentally ill Jew-hater & then N.Z. will dig themselves a lovely hole they will not extricate themselves from.

I hope this letter helps get that message across.

Perhaps Kevin or Mr. Morrison can contact their respective Malaysian Consulates & obtain permission for me to be deported directly to Malaysia as airport immigration stated it would not be possible & they will have to ask Malaysia for permission. If I am deported to Australia, that piece of shit Julie Bishop will ensure I am arrested & detained and then I will immediately start my hunger strike & coat the cell wall with my own human waste & I know the chaos I caused in W.A & that was me being nice – I won’t be nice anymore. I want to teach Bishop a personal lesson after her arrogant ministry ignored me for three years.

Thanks for all you are doing. Just do what you can, when you can, & we can eventually catch up in Kuala Lumpur.

If the people mentioned want to email me, please provide the prison email.

Makow comment– Wonder if O’Connell has a deathwish. 1. He goes to NZ when he was perfectly safe in Malaysia. He must know NZ is a Communist gulag with sheep. 2. Makes a noise about customs officials taking a cut of the cocaine at airport. This could be the real reason he is in jail. 3. Tells customs people about his bitcoin account. Is he mad? He seems like a bull in a china shop who may be overplaying his hand. Nonetheless, we need to stand behind him.

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