‘Climate arson’ and other wildfire nonsense

Iowa Climate Science Education

“These ferocious fires are fueled by the unprecedented increase in combustibles that radical environmentalist policies have created.”
– Paul Driessen

“As wildfires continue to rage across forests in California, Oregon, Washington and other western states – and some politicians (not surprisingly) try to politicize the fires, by blaming them on manmade climate change – my article this week offers observations, insights and possible solutions for megafires that have destroyed too many forest habitats, obliterated far too many homes and communities, and burned and killed far too many parents and children.”
– Paul Driessen


‘Climate arson’ and other wildfire nonsense

Real goal is to avoid responsibility for policies, and increase control over energy, lives, property

Paul Driessen

In what has become an annual summer tragedy, wildfires are again destroying western US forests. Millions of acres and millions of animals have been incinerated, hundreds of homes reduced to ash and…

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