Dare to Demolish

There are calls to demolish the home in which Adolf Hitler was born. Of pleasing aspect, the two-story house is situated in the charming Austrian town of Braunau-am-Inn. Palace historians make much of the fact that the Fuhrer’s birthplace is situated in Austria. Braunau is situated just 100 metres across the River Inn from Germany, but we won’t let such paltry distance spoil propagandists spin.



The occupation forces purposely destroyed or disguised the dynamited ruins of what was once part of the nearby Reich community near Berchtesgaden. Yet, each year 300,000 travellers, many of them pilgrims, visit Adolf Hitler’s mountain top retreat in the German Alps.



Occasionally in such places are to be witnessed supernatural phenomenon that defy logic and turn disbelievers into devotees. One such shrine is the place where the Tsar of Imperial Russia, his family of six and four exiles was slaughtered on July 18, 1918. Ipatiev House is to be found in Yekaterinburg (The City of Catherine the First); the city is 888 miles from the Kremlin. Ipatiev House, the place of the martyred remained unoccupied for decades after the massacre.

Ipatiev House during the kidnapping, heavily guarded sentry posts and barricades

Like Hitler’s birthplace visits to the sacred place were discouraged. Ipatiev House was an administrative office and pro-revolutionary museum until 1932. After 1945 Ipatiev House was used as archives and Museum of Atheist Socialists. In late July 1977 Ipatiev House was destroyed. Yet, folk still visited and laid flowers. The story is taken up by a person calling himself the Cossack Vladimir.

I would tell you about a manifestation (sign) that took place at the moment when the cross was set up on the site of the Ipatiev House, where the Tsar and his family were killed. On October 5, 1990 at about 11 a.m. – 12 noon a stone cross was brought by masons in a truck. The weather turned gloomy. The entire sky was filled with dark, without any clear areas, and snow fell sporadically.

Ipatiev House the Martyred

Ipatiev House the MartyredThe cross was taken from the vehicle and placed on the ground and then set in place. One of the people present, Alexei by name, went off to one side to take a look at how the cross had been set up. Suddenly Alexei said, “Look up.”

We all raised our heads, and sort of tremor or fear passed through our bodies. Above us ~ that is directly above the Cross ~ the heavens parted and a ray of light fell upon the cross from a round clear spot in the sky.

The sun was not visible, and the opening in the clouds was rotating to the right: and on the earth, around the cross within a radius of 150~ 300 feet, there was a circle lightened by this ray of light from the heavens and no snow was falling. This continued for about thirty to forty minutes while the cross was being set in place and fixed with concrete, and then the opening in the clouds closed up.

Up to thirty people were present at the time. (At that moment all were unbelievers). When we asked a priest about the manifestation later he replied that this was obviously a sign. The majority of us came to believe in God afterwards.

A cathedral has been built on the site of the martyred first family of Imperial Russia. This place of martyrdom ~ like Obersalzberg is again a place of pilgrimage. Removal of an edifice often has the opposite effect to that intended.



Do demolition, name-changing and name-calling work? History suggests it changes only in the illusions of those who are afraid of far greater beings than themselves. A regime’s deep-seated fear of places of pilgrimage is a sign of their insecurities.


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