Denmark: Invader’s 3 Wives, 20 Children

The first indication of the racial demographic disaster that is awaiting Europe following the Angela Merkel-created mass nonwhite invasion of 2015 has come with the news that a single invader in Denmark has won the right to bring his three wives and 20 children to that country.


Daham Mahmoud Al Hasan.

According to a report in the Danish Ekstra Bladet newspaper, the invader, using the name Daham Mahmoud Al Hasan, claims to be a “Syrian” refugee and already has one of his wives with him in Denmark.

Now, however, he has succeeded in winning the right to bring another two wives from “Syria” into Europe, along with all his twenty children by all three wives.

Another report in the Berlingske newspaper revealed that the Esbjerg local authority—where the nonwhite invader has settled—will now need to create a whole extra reception class to accommodate the one “family.”

Twelve of his “other” 15 children have received permission to join Al Hasan in Denmark, along with their mothers. Three other children were rejected for family reunification because they are over the age of fifteen.

This means that the total “family” which this one nonwhite has been able to bring into Europe will total 24 persons—all of them living off the Danish taxpayer.

This is in spite of the fact that Danish law forbids polygamy—as does all laws in Europe.

To add insult to injury, 47-year-old Al Hasan, does not work at all, and claims he is “sick” with “pains in the leg and back.”

Currently he gets (Danish Krone) kr13,000—which translates to $1,951, or £1,332, or €1,748, in welfare payments every month to support his one wife and eight children who are already in Denmark.  This works out to kr156,000, or $23,432 (£16,000, or €21,000) per year.

This payment will climb to at least kr 214,000 per year once the rest of his extended family gets to Denmark.

In an interview with the Ekstra Bladet, Al Hasan said he thought his current welfare payment was “too low” and complained that he still has to pay the “anonymous and illegal people smugglers” who will help his other two wives and twelve children through the Kurdish border area.

In addition, Al Hasan has refused to even attend Danish language classes, claiming that he is in “too much pain” to learn the language.

The situation is so outrageous that even the Liberal Party’s Member of Parliament for the greater Zealand constituency has called it “totally ludicrous,” while the Danish People’s Party’s Member of Parliament for the greater Copenhagen constituency has called it part of a “cultural and economic disaster for Denmark.”

* Meanwhile, a group of five “Syrians” are suing the Danish Immigration Minister Inger Støjberg over the three-year waiting period for family reunification imposed on “refugees.”

The provision is part of a new bill passed by the Danish parliament in January 2016, which increased the waiting period from one year, among other provisions.

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