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Top tips for creating your Truth flier
  • KEEP IT SIMPLE: non glitzy, two-tone colours (even black & white). Avoid being a perfectionist, as this will only delay you and you will never end up producing anything. Just START the process. Each time you create them they will improve. BUT YOU MUST START THE PROCESS … this is important.
  • single-sided – for costs and simplicity
  • small A7/A6 size (definitely not bigger than A5) – again for costs and bulk in carrying/posting
  • use only straight-forward, simple, approachable language
  • easy to absorb info and fonts
  • contact links: – websites – films – search topics (but less is more – be disciplined to only have about eight max links)
  • ensure you have a simplistic but emotive/stimulating title: i.e. “WAKE UP” or “2+2 is not 5” or “FORGET VOTING”. Anything to engage somebody’s attention to pick up your flier and take it home (exact tactic newspapers use in order for people to buy their newspaper).
  • always make sure you finish it with a note to encourage others to spread the Truth, to prompt others to pass on the baton (as with this example flier below)
  • design specific fliers for specific events, locations, political climates, or topical news
  • make sure your fliers are non aggressive, not illegal (seen as hateful, hard-core right wing, 100% avoid swastikas, or images of Hitler, and avoid using the Star of David)
  • laminate 5% of your fliers yourself with a cheap laminating machine – making them more resilient to weather when pinning them up on external notice boards, posts, etc.
  • design them NOT to be handed out, but instead to be surreptitiously left around in order for people to pick them up; or plant them inside magazines, bibles, freebie newspapers.

But most importantly – don’t procrastinate from actually producing them … just do it and get them out there. From the time of reading this post, make sure you have a box of at least 5000 fliers ready to go by this time next week. Be a doer – not a talker. Being an activist actually means participating in ACTION.

Stages of producing fliers

1 – Draft out some ‘very simple’ ideas on a scrap piece of paper [5 minutes].

2 – Tidy up a final draft flier [10 minutes].

3 – Reproduce this ‘simple’ flier on your laptop/computer [40 minutes].

4 – Format it for either multi-photocopying (6 on an A4 page), or on a pdf for the printer, or produce onto disc/memory stick, ready for the printers [5 minutes].

5 – Physically walk into the printers with your design and pre-pay (to save hassle later on if anyone else has to collect them for you). Don’t bother getting any less than 5,000 by the way. And make sure you get the printers to professionally guillotine them for you – don’t attempt to guillotine them yourself just to save costs, as they rarely look good and it’s more time wasting (procrastination).

6 – Whilst waiting (a day or so) for the printers to produce your fliers, organise your pals/buddies to help you distribute them, setting a definitive time, date and location. [If you want help from others to distribute fliers – make sure you let them know the day’s/evenings’s activism will be capped with a Pavlovian reward element (go for a meal, socialise, fun activity). Apart from bonding you as a micro-group; this is important as an emotional ‘anchor’ to ensure they join you another time. Sadly most people will not participate in activism unless there is an element of pleasure-seeking/personal gratification]

7 – Collect fliers from printers

8 – Immediately get ’em out there!!!

Below is an example flier. This is specifically to target the Antifabrigade. It is deliberately designed to be both antagonistic, yet informative. Please copy this example flier if you wish, or create a similar flier to distribute. I would suggest glue/tape them to lamp posts, leave them in telephone booths, drop them in cafes, meeting halls, on trains, in the underground/subway, etc. Please do your part to propagate the Truth.

What exactly is Antifa?

Antifa = anti free speech

Antifa = White genocide

Antifa = far left cultural Marxism

Antifa = an anti-social and unlawful ideology

Antifa = a destructive, pervasive weapon to destabilise society

Antifa = violent, aggressive and intolerant activism (whilst preaching ‘tolerance’)

Antifa = George Soros/jewish-funded terrorist organisation

Antifa = a nefarious malevolent force to deliberately and systematically destroy European heritage

Antifa = a significant tool of the jewish-instigated New World Order

Antifa = a highly organised, well-funded, subversive government organisation (not a grass roots social justice group)

Antifa = 2+2 = 5

Antifa = a magnet for myopic, weak-minded, self-destructive, malleable, self-loathing idiots who cannot independently think, but can only repeat trendy hypocritical buzzwords, slogans and mantras; which they have been conditioned to repeat.

For further information on these topics, please visit: 

Please duplicate this flier and pass it on to others

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