How to Mass Rapeugee Europe

Angela Merkel (Mama)
Daily Stormer
January 7, 2016

Mama loves a black alpha sausage between her buns

I am mama to all you colored rapeugees wanting free stuff everywhere. My black and brown babies are the real Deutschlanders. As Africans and Arabs, Germany is your natural crib, and your number one duty to the Mamaland is to rape German bitches. They have it coming because of Eva Braun.

White women need black males for sex and protection. See, black men are alphas and White men are beta — we know this from Jewish research, like on Supergirl.

German menfolk are so cucked you can drive them out of their homes and take all of their stuff and they won’t even struggle. Then you can make colored babies and create a wonderful new age where White people are no longer the best.

Me, I hate anybody who’s paler than a charcoal tree-stump. Because, my ape-pawed bubs, White people are pure evil. When God wrote the bible he based Satan on them. If you don’t believe me just watch Mad Men back-to-back with Django Unchained. I founded all my domestic policies on those empirical studies in White privilege. Hitler was of course more evil than both combined because he hated Jews and Jews are the best friends colored folk have ever had, which makes them the greatest people on earth.

When the Jew speaks, people of color listen, and the Jew tells us that in order to cure Europe of White people — who have been ransacking the place since the first rock was split in half — it is necessary to get inside the European Union and then rape the fudge out of every White woman you see. I can help here because George Soros and I will hold the door wide open. See, to prevent genocide we have to commit genocide, but White people have sport, HBO and Miller time so they won’t know what’s going on.

Anyway, there is a war somewhere, and you’ll need to haul your rapist ass to where there is free goodies and White people pay all your bills, which is why your best bet is Germany first, England second, and Paris third. There are some good rapes to be had in Germany and Paris, but there are only about three White people left in England so you’ll be left with other blacks and hajis. They are raped at birth by their witchdoctors and Imams so they’re no fun.

This is the latest German passport for rapeugees. Just flash it at the border and enter Europe's Disneyland of rapeThis is the latest German passport for rapeugees. Just flash it at the border and enter Europe's Disneyland of rape
This is the latest German passport for rapeugees. Just flash it at the border and enter Europe’s Disneyland of rape

The thing to remember about White people is that they are all civilised, so it is easy to rattle them. Once you have a rape army together, which should consist of about a thousand riotous soldiers of black/haji mix you can wait until it’s the weekend or better yet a festive season to guarantee there’ll be more of their wimmins out and about.

Don’t worry about the polizei because they are under strict instructions to assist a rapeugee wherever possible and to only arrest White people for doing racism. Likewise, the media are under strict orders to only ever report on White people doing hate-feelings and hate crimes on peoples of color. So you now have them all nervous anyway, because you’ve invaded and rioted in rapeugee centres, smashed up Italy and stuff. They are beautly on edge. This is where you appear suddenly in a big swarm of black and brown dicks, limbs and eyeballs. About fifty of you should surround one girl and squeeze her jam-jam while calling her a White bitch and threatening to kill her mother.

Then throw her over a dumpster and let ten nigs go at her before you hajis start rolling the phlegm in the back of your throats and making with the “Allah Akbar” foreplay while busting her butt, which is where you’re used to doing it with your donkeys, goats and stuff.

Prior to your enriching the German city with rape, the mayor has already warned the White bitches that it’ll be their fault if they get gang-shagged because they should be dressing in traditional Arab women’s religious garb, like a full burka. If they don’t listen then it’s their own fault because Mama Merkel’s babies are culturally sensitive and if they come to Germany and see the German women not acting like Arab women they get very angry and horny at the same time, which is totally okay with our legal system. Also, you’ve been through wars and stuff and so you are traumatised and have conditions which make you exempt from guilt and earn you sympathy points.

You need to totally take the town apart, and as many of you violate that White slut in every way you can imagine. Use beer bottles if you’re feeling in a really cultural mood, and because it sends a message about alcohol which is against your religion which Germans have to respect or they’re racist.

Don’t forget, you do not have to drag them down alleys, or try to conceal your rapes because nobody can do nothing to you anyway since you’re refugees. If you want a bit of privacy start throwing firecrackers and breaking windows to create a general panic. Then you can rape those White whores while everyone’s wondering what’s going on. Also, when you have them down on the ground and they are half-dead from the physical exhaustion, punch them in the throat and spit in their mouths. Then call them filthy unclean prostitutes who deserve everything. Many of them will want the numbers of your free iPhones, and you can carve those on their breasts with daggers.

Just remember, you are the victims, and Germany did World War 2. So rape is your right, and I am your mama. And I love my babies.

    And Allah promised them White sluts to rape    And Allah promised them White sluts to rape
And Allah promised them White sluts to rape

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